Shanghai Lingang New Management Approach

Original Language Title: 上海市临港新城管理办法

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(December 22, 2003, Shanghai Municipal People's Government at the 26th Executive meeting by Shanghai Municipal People's Government released 16th December 28, 2003) article (purpose and basis) in order to regulate the management of lingang, promote the construction and development of lingang, in accordance with laws and regulations as well as relevant policies of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    The second (regional) Shanghai lingang (hereinafter referred to as Harbor City) by the main urban area, industrial zone and Yangshan deep-water port zone is comprised of coastal Nanhui East, West to the outskirts of link (East Avenue), Fengxian, Nanhui district and community, on the North by dazhi River as a boundary.
    Article III (development) in accordance with the national strategy of economic development of Shanghai urban comprehensive planning requirements, lingang new city should be built with modern equipment manufacturing industry as the core, based on high value-added manufacturing and high-tech industries, advanced manufacturing, logistics, research and development services, export processing, education and training functions of complex modern seaside town.
    Encourage lingang new city administration on the reform and innovation in system and mechanism, become integrated in new industries and new industry zone. Fourth (CMC) the lingang city Shanghai Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC).
    CMC is City Government of sent institutions, according to this approach of delegate exercise following duties: (a) developed, and modified, and implementation Pro Hong Kong Metro development planning, and plans, and industry policy and administration of specific provides; (ii) is responsible for Pro Hong Kong Metro within investment project, and land using of approval; (three) is responsible for Pro Hong Kong Metro within based facilities and construction engineering of Administration; (four) is responsible for Pro Hong Kong Metro within high-tech enterprise, and software enterprise, and IC enterprise and high-tech results into project of finds;
    (E) coordination of Shanghai customs, the Shanghai entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the people's Bank Shanghai Branch, State administration of foreign exchange Shanghai Branch and other administrative departments on the daily administration of the enterprise in lingang (vi) is responsible for providing guidance to lingang new enterprises and services; (g) completion of other matters assigned by the municipal people's Government.
    Fifth (public affairs management) Management Committee is responsible for lingang new city Administrative Affairs to administer.
    Besides involving matters such as national security, public safety, the relevant administrative departments of the city relates to administrative matters within the lingang, should seek the views of the CMC.
    Management Committee shall, together with the city administration, the city of quality and technical supervision Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, municipal State Taxation Bureau, municipal local taxation, municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the municipal personnel Bureau and Nanhui district people's Government, the municipal Public Security Bureau and other administrative departments, set up appropriate institutions in lingang, providing "one-door" services and carry out associated administrative duties.
    People's Government in charge of lingang, Nanhui district finances, taxation, industry and commerce, public security, labor and social security, culture, education, health, sanitation, civil affairs, the administration of Justice, public services such as family planning and rural and community management.
    Sixth (planning) lingang new city master plan preparation should be based on the State and strategy of economic development of the city and urban planning, reflecting the lingang and Yangshan deepwater port development requirements.
    Lingang new city master plan by the municipal planning Bureau in conjunction with the CMC, Nanhui district people's Government and the relevant departments to compile, submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Lingang professional system plan formulated by the MC, jointly with relevant departments, after balanced by the municipal planning Bureau, submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Management Committee shall, according to the city's economic development strategy and the lingang new city master plan approved by the municipal people's Government, in conjunction with the Government Organization lingang, Nanhui district regulatory detailed planning, City Planning Board's approval before implementation.
    Lingang new town planning within the scope of construction projects approved by the Management Committee in accordance with the controlled detailed planning, is responsible for issuing project site submissions, planning permit for construction and construction project planning permit. Seventh (land leasing and management), according to lingang new city master plan of the CMC and regulatory detailed planning, land reserve scheme was proposed and submitted for approval in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and this municipality.
    Nanhui district people's Government through the establishment of land reserve institution jointly with the CMC reserve land, and to entrust the Shanghai lingang economic development (Group) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the development company), Shanghai city development (Group) Limited (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong company) carry out preliminary inspections and management.
