Administrative Measures For The Construction Of Safe Production And Civilized Construction Supervision In Jilin City

Original Language Title: 吉林市建筑工程安全生产文明施工监督管理办法

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(September 4, 2003 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Jilin city, the 9th by people's Government of Jilin city, September 10, 2003 released 145th) Chapter I General provisions article to enhance construction safety, construction supervision and management, prevention and reduction of construction accidents, protecting people's life and property security, promote economic development, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article engaged in construction activities in the administrative area of the city of units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Article III municipal Committee of construction is the construction industry safety, construction supervision and management of the Department, its under the safety regulatory authority specifically responsible for supervision and management of daily work.
    In each County (City) construction Administrative Department and the duties of the area's construction of safe production and civilized construction supervision and management.
    Fourth construction safe production and civilized construction safety first, prevention policies.
    Article fifth all units and individuals are allowed on construction safety issues to construction, design or construction unit question has the right to report to the construction administrative department or relevant Department of safety violations and impose supervision on safe production and civilized construction. Second chapter construction and the related units responsibility sixth article construction units should perform following security responsibility: (a) in project starts Qian law handle security supervision procedures, accept Security supervision management institutions of supervision management; (ii) developed construction security management target and measures, has plans, and has steps to improved job personnel of job environment and conditions; (three) established safety management institutions, set full-time security management personnel, perfect the safety regulations. Building construction safety system, implement the safety responsibility of construction and (iv) under construction and the change of seasons, organized safety inspection, accident risks exist timely corrective action (v) establishment of safety education and training system. Management personnel, and special equipment job personnel and the other about personnel are must by security education training, and by about sector assessment qualified Hou holding card induction; (six) by provides extraction security technology measures funding, earmarks dedicated, meet safety need; (seven) law for engaged in dangerous job personnel handle accident hurt insurance and paid insurance fee; (eight) by provides for job personnel provides meet national standards of labour protection and the security protection appliances, and supplies, and told its right of using method; (nine) must using qualified of machines, and
    Equipment, have been scrapped or without the Department of inspection of machinery and equipment and special equipment shall not be used; (j) construction site after a production safety accident occurs, you should promptly report to relevant departments according to relevant regulation shall not conceal and disposes of the accident.
    Article seventh unit shall perform the following security responsibilities: (a) according to the characteristics and scale of the project and technical requirements, projects to qualified construction units, (ii) for construction units to provide accurate hydrogeological facilities, underground pipelines and other such information required; (c) priority funds required to meet the construction units to take safety precautions.
    Eighth design unit shall perform the following security responsibilities: (a) the design documents must comply with national safety standards and safety requirements for construction workers, (ii) when using a new structure, new materials, new technology, and of the measures in place to protect construction workers ' safety, health.
    Nineth construction safety construction supervising units shall be included in the scope of supervision, synchronized with the investment control of engineering quality, duration, and organization.
    Chapter III article tenth of safety management in construction site safety management in construction site by the construction unit, overall contracting of construction, the general contractor is responsible for, subcontractor responsible for the subcontract works, and should be subject to general contractor management. 11th construction units should be based on the construction site conditions and the different stages of construction safety requirements, and take the appropriate safety precautions.
    Construction safety protection measures shall conform to the national requirements related to safety standards and the construction industry, in line with the conditions for safe production, and before construction on the adjacent buildings and structures, underground utilities, municipal utilities and security protection.
    12th construction shall, before work starts on site according to the characteristics of construction organization design and construction safety measures, by the employer, the project supervision, construction technology principals endorsed and countersigned by construction units responsible for personnel before implementation. 13th construction site, perform the following security system should be established: (a) security and safety system of operation gives the low-down. Construction workers trained before, the construction unit shall be in written form to the construction workers ' safety technology and the safe operation of disclosure, disclosure persons, disclosure shall sign the low-down the material, (b) safety education system. Regular safety education for employees and recorded; (c) the safety inspection system. Construction unit should establish regular security system according to the actual situation, to eliminate potential accidents, and establish a record of safety check and rectification (iv) filing system for safety production management.
    Security technical data filed in time for inspection. 14th article for following dangerous job, construction units should prepared special construction programme, developed special security, and by provides reported this units technology sector, approved Hou implementation: (a) based construction; (ii) underground engineering construction; (three) scaffolding (including hanging, and pick, and hanging, special scaffolding) of erection, and using and demolition; (four) lifting, and vertical transport mechanical equipment of installation, and demolition; (five) security protection facilities of erection; (six) large lifting lifting engineering; (seven) template Engineering; (eight) construction site
    Temporary power; (IX) other hazardous jobs.
    Dangerous work items listed in the preceding paragraph after installation, before using strict acceptance and inspection record.
    15th construction hoisting machinery installation, testing shall be under the supervision of special equipment inspection agencies, qualified using a installation quality problems requiring rectification, on reinspection qualified before put into use.
    16th construction personnel shall abide by the safety rules, the safety management system of construction, enhance their self-protection consciousness.
    17th construction workers the right to personal safety and health of operating procedures, job conditions, criticize, impeach and accuse operation has the right to refuse illegal orders. 18th construction site immediately after receiving the notice of rectification to implement corrective action.
    Major accident hazards was seized the construction site safety supervision and administration, before elimination of any accident, without the acceptance of security supervision and administration, construction sites are not allowed to start. Fourth chapter construction management 19th construction site must be clear signs indicating the site name, employer, the design, construction, project managers and construction field representative's name, open, date of completion, the construction permit approval number.
    And public management list and monitor phone calls, fire security and safety, civilized construction responsibility, construction site General layout, safety warning layout, and according to the standard settings safety warning labels, and so on. 20th article construction site of environment management should comply with following provides: (a) urban within main street sides construction site of buildings must take key accounts network stereo full closed protection; (ii) construction site should by standard set surrounding block, and door, established guard system, set full-time guard personnel, on construction site implemented closed management; (three) construction site should take hardening processing, by standard set road, and keep road unobstructed; due good of production water and the life water emissions measures, guarantee drainage smooth. Construction process in the produced of production wastewater and the life sewage must row into municipal sewage pipeline; (four) construction site must by standard for material stacked, stacked easy Yang dust material must take closed measures, prevent Yang dust pollution; flammable easy burst items should by provides classification store; garbage must classification type concentrated stacked, easy produced Yang dust of building garbage should timely closed removal; operation surface should do workers finished material NET site clear; is strictly prohibited from upstairs directly down dumping building garbage; (five) construction site must established anti-dust, and anti-noise, measures,
    No nuisance; without the approval of relevant departments, not take place between 22 o'clock and 6 o'clock the noise pollution of construction operations; (vi) no unit and individual shall at the construction site in the incineration of toxic and harmful substances, (VII) construction vehicles with mud and left the scene.
    21st construction site fire management should comply with the following provisions: (a) fire protection systems or fire-fighting measures made under construction conditions, establishing hot approval system, equipped with water according to the standard, reasonably equipped with fire-fighting equipment.
    (B) the construction site shall be provided with fixed smoking room or smoking, smoking rooms should be kept away from the danger zone. 22nd article construction site should for job personnel of life provides following conditions: (a) construction job district and living quarters strictly divided, shall not mixed with, and has isolation and security protection measures; (ii) temporary hostel should clean, and health, and warm, and ventilation; winter should developed anti-poisoning measures, summer should developed summer and the anti-mosquito bites measures; by standard erection bed, and meet health requirements; meet security electricity standard; (three) canteen, and kitchen should meet health requirements, by requirements handle health license
    And kitchen personnel should have a health certificate issued by the Health Department; (d) hygienic toilets should be, by the person in charge cleaning, water conditions should be set flush the toilet; (v) health care first aid measures should be established.
    Fifth chapter of construction safety supervision and management article 23rd construction Administrative Department and security regulatory authority empowered to construction unit about the qualification, safe working conditions and construction of supervision and inspection. 24th construction administrative departments and safety regulatory authority in the supervision and inspection of construction units, may exercise the following powers:

