Dalian Scrapped Motor Vehicles Regulations (Amended In 2003)

Original Language Title: 大连市机动车辆报废管理规定(2003年修正本)

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(October 18, 2000, Dalian City people's Government 9th issue; on December 3, 2003, Dalian municipal people's Government, the 37th of the Dalian City people's Government to amend part of the municipal regulations and the revision of the decision of the regulatory documents) first to strengthen the management of motor vehicle scrap, obsolete old vehicles, preventing air pollution, and beautification of the environment, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, this provision is enacted.
    Provisions of this article apply to motor vehicles registered in Dalian scrap management.
    Dalian municipal Public Security Bureau in charge of the city motor vehicle scrap article work, their specific service by the municipal public security traffic management departments.
    Dalian scrap Auto Recycling Management Office is responsible for the city's scrap auto recycling, dismantling and auto update.
    Municipal economic and Trade Commission, the trade and Industry Bureau, the environmental protection agency and other departments should be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of motor vehicle scrap.
    Article fourth scrap vehicles reach the national standard of and should be scrapped. Article fifth motor vehicle scrap, its owner should apply to the public security traffic Administrative Department, vehicles intended to be scrapped and be handed over to the public security traffic management departments.
    Vehicle's engine, transmission, chassis, steering wheel, front and rear axles, body, such as the six major parts (referred to as the six Assembly) must be complete.
    Sixth public security traffic Administrative Department upon receipt of the application, based on vehicle archive on the vehicle (including the six Assembly) and age, mileage and other finds that meet the conditions for scrapping, approved scrap motor vehicle scrap will be issued an approval application form.
    Article seventh all scrap vehicles with the scrapping of motor vehicles approval application form, to hand over the vehicle to eligible scrap vehicle recycling (disassembling) business recycling, recycling (disassembling) companies signed and sealed by the scrapping of motor vehicles approval application form to receive municipal economic and Trade Commission, the scrap auto recycling certificate.
    Article eighth scrap auto recycling scrap vehicles all proof, the scrapping of motor vehicles approval application form, to the road maintenance levy collection Department stopped paying maintenance fees procedures.
    Nineth need to delay the scrapping of motor vehicles, their conditions and approval procedures and tests, by national and provincial and municipal regulations.
    Tenth public security traffic administrative departments should strictly implement the State promulgated the standards for scrappage, must not have been scrapped car registration; to delay scrapping cars are not allowed to handle the transfers, transfer membership registration.
    11th public security traffic Administrative Department should be 10th of each month before December 10 of each year, last month end or next year should scrap motor vehicle information to inform the municipal economic and Trade Commission.
    12th of municipal economic and Trade Commission, together with public security, industry and commerce administration departments supervise scrap Auto Recycling (disassembling) enterprise on the scrapped automobile engine, transmission, frame, steering wheel, front and rear axle (the five assemblies) treated as destructive.
    13th a violation of this provision and should be scrapped for more than 3 months without scrap procedures by the public security traffic Administrative Department of stranded vehicles, vehicle scrap procedures within, belonging to the non-operational vehicles, 500 fines pertaining to the operation of the vehicle, between 5000 and 1000 Yuan fine; fails to go through, forcing scrap.
    14th public security organs to implement administrative punishments should be issued a written decision; implementation of fines, should strictly enforce the Dalian administrative institutional fees, governmental funds to implement the fare separate incomes from fines and confiscations of the interim measures for the implementation of separation of penalty payments, penalties all turned over financial.
    15th administrative authorities in violation of the provision relates to other permissions, the relevant administrative organs according to law. 16th party not satisfied with the administrative penalties may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Party fails to apply for administrative reconsideration, nor performs the decision not to prosecute, of the decision on administrative penalty authority apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution. 17th public security traffic Administrative Department and their staff should seriously perform their duties, discipline and enforce laws impartially.
    To abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages in or driving, illegal trade in scrap vehicles or the great Assembly, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
            18th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.