    Lingang within enterprises, institutions need to use land shall be signed with the Development Corporation, the Hong Kong company transfer of land contract and the CMC to relevant procedures.
    Nanhui district people's Government is responsible for the resettlement administration.
    Eighth (infrastructure management) lingang road traffic, communications, landscape, water supply, sewage treatment, energy supply of urban infrastructure projects, such as construction, survey, design, construction, supervision and tendering work, and managed by the Management Committee.
    Nineth (construction management) lingang new city construction projects in construction, survey, design, tendering and bidding of daily work, managed by the Management Committee, and is responsible for supervision.
    Except for large installation projects, lingang, tube, belonging to the project quality and safety supervision, and managed by the Management Committee, and is responsible for supervision.
    Management Committee should use this article, and provided for in the second paragraph of the results of the approval and management of construction engineering, municipal construction Committee for the record.
    Tenth article (project approval) CMC on following into pro Hong Kong Metro of foreign project for approval, and audit and confirmed, and reported about administration sector record: (a) approval belongs to national encourages class and not need national balanced of project; (ii) approval investment total in 30 million dollars following of allows class project; (three) approval this article subsection (a) items and subsection (ii) items foreign investment enterprise contract, and articles of change.
    MC should enter the new city-funded project for approval and management of relevant administrative departments, and reported the results to the city.
    11th (Enterprise), enterprises established in lingang, materials complete, in compliance with the statutory form, the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall be completed within 3 working days from the date of acceptance and approval procedures.
    Legal matters and administrative regulations should be earlier approval, by the Municipal Government to implement decentralized administration within the 5 working days from the date of the acceptance for earlier approval formalities to be completed. 12th (enterprises and projects identified) lingang new high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, integrated circuits and high-tech achievement transformation project finds that by the municipal science and Technology Commission, information and high-tech enterprises that institutions commissioned a unification of the CMC to carry, "one-door" accepted.
    CMC according to adhere to the standards and improve efficiency, simplified procedures and convenient principle of enterprise work, and the results reported to the relevant administrative departments, agencies for the record.
    City administrations and institutions for CMC determination of monitoring and certification of work; do not meet the standards or requirements of findings shall be entitled to revoke.
    13th article (preferential treatment) in Pro Hong Kong Metro within of enterprise and project, by about administration sector, and institutions or CMC finds, can enjoy following national and this city about of offers policy: (a) encourages modern equipment manufacturing industry development and the technology progress of the offers policy; (ii) encourages technology results into and industrialization of the offers policy; (three) encourages software industry and IC industry of the offers policy; (four) promote SMEs development of about offers policy;
    (V) other relevant policies to encourage investment and improve the investment environment. 14th (attract and simplified procedures) encouraging domestic and foreign professionals to lingang engaged in construction, business, project development and transformation of scientific research work.
    Talents in accordance with the relevant provisions of residence or of the Shanghai residence permits.
    Simplify the relevant personnel of the lingang because overseas, exit procedures, personnel of going abroad for business needs often go abroad, to implement "an approval, multiple" abroad and approval methods or handle multiple times within a certain period between Hong Kong, Macau, and exit procedures.
    15th (providing related services) CMC perfecting intermediary service system should be adopted, providing talents for enterprises, institutions, services, finance, accounting, finance, insurance, patents, legal, notarial and other intermediary services.
    Institutions such as the Management Committee may, in accordance with established customs, commodity inspection, foreign trade services for the enterprises, institutions.
    16th (contest) and other units of the Administrative Department requires lingang enterprises participating in assessment activities shall first seek the views of the CMC.
    17th (Public Affairs and complaints) the Management Committee shall, in accordance with the requirements of open Government, will involve approval basis, content, conditions and procedures, deadlines, and need all the material submitted to directories and application model in Office be publicized.
    Applicants asked the Management Committee to the public details of description, explanation, description, explanation of the CMC to provide accurate and reliable information.
    Lingang behavior does not think the Administration's management of enterprises in accordance with these rules or their implementation should enjoy preferential treatment, can contribute to the complaints of the CMC.
      18th (date) these measures shall come into effect on February 1, 2004.