Tianjin Administrative Provisions On Non-State-Owned Archives

Original Language Title: 天津市非国家所有档案管理规定

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(December 15, 2003, Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 12th Executive meeting on December 29, 2003, Tianjin Municipal People's Government released 13th) first in order to strengthen the management of non-State-owned archives and effectively protecting and using archives for the socialist modernization in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.
    Article non-State Archives referred to in these provisions refers to collective, individual, and other do not belong to the State, on national and social value of text, graphics, video and other forms of history. Article file legally entitled to possession, the owner of the right to use the archives.
    Any citizen or organization has the obligation to protect the files.
    State personnel performing official business according to law when you need access to archives, the owners should be free.
    Fourth article city and district, and County Government archives administration sector on this administrative within archives management law for supervision and guide, its duties is: (a) supervision, and check archives legal, and regulations and regulations of implementation situation, law investigation archives violations; (ii) for archives Business Guide, organization archives business training; (three) Organization archives resources development, and using, provides archives business advisory and service. Fifth article non-national all of, and social organization of following information, should included archives management of range: (a) units of established, and change, and terminated and the liquidation information; (ii) land using, and capital and the environmental protection information; (three) funding letter assessment and the Legal Affairs information; (four) employees hired, and insurance and the labour protection information; (five) equity, and claims, and debt, and contract information; (six) accounting, and prices, and tax, and audit, and statistics, and technology and the annual information; (seven) business management, and
    Business information on activities related to public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of others and (VIII) other management information should be included in the files.
    Sixth article personal all of following information, should included archives management of range: (a) reflect social changes, and major event of text, and chart, and video, and photos, and real information; (ii) reflect national, and folk, and religious, and places, and monuments of text, and chart, and video, and photos, and real information; (three) history characters, and celebrities of presentation, and letters, and diary, and genealogy, and video, and photos, and real information; (four) other should included archives management of information.
    Seventh article this article fifth and sixth article include information management, is also a cultural relics, according to the relevant regulations of the State administration. Article eighth, social organization of non-State-owned archives, kept by their unit to collect, organize, and use. File owner or manager shall establish and improve file management system, take the necessary protective measures to prevent files damaged or missing.
    Against altered, forged or unauthorized destruction of files.
    Personal saved files should be kept properly to prevent damage or loss. Nineth owner does not have custody of the archives of conditions, may apply to the archival Administrative Department for safekeeping.
    Archives Administration Department upon receipt of the application shall be handled pursuant to this provision in the 3rd, qualifying 2nd issue to the applicant a notice of archives for safekeeping, and notify the archives for safekeeping; do not meet the conditions, notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons in the 2nd.
    Owners keep archives conditions or for some other reason are considered seriously damaged or unsafe may lead to archives, archives Administration Department has the right to take custody, ensure archive integrity and security measures, if necessary, by purchasing or procurement.
    Archive safekeeping archive could charge fees in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Tenth Article Archives owner can to city or district, and County archives donation or sold its archives; to city or district, and County archives yiwai of any units or personal sold, and transfer or gift of, should Yu sold, and transfer or gift Qian 10th to archives administration sector proposed application, archives administration sector received application Hou, should Yu 5th within according to national and social public interests of need made decided, agreed of to approved certificate, not agreed of written notification applicants and description reason.
    11th owners have the right to publish the file, but when released to public, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State and must not harm national security and interests, not to infringe the legitimate rights and interests.
    Archives register archives and published, shall obtain the consent of the owners consent.
    Article 12th is valuable or confidential copies of the file and its need to carry, transport or sent abroad, the owners should apply early 10th to the municipal archives Administration Department, archives Administration Department should be reviewed on 7th, agreed to issue approval documents, not agreed to notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons, customs approval documents examined and released.
    13th non-State Archives of all, social organizations, termination for units, transfer its Archives Unit after change of ownership according to law; no recipient shall surrender to the local district or County archives.
    Article 14th violation of the provisions of, sell, transfer or give away files without authorization, the archives Administration Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law sanctions and provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
    15th article in violation of the provisions set forth in article eighth, 13th and warning by the archives administration department granting serious, can be fined a maximum of 30,000 yuan and constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    16th archives Administration Department staff do not fulfill their duties, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    17th the provisions included in the archive management of archives, otherwise provided by the laws, rules and regulations, from its provisions.
                                              18th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2004.