Heilongjiang Province, Administrative Fees And Foreclosure Bills Management

Original Language Title: 黑龙江省行政事业性收费和罚没票据管理办法

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(November 14, 2003 6th Heilongjiang province people's Government Executive meeting on December 1, 2003 5th release of Heilongjiang province) first to strengthen the administrative fees and foreclosure bills, to prevent and suppress acts of charges and confiscated, according to the People's Republic of China on administrative punishment law and the regulations on the management of extrabudgetary funds in Heilongjiang province and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated. Article within the administrative region of this province administrative and institutional charges and confiscated the use and management of bills, procedures apply.
    Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
    Third article this approach by said administrative career sex charges notes (following referred to charges notes), is refers to State, and institutions, and social groups and other organization (following collectively charges units) according to legal, and regulations and state file, and national financial and price competent sector common released of regulations or file, and Province Government regulations or file, and province financial and prices sector common released of file, in charged belongs to financial sex funds of the costs Shi, to pay units or personal issued of collection voucher.
    This approach by said confiscated notes, is refers to has administrative punishment right of administrative organ and legal, and regulations authorized of has management public affairs functions of organization and by administrative organ law delegate of Organization (following collectively confiscated units), according to legal, and regulations, and regulations implementation fine, and confiscated illegal proceeds, and confiscated illegal property, administrative punishment Shi, to was punishment units or personal issued of collection received real voucher.
    Article fourth provincial financial departments are responsible for the charges, confiscated notes management, and is responsible for the implementation of these procedures.
    City (area) and counties (cities, districts) is responsible for the financial sector in accordance with the fiscal, financial affiliation within the administrative area of charges and confiscated notes management.
    Specific management of charges and confiscated notes, by the financial departments at all levels charge bills, regulatory bodies and the confiscation of income and expenditure management sector.
    Article fees, notes confiscated notes divided into General and professional instruments.
    General charging notes, General and professional confiscated notes specifying design, specifications, time, content, formulated by the financial Department of the province, except as otherwise provided.
    Professional fee model, size, form, and content of a Bill, by provincial fee or city (area), County (City) Government proposed, determined by the provincial financial department.
    Sixth toll, notes confiscated by the financial Department of the province shall be determined uniformly printed in the printing business, and overprint the provincial financial department bills seized printed seal Special seal for receipts from fines and confiscations.
    No unit and individual shall forge, alter or printed without permission fees, confiscated papers.
    Article fees, foreclosure fees and at all levels confiscated duties, provincial financial departments should be used uniformly charged, confiscated papers.
    Fees, notes confiscated should be used according to the purposes specified in the General notes and between professional paper, professional paper between the strings with.
    Charges, charges for forfeiture does not use the term, confiscation of instruments, payment or penalty units and individuals have the right to refuse the money or deliver the property.
    Article eighth charge, forfeiture Bill purchase introduction of Bill purchasing permit system and billing system.
    Nineth purchase charge bills for the first time, by the imposition of financial independent accounting units with legal rates of basis and charges of the licence to the financial sector to apply paper purchasing permit, with the ticket-purchasing permit purchase ticket.
    Apply for confiscation of instruments for the first time, by independent administrative punishment of forfeiture laws, rules and regulations according qualification certificate to the financial and administrative law enforcement departments to apply for ticket purchasing permit, with the ticket-purchasing permit purchase ticket.
    Tenth charge, forfeiture unit purchase fee again, confiscated papers, ticket purchasing permit and after fees, confiscated the Bill stub, after approval by the financial Department, purchase fees, confiscated papers.
    To bill charges for a larger amount, foreclosure, financial departments to its unit toll, notes confiscated stub reviewed.
    11th charge, forfeiture unit termination, separation, merger, and units to undertake their duties shall charge, forfeiture unit terminated, divided or merged within 30th of the related documents to the Finance Department for instrument purchasing permit alteration or cancellation procedures.
    Charges and confiscated items are expressly cancelled, fees, confiscation of units shall, from the date the project was cancelled in the 30th by presenting the relevant documents, to the Finance Department for instrument purchasing permit cancellation procedures.
    Ticket purchasing permit shall not be lent, transferred, sold, altered, forged or altered.
    12th charge, forfeiture unit shall establish internal charges and confiscated notes using pay-for-registration system, the financial institution shall designate a person responsible for the management of bills, and regularly check with the unit charges and confiscated staff.
    Charge, forfeiture unit has issued the ticket stub should be kept properly, for a period of five years; five years is really difficult, agreed by the financial departments at the same level, you can shorten the retention period, but not less than two years.
    13th charge, forfeiture unit for lost fees, confiscated tickets or stubs shall be from the date of loss in the 10th report to the financial sector; may cause heavy losses, losing units shall make a statement in the newspaper aside.
    14th full retention of fees, foreclosure Bill stub, and can not span more than use of the fees, confiscated or destroyed documents, from fees, confiscation unit responsible for summary and registration, supervised the destruction of and reported to the financial sector.
    15th financial departments at all levels shall establish comprehensive fees, foreclosure bill management system, strengthen supervision and management, and regulate the use fees, confiscated papers.
    16th no unit or individual has the right of note violations to the financial department or other relevant departments report.
    17th article violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, by County above financial sector collection related of charges, and confiscated notes; has illegal proceeds, plot more light of, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine, plot more heavy of, sentenced 5,000 yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; no illegal proceeds of, sentenced 500 Yuan above 3,000 yuan following fine: (a) using not meet provides of charges, and confiscated notes charges, and confiscated of; (ii) change charges, and confiscated notes specified project charges, and confiscated of;
    (Three) forged, and variable made, and sold, and transfer and borrowed charges, and confiscated notes of; (four) unauthorized destroyed charges, and confiscated notes stub of; (five) unauthorized printed, and using charges, and confiscated notes of; (six) lent, and transfer, and sale, and altered, and forged and variable made notes associate purchased card of; (seven) management poor, lost, and damage charges, and confiscated notes of.
    The illegal gains of the preceding paragraph, the handling of illegal proceeds in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations shall apply.
    18th financial departments at and above the county level shall entrust their charge bills, regulatory agencies charge bills, administrative penalties stipulated in this way.
    19th violation charge, forfeiture bill management provisions of the fees, foreclosure activity, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons, by their work units or by the competent authorities as well as relevant departments under the State Council of the administrative fee incomes from fines and confiscations under two lines of income and expenditure management interim provisions on administrative sanctions administrative sanctions.
    20th article financial sector and other about sector of administrative law enforcement personnel, in charges, and confiscated notes supervision management work in the, has following case one of of, law give administrative sanctions: (a) not according to provides audit, and issued charges, and confiscated notes of; (ii) not according to provides supervision destroyed charges, and confiscated notes of; (three) using positions convenience obtained, and received property of; (four) other law should give administrative sanctions of case.
    21st Government funds non-tax bills and contributions of community groups such as Bill notes, donations, funds between bills and managed in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                                                  22nd article this way come into force on January 1, 2004.