Jilin Municipal People's Government On Canceling The Third Batch Of Items Under Administrative Examination And Changing Management Mode Of Administrative Approval Items Decision

Original Language Title: 吉林市人民政府关于取消第三批行政审批项目和改变行政审批项目管理方式的决定

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(August 14, 2003 people's Government of Jilin city, the 8th Executive meeting on August 15, 2003, people's Government of Jilin city, the 141th release) for deepening the administrative system, promote the transformation of government functions, improve administrative efficiency, the municipal government departments on the basis of two earlier cleanup, further on the administrative approval items clean. Research by the Municipal Government decided to abolish administrative examination and approval items 102 in the third instalment, change management of administrative approval items 15 items. From the date of this decision, the decision to cancel the administrative approval items, shall be suspended, departments should do a good job of administrative approval items cancellation and adjusted for follow-up supervision and the interface between work and prevent management line.
    Violation of this decision, the Municipal Government will hold major leadership and responsibility of the primary responsibility of the unit. Annex: 1, and Jilin city government decided canceled of third batch administrative approval project directory (102 items) 2, and Jilin city government decided change management way of administrative approval project directory (15 items) attached 1: Jilin city government decided canceled of administrative approval project directory (102 items) a, and property Council 8 items: 1, and building construction Enterprise Project Manager qualification approved 2, and Enterprise housing reform programme record review 3, and town residential cooperatives qualification approval 4, and housing repair enterprises qualification approved 5, and city
    Private housing sale price agreed approved 6, and organ, and groups purchase rental private housing approval 7, and public housing rental approved 8, and real estate intermediary service institutions established approved II, and traffic Council 4 items: 1, and offsite business road passenger transport and goods transport services of approval 2, and water enterprise (containing joint venture, and cooperation water enterprise and the service enterprise) changed its name and cancellation license 3, and road goods transport line approval 4, and road transport enterprise business qualification approval (dangerous chemicals transport enterprise except) three, and Bureau 7 items: 1, and audio transport, and mailing 2, and public masses culture art activities of approval 3, and released performances advertising approved 4, and business sex performances units change name, and residence, and main head or representative people and the business range approved 5, and heritage business units business heritage acquisition, and sales business approval 6, and established art products auction units of approval 7, and held art products auction activities of approval four, and Sports Council 1 items: 1, and city level game approval five, and agriculture 3 items: 1, and feed production, and business enterprise registration trial Batch 2, and farm machinery maintenance personnel technology grade card 3, and farm machinery maintenance points technology certificate six, and tourism 1 items: 1, and landscape places district construction project feasibility research report, and preliminary design and design task book approval seven, and Public Security Bureau 22 items: 1, and entertainment business units established security audit 2, and massage service places of established approval 3, and special tool production license issued 4, and dagger wearing card issued 5, and control tool distribution approval 6, and special tool purchase card issued 7, and since
    Lane points becoming licence registration sent brand 8, and thrift enterprise, and thrift market and the individual industrial and commercial households business thrift special industry license 9, and productive waste metal acquisition Enterprise Special industry license 10, and scrap car recycling (split solutions) Enterprise Special industry license 11, and printing Enterprise Special industry license 12, and State-owned enterprise defend personnel induction certificate approval and defend institutions head appointment of record review 13, and fire products record review 14, and fire products production, and maintenance project approval 15, and fire extinguisher maintenance license issued 16, and imports fire products registration registered and installation using Qian of quality review 17, and fire products audit sent card 18, and personal engaged in printing activities special industry license 19, and economic police team of formed, and revoked approval 20, and established non-productive waste metal acquisition industry and the individual industrial and commercial households approved 21, and rental housing registration approved 22, and anti-theft security door, and safe (box) production registration eight, and outside trade Council 1 items: 1, and outside sent labor advertising audit nine, and Bureau 11 items: 1, and set advertising displayed Screen approval 2, and issued display special information associate broadcast card 3, and tobacco advertising approval, and brokers qualification approval 4, and contract mirror card 5, and printed