Tianjin Radio Management

Original Language Title: 天津市无线电管理办法

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(October 8, 2003 Tianjin City Government 7th Times Executive Conference considered through October 22, 2003 Tianjin City Government makes 8th, announced) first article for strengthening radio management, maintenance air radio order, effective using radio spectrum resources, guarantee various legal radio business of normal for, service and promote this city economic development, according to People's Republic of China Radio Management Ordinance and the about legal, and regulations provides, combined this city reality, developed this approach.
    Second State of radio spectrum resources, their use and management should follow the same planning, development, scientific management, reasonable compensation for the use of the principle.
    Article settings, use of this municipality radio station (station) and the development, production, import radio transmitting equipment and non-radio devices which use radiation radio units and individuals shall abide by these measures and other provisions from the regulations of the State.
    Radio transmission equipment referred to in this way include: radio communication, navigation, orientation, direction, radar, remote control equipment, radio, television and other radio waves.
    Fourth, radio management information management departments in charge of the city.
    Radio management departments are responsible for the concrete implementation of these measures.
    Customs, communications, transport, public security, national security, quality and technical supervision, planning, industry and Commerce Department of radio management in their respective areas of responsibility.
    Fifth, the application settings, use radio communications or services in this city (stations), radio management departments should be determined by the city for approval.
    Set on the ships, locomotives, aircraft, using standard radio (station), in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State after receiving a radio licence shall be made to the radio Management Department.
    Sixth set, using the radio (station), shall comply with the conditions stipulated by the State, radio management departments, and to submit a written application, fill in the set radio station (station) application form.
    Set the amateur radio station (stations), radio sports association should be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State examination and approval of the relevant documents.
    Seventh of municipal Radio Management Department received the establishment of stations (stations) upon application, shall make a decision on whether to accept within the 5th.
    Establishment of stations (stations) explicitly legal, meet planning requirements and are available for assigning spectrum resources, should be inadmissible.
    Establishment of stations (stations) reasons not lawful or available for assigning spectrum, radio management departments should be made not to accept the decision and notify the applicant in writing. Eighth article City radio management sector accepted set Taiwan (station) application Hou, should according to need according to following program handle about procedures: (a) City radio management sector to applicants pre refers to distribution frequency; (ii) applicants according to pre refers to distribution frequency for Taiwan (station) design; national provides should for electromagnetic environment test or interference analysis of, applicants also should delegate has statutory qualification of units for test or analysis; (three) City radio management sector audit through Taiwan (station) design file and about test, and analysis report Hou,
    Applicants may be radio (station) construction and trial operation; (d) the radio (station) expiration of the pilot testing, acceptance, applicants pay the frequency fee before they can receive a radio licence.
    Section Nineth microwave stations and other fixed radio stations (stations) shall conform to the requirements of this urban planning and handle the relevant approval procedures. Tenth station (station) approved setting, use shall be in accordance with the approved project.
    Really necessary changes shall be subject to the approval of Department.
    11th radio station (station) users shall guarantee the technical parameters of the radio transmission equipment within the approved work must not interfere with other legitimate radio business.
    12th radio (stations) use of radio transmitting equipment testing system on a regular basis.
    Specific inspection measures shall be formulated by the Municipal Department of radio management, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.
    Article 13th regular monitoring of the use of radio transmitting equipment shall entrust an organization with statutory testing qualification testing, and test results submitted to the municipal Radio Management Department.
    Tested did not meet national requirements of the use of radio transmitting equipment, users should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
    For failure to repair or replace the radio transmitting equipment did not meet national requirements and interfere with other radio stations (stations) of normal use, city management can withdraw his assigned radio frequencies.
    Article 14th protected frequency used people's legitimate rights and interests according to law, and no organization or individual may illegally occupy others ' lawful use of the assigned frequency.
    15th period of use is not full, the need to adjust or recover the assigned frequency, radio management departments shall consult with the frequency use.
    Recovering age caused a direct economic loss of assigning frequencies to use, users should be given a certain degree of financial compensation.
    16th and no organization or individual may, without the authorization transfer, lease or lease radio frequency in a disguised form.
    17th use radio frequencies, frequency occupation fee shall be paid.
    Registration procedures for radio registration, he shall pay the registration fee.
    Violation of these rules, do not pay the frequency fee, City radio management departments to give warning, ordered to the prescribed date; still fails to pay the overdue, from the date of delay is satisfied, on a daily basis plus late fees of 5 per thousand; do not pay six months overdue, city management can withdraw his assigned radio frequencies.
    18th City Department of radio management collection frequency occupation fee, registration fee for two lines of income and expenditure management.
    Meet the requirements of countries reduce or waive frequency occupation fee, City radio management departments shall be reduced or waived.
    19th of municipal radio management and radio management inspector shall supervise and check, the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate.
    20th to comply with radio regulations, municipal radio management departments shall sanction in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and this municipality; serious enough to constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.
    Article 21st of the following offences, radio management reserves the right to use technical means to do so: (a) radio frequencies being illegally occupied, (ii) discharge of harmful interference, (iii) the laws, regulations and other requirements of technical interference violation.
    22nd military system (militia) radio management, this approach is not applicable.
    Public security organs, the people's armed police force, the national security and civil defense radio management system, States have special provisions prevail.
                                                                              23rd these measures shall come into force on December 1, 2003.