    (A) into building construction units and the construction site law for supervision, check guide security work, access about information, to units and personnel understand situation; (ii) on check in the found of accident hidden ordered immediately excluded, major accident hidden excluded Qian or excluded process in the cannot guarantee security of, can immediately made suspended construction of decided; (three) on check in the found of illegal behavior, spot be corrected or ordered deadline corrected; (four) on violation civilization construction management behavior for investigation. 25th to enter the construction site inspection of production safety supervision and inspection personnel shall be 2 or more people, and produce valid documents. Inspectors will check and treatment of written records, and signed by head of the inspectors and the inspection units.
    Head of the units under inspection refuses to sign, and inspectors shall be recorded and reported to the safety regulatory authority.
    Supervision and inspection of the construction site, any unit or individual should be compatible with, and may not refuse or obstruct.
    26th after the end of the control and inspection, safety supervision and administration of the construction site should be adverse results recorded in the bad behavior files and final safety assessment, as an important condition for qualification assessment the construction unit. 27th safety supervision and Administration Department shall establish a reporting system, open telephone hotlines to receive reports on safety.
    After accepting the report matters after investigation and verification, should form the written materials need to implement rectification measures, signed by the head of advice and supervise the implementation.
    The sixth chapter legal liability article 28th in violation of these regulations, any of the following circumstances, by the construction administrative department or other relevant departments according to the following provisions and related laws and regulations shall be punished as follows: (a) breach of article sixth, the construction units failed to carry out security responsibilities, rectification, plot 10000-20000 RMB fine.
    (B) contrary to article seventh unit is not required to assume security responsibilities, rectification, depending on circumstances and 10000 to 30000 Yuan fines, damage to adjacent buildings and facilities, shall be ordered to pay damages.
    (C) contrary to article eighth, design unit design documents that are not submitted as required to meet safety standards or measures, resulting in serious consequences, design fine of 50-200%.
    (D) violation of article 11th, the construction site did not take appropriate safety precautions in accordance with the regulations, do not meet the conditions for safe production, rectification, subject to fine of 10000 to 30000 Yuan.
    (E) breach of article 12th, not the preparation of construction organization design in construction site, or did not formulate the technical safety measures, rectification, and a fine of 5000 to 10000 Yuan fine.
    (F) breach of article 13th, failing to establish and implement security systems at construction site, rectification, resulting in serious consequences, 10000-20000 RMB fine.
    (VII) violate article 14th, the construction site has been produced special construction plan, formulating special security measures, rectification, 10000-20000 RMB fine.
    (VIII) breach of article 15th, put into use without special equipment inspection, by the quality and technology supervision departments shall be ordered to stop using, and a fine of 10000 to 50000 Yuan.
    (I) violation of article 16th, the construction workers did not comply with safety regulations, correction, and a fine of 200 Yuan to 500 Yuan.
    (J) breach of article 18th, received on construction site safety supervision Administration issued rectification notices do not seriously implemented rectification of accidents, or the seizure of the construction site work without authorization, rectification, fined a maximum of 10000 Yuan.
    (11) the violation of provisions set forth in 20th, 21st, 22nd, and not complying with environmental management and fire management in construction site regulations, failing to provide competent living conditions of workers, correction, and a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan. Article 29th executive departments and staff should strictly enforce construction safety supervision and administration, earnestly fulfill their duties, dereliction of duty and other violations, by the unit or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter by-laws 30th article of the approaches implemented by the municipal construction Committee.
                                                                        31st article this way since October 15, 2003.