trademark units approval 6, and issued trademark units certificate validation 7, and market registration card 8, and production market registration card 9, and commodity trading market annual 10, and food acquisition qualification approval 11, and issued enterprise presence acquisition food qualification card ten, and EPA 2 items: 1, and construction project environmental protection design review 2, and sources rule Acting Special Fund loan issued and exemption approval plenary, and construction 14 items: 1, and engineering completed settlement approved 2, and construction contract management personnel post qualification approved 3, and tender applications approved 4, and tender file review 5, and construction contract draft review 6, and can not for construction tender engineering approved 7, and engineering total contracting qualification approved 8, and construction design contract record review 9, and construction engineering survey contract record review 10, and underground engineering completed acceptance 11, and construction organization set Meter approval 12, and village planning district range within temporary with to approval 13, and village residential construction approval 14, and temporary occupied village original public facilities approval 12, and post office 1 items: 1, and envelope production producer card 13, and municipal public Council 15 items: 1, and gas engineering approval 2, and gas business license approval 3, and heating Enterprise qualification approval 4, and municipal construction, and maintenance engineering budget, and accounts approval 5, and City Green engineering planning, and design programme approval 6, and city construction workers Drive garden green and the residents community development construction green supporting approval 7, and new enterprises green supporting approval 8, and gas apparatus sales license 9, and medical biological garbage disposal approval 10, and city concentrated heating enterprise business registration Qian reset approval 11, and gas supply enterprise and the points pin site change, and closed, and closed, and Division, and merged approval 12, and city bus Enterprise stop normal operation approval 13, and transfer taxi or moved for it with approval 14, and units processing life garbage approved 15, and public green (including tour Paradise, and Zoo) within opened commercial, and service stalls approval 14, and Bureau 2 items: 1, and implemented enterprise management (not enjoy financial grants) institutions payroll plans of approval 2, and directly under enterprises appointment cadres approval XV, and Civil Affairs Bureau 9 items: 1, and social groups engraving seal approval 2, and private non-enterprises engraving seal approval 3, and social groups received contributions standard approval 4, and social welfare Enterprise for merged, and separation, and transfer and terminated of approval 5, and social welfare Enterprise enrollment with disability personnel of Disability status identification approved 6, and social welfare Enterprise statutory representative people or main head appointed, and election, and recruitment or recall of record review 7, and social welfare enterprise dismissed disability workers record review 8, and social welfare fundraising, and charity approval 9, and established marriage introduced by approval 16, and drug prison Council 1 items: 1, and practitioners pharmacists practitioners qualification trial attached 2: Jilin city government decided change management way of administrative approval project directory (15 items) a, and decentralization to County management of administrative approval project 2 items: 1, and audio Retail, and rental approval (Culture Council) 2, and city residents minimum life guarantees approval (Civil Affairs Bureau) II, and to intermediary organization or institutions management of approval project 11 items: 1, and property management enterprise qualification (by property Council turned intermediary organization management) 2, and people roof advertising brand approval (by property Council turned institutions management) 3, and modified water design and budget approval (by WCB turned institutions management) 4, and hydropower engineering feasibility research report of approval (by WCB turned institutions management) 5, and Non-agricultural construction occupied irrigation engineering facilities and engineering benefit range within land effect engineering benefits approved (by WCB turned institutions management) 6, and hydropower equipment of test (by WCB turned institutions management) 7, and units and the personal new, and alterations, and expansion, and repair of fisheries ship of test and the approved (by WCB turned institutions management) 8, and fisheries ship of built test, and initial test, and annual test, and temporary test, and notary test and the approved (by WCB turned institutions management) 9, and
                                                                              Disease modified water engineering of acceptance (by WCB turned institutions management) 10, and hydropower engineering of acceptance (by WCB turned institutions management) 11, and fisheries ship job Qian of registration, and cancellation registration (by WCB turned institutions management) three, and other 2 items: 1, and labor labor license (by approval to record) 2, and building construction Enterprise Project Manager qualification approved (by registered built Division instead of, and established transition period)