Kunming City Road Parking Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 昆明市城市道路停车泊位管理办法

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(Released July 29, 2003, Kunming city people's Government, the 44th) first to strengthen the city's road traffic management, regulate the order of parking to ensure road safety and the smooth flow, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Road, Kunming road traffic regulations, the regulations, the Kunming city taxi Management Ordinance and other regulations and rules, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
    Second road parking in these measures refers to on the road with traffic markings, signs and other traffic control facilities for the parking of motor vehicles temporary parking sites. The third road parking there are parking garage parking, taxi taxi garages and other specialized berths. Parking garages as a solid line box and the remaining berth as a dashed line box plus and other special identification box.
    Width is 2 m to 2.5 m per berth, typically 5.5 to 7 meters in length.
    Fourth where the main urban area of the city was constructed road parking garages in the area set up, use, and management of the application of this approach.
    Fifth stop on a road, you must comply with the road traffic management, urban management regulations and rules and the regulations.
    Sixth city road parking and taxi parking taxi garage setting, depending on traffic and passenger flow, the municipal public security traffic management authorities and the city planning, city management departments under central planning.
    Article seventh set of city road parking should follow the layout, the principle of unified planning, management, safety, traffic management by public security organs after the consent of the City Management Department of the, for approval and for management. Eighth article shall not in following road Shang set parking berth: (a) city trunk road or main of times road; (ii) roadway width is less than 7 meters of road (line Road except); (three) sidewalk, and crosswalk, and non-motor vehicle road and has sidewalk guardrail (hedge) of sections; (four) from bus station, and emergency station, and fire tied, public facilities 30 meters within sections; (five) cross junction, and railway crossing, and detours, and narrow road, and bridge, and steep, and tunnel, and island, and viaduct, and overpass, and approach, and
    On-ramp and the distance between these locations within 50 metres of road; (vi) all levels of party and government organizations, military agencies, communications and other key parts and units within the front and the sides of the road 50 meters; (VII) units within the hospital and residential fire escape.
    Nineth toll parking is only for temporary parking of vehicles.
    Article road parking only provided temporary parking of vehicles, vehicle and property inside the car by the driver and vehicle owner is responsible for their own. 11th motorcycle, contains more than 1000 kilograms of quality approved by the non-motor vehicle, (not included) trucks, passenger numbers more than 12 approved (not included) passenger cars, and the drivers of other motor vehicles shall not exceed 5.5 metres in urban road parking within the Park.
    Taxis may not Park in the parking garage waiting for customers.
    12th parked in the parking garage, is required to pay. Toll price administrative departments should be strictly in accordance with the approved standard charge, notes, finance charge, and issue-specific.
    To pay special note is not issued by the municipal finance, the driver can refuse to pay.
    13th encourages and advocated the airport, railway stations, ferry terminals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, scenic, cultural, sports venues and other units and other passenger flow distribution center uses its own venues, set the appropriate parking of taxis waiting for customers.
    Article 14th taxi, taxi, taxi parking only parking spaces for the parking waiting and free to use, prohibition of other vehicles. 15th article into road parking berth of vehicles driver should comply with following provides: (a) obey police organ traffic management personnel command; (ii) vehicles must by Shun line direction followed by Park in berth within, by bit Park; (three) met has traffic blocked and effect road smooth Shi, should quickly left, shall not Park; (four) shall not in berth within engaged in maintenance, and cleaning vehicles, activities; (five) into taxi parking berth of city taxi driver shall not left body.
    In case of passengers shall not refuse.
    16th no unit or individual is allowed to occupy road parking stall set up, heap operations; according to required, cancellation or change of berth use, must be reported to the municipal public security traffic management and urban management Department.
    17th no units or individuals may damage, disassembly, moving parking lot marking, labeling, signage and pay meters and other facilities.
    18th toll management training of qualified staff must be approved by the public security organs traffic management after obtaining the documents, wear marks, induction.
    19th article violates this approach set forth in 11th and 12th, the public security organs traffic management departments of motor vehicle drivers in addition to a fine of 200 Yuan fines or revoke a license according to law outside the motor vehicle driver's license, you can force the towed vehicle, car parking fees and towing fees and regulations.
    20th motor vehicle driver driving motor vehicles entering taxi parking other than taxi taxi garages and parking, the public security organs traffic management Department of motor vehicle driver can be fined 200 Yuan fines or revoke a license a motor vehicle driving license according to law.
    21st urban taxi drivers disobey article 15th stop, the public security organs traffic management Department of motor vehicle driver can be fined 200 Yuan fines or revoke a license a motor vehicle driving license according to law.
    Violations of taxi management, managed by city departments according to law.
    22nd article violates this approach set forth in 16th and 17th, the public security organs traffic management department ordered restitution or torn, and a fine of 1000-3000 Yuan fine, resulting in the loss, compensation according to law.
    Article 23rd motor vehicle in violation of these rules of parking in the parking garage, the public security organs traffic management Department may impose a fine of 20-50 Yuan.
    24th article violates these rules without the authorities arbitrarily set up parking, public security organs traffic management together with urban management, planning and other departments to be banned, and responsibility impose a fine of 3000-5000 Yuan, 200 yuan in fines for responsible.
    Permission setting for 25th road parking for parking and traffic accidents, cause-effect relationship, the public security organs traffic management departments in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic accident approach, unauthorized road parking units or individuals should be responsible for the accident are identified and made.
    26th party not satisfied with the punishment of law of administrative reconsideration or administrative proceedings. 27th on road parking and approved in residential settings, these measures shall apply.
    Set does not approve these measures, within one month of the publication of these measures to be sorted or banned.
              28th article of the rules take effect on September 1, 2003.