Restaurants In Kunming City Environmental Pollution Prevention And Control Measures

Original Language Title: 昆明市餐饮业环境污染防治管理办法

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(August 28, 2003, Kunming city people's Government at the 36th Executive meeting on October 29, 2003, Kunming city people's Government, the 46th release) first to fight the restaurant industry caused by pollution and pollution of the Dianchi Lake, to protect and improve the living environment and the ecological environment in Kunming city, to promote socio-economic sustainable development in the city, according to the People's Republic of China Law on air pollution prevention and control, the People's Republic of China Law on water pollution prevention and control and the People's Republic of China environmental impact assessment law
    Such as the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the practical, these measures are formulated.
    Second restaurant mentioned in these measures refers to various types of enterprises engaged in food service operations (including self-employed).
    Article in the city urban planning areas and water source protection area within the food and beverage industry, these measures shall apply.
    Organs, enterprises and institutions cafeteria in accordance with these rules.
    Fourth municipalities and counties (cities) and districts respectively in accordance with the regulations approved by the Administrative Department of environmental protection and management of permissions, on the area of food and beverage industry supervise and management of environmental protection.
    Business Administration, urban management, and Yunnan tube, health Administrative Department in accordance with their respective responsibilities, doing the catering of pollution prevention-related work. Article fifth in cooking units and individuals have the obligation to protect the environment.
    Any unit and individual have the right to the contamination and damage to the environment of the restaurant industry report and complaint. Location of the last piece of new catering undertakings (point), to comply with environmental protection requirements.
    New restaurants is prohibited in the following locations: (a) residential building, (ii) drinking water level within protected areas. Article building, rebuilding, expansion of catering items, construction area of over 500 square meters, the construction unit shall prepare an environmental impact report form; the rest should fill in registration forms of environmental impact.
    Environmental impact report form (registration form) shall be subject to approval by the Administrative Department of environmental protection, food and beverage industry project to build.
    New restaurant project in a residential unit in front of the environmental protection administration authorities should seek the views of community management. Article eighth restaurant projects, you should configure the following pollution prevention and environmental protection facilities: (a) the discharge of sewage into the centralized urban sewage treatment facilities and configuration standardization of oil facilities.
    Day row wastewater 30 cubic metres above of needed construction standardized sewage mouth; (ii) configuration exhaust (fume) purification device and specifically of fume exhaust tube, fume exhaust tube of set should above itself buildings 1.5 meters above, exhaust tube export towards should avoid easy by effect of buildings, exhaust tube around RADIUS 10 meters within has buildings of, exhaust tube of set should above near highest buildings 1.5 meters above; (three) on produced noise of facilities, should take across sound, and drop noise measures. New construction, renovation or expansion of the restaurant industry projects, pollution prevention should be the main part of the project of environmental protection facilities designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously.
    After completion of the project, supporting the construction of environmental protection facilities by the approval of the Administrative Department of environmental protection acceptance and obtain the permits and other relevant certificates (as) before it can be opened.
    Existing catering business is not configured with this article's environmental protection facilities, governance should be in accordance with the provisions of this article, below 20 square meters of the cook shop you can not perform the first paragraph of this article (b) provisions. Nineth plan, planning, land and building, Yunnan, pipes, sanitary, industrial and commercial administrative departments, Administrative Department of environmental protection should be the environmental impact report form (registration form) approval for processing of project approval or for the record review of preconditions.
    Without the permit or permit inspection of unqualified food enterprises, health administrative departments and industrial and commercial administrative departments in the health certificate and business license annual inspection if inspection. Tenth Article catering enterprise in business activities in the must comply with following provides: (a) produced of outside row wastewater must by processing Hou reached GB8978-1996 sewage integrated emissions standard of provides; (ii) produced of exhaust (fume) must by processing Hou reached GB16297-1996 air pollution real integrated emissions standard, and GB18483-2001 catering fume emissions standard of provides, fume needed through specifically of exhaust tube emissions; (three) noise emissions standard,
    Reference GB12348-90 industrial enterprise factory territories noise standard implementation; (four) produced of waste to do classification collection, Sentinel store, Nissan day clear; produced of waste oil must referred to the has qualification of units processing; is strictly prohibited to sewer, and river and the street dumping waste; (five) ban using one-time not degradation foam catering with and not natural degradation plastic bags; in ban coal district range within is strictly prohibited using non-clean fuel; in Dianchi Lake, and yangzonghai lake basin is strictly prohibited using containing p washing supplies; (F) in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Department of environmental protection of the emission permits annually.
    Scope and scale changes cause a change in type and quantity of pollutants emissions, must be handled at the Administrative Department of environmental protection for approval procedures; (g) pay the sewage charges.
    11th existing food and beverage industry, do not meet article eighth of this approach (a), (b), (c) the provision, ordered control, fails to meet the, and closure.
    12th article violation this approach provides of, by city, and County (City) district environmental protection administrative competent sector respectively in accordance with provides of management permission, be punishment: (a) violation this approach seventh article provides of, ordered deadline replacement procedures, and stop construction or using, can and at 100,000 yuan following fine; (ii) violation this approach tenth article subsection (a), and (ii), and (three) items provides of, ordered deadline governance or corrected, can and at 50,000 yuan following fine; late not completed of, ordered closed;
    (Three) violation this approach tenth article subsection (four) items provides of, ordered its clear, and on units sentenced 500 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine, on responsibility people sentenced 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; (four) violation this approach tenth article subsection (seven) items provides of, ordered deadline paid sewage fee; late not paid of, at should paid sewage fee amounts 1 time times above 3 times times following of fine, and can ordered closed.
    13th article violates this article tenth part (e) the provision, by the Administrative Department of environmental protection and the relevant administrative authorities to investigate and punish.
    14th environmental protection Administrative Department and other relevant administrative departments of personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; do not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law.
    15th urban planning areas in these measures refers to the main city within the same administrative area in Kunming City area, important scenic areas and important control areas, counties (cities) city and town planning zones and development zones.
                                                                                                  16th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2004.