Zhejiang Province Postal Monopoly Management

Original Language Title: 浙江省邮政专营管理办法

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(December 31, 2003, Zhejiang Provincial people's Government, the 167th release) first in order to protect communication rights of citizens, protecting freedom and privacy of correspondence, regulating and protecting the franchise of postal enterprises activity, promote the development of the universal postal service and the postal service, under the People's Republic of China postal code, the People's Republic of China postal law implementing rules as well as provisions of other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second postal monopoly within the administrative area of the province of operation and management of the application of this approach.
    Third counties (cities) over post office was established in accordance with the law of public enterprises that operate postal businesses (hereinafter post), to the community's obligation to provide the universal postal service, is responsible for the unified management of postal franchise business.
    The fourth province, city and County (City) postal industry Management Department, responsible for management of postal franchise operations within their respective administrative areas.
    Industry and commerce, public security, national security, inspection and quarantine, customs, taxation, price, foreign trade departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with good management of postal franchise business.
    Fifth article any unit or individual should consciously abide by the national and provincial provisions relating to postal franchise business management and right to report and charged with violation of the postal monopoly provision of business management.
    Sixth the following postal service franchise by postal enterprises according to law: (a) letters and letters in nature of delivery of the goods, (ii) the ordinary stamp sales; (c) the provisions of laws and administrative regulations of the other franchise business.
    Seventh postal enterprises legally entrusted non-postal enterprises or other organizations and individual businesses (hereinafter referred to as non-postal unit) agent postal franchise operations, non-postal unit entrusted shall not subcontract.
    Without the postal enterprises, no unit or individual is allowed to operate postal franchise business.
    Eighth postal unit application agent postal franchise business, subject to the following conditions, and with your local postal enterprises consensus, signing Concierge contracts: (a) a fixed place of business, (b) commensurate with the business of the funds; (c) the business license has been made; (d) the other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
    The Nineth international freight forwarding business express business, need for inward and outward letters and items with letters delivery business, shall, in accordance with regulations of the State over to the provincial postal service industry Management Department for entrustment.
    Tenth postal unit in the course of performance of the principal-agent contract, shall accept the postal administration of supervision and inspection.
    The 11th postal enterprises and postal delivery agent business units should be in the place of public services, service standards and operating procedures, fees, hours of time limits, monitor phone calls, queries and compensation criteria; in the mailbox (drum) marked on the out of the box (drum).
    12th postal enterprises and postal delivery service agent unit shall, in accordance with the provisions of the frequency, timing and scope of delivery, deliver the message quickly and accurately, and charged in the specified rates of postage. The 13th postal enterprises and agents post franchise business units shall provide users with safe and convenient postal communication service, and consciously safeguard the citizens ' rights of freedom and privacy of correspondence.
    Postal staff and agent except as provided by law, shall not be provided to any organization or individual user names, addresses and the use of postal services.
    14th article post Enterprise and agent post franchise business of units and staff shall not implementation following behavior: (a) private split, and hidden, and destroys, and theft mail, tore opening stamps; (ii) for no reason delays posted mail; (three) unauthorized suspended on user of post Service; (four) violation national provides of tariff standard charged or disguised charged costs; (five) legal, and regulations provides of other ban sex.
    15th post law enforcement officers of industry Management Department (hereinafter referred to as the postal law enforcement personnel) shall have the right to enter the postal and other delivery service, postage item sites, management for law enforcement and inspection of operators business units and associated personnel shall cooperate with.
    Industry and commerce, public security, national security, taxation, customs and Excise departments, law enforcement activities of the postal administration shall give assistance.
    16th article post law enforcement personnel on operators for law enforcement check Shi, can exercise following terms: (a) asked party and about personnel; (ii) on and post franchise business related of business places and property for check; (three) check out and business behavior about of file, and documents, and voucher, and contract, and invoice, and books and other information; (four) collection, and registration, and save and illegal business behavior about of evidence; (five) legal, and regulations provides of other terms.
    17th post law enforcement officers to conduct law enforcement inspection, shall show the certificate of administrative law enforcement, be impartial, civilized law enforcement; involving privacy and business secrets of the parties, shall be kept confidential.
    18th postal administration shall publicize the procedures, establish a reporting system, accept social supervision; the party's complaints should be accepted in a timely manner, and responded to within 10 working days from the date of acceptance or processing. 19th postal vehicles with the postal service logo in mail transportation and delivery tasks, toll bridges and roads (including highways), tunnels, ferries, be exempt from tolls; postal vehicles do not engage in mail transportation and delivery tasks still required to pay tolls.
    Specific implementing measures, enacted by the competent administrative Department of provincial transport, postal, and submitted to the provincial people's Government for the record.
    20th in violation of the sixth and seventh of these measures the provisions of the second paragraph, illegal business letters and letters in nature materials, industrial and commercial administrative departments or the postal administration fined 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan fine, but shall not be fined.
    Operators of illegally receiving and sending letters and articles, industrial and commercial administrative departments or the postal administration to order referred to the postal materials, and postage was paid by the operator in accordance with the regulations.
    21st in violation of the sixth and seventh of these measures the provisions of the second paragraph, the illegal distribution of ordinary stamps, by the postal administration will be cancellation stamps, and a fine of less than 300 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    22nd in violation of the provisions of article 11th, the postal administration order the rectification and imposed fines of less than 300 yuan more than 3000 Yuan.
    23rd violates the 13th article of these measures, postal worker and agency personnel permission to other organizations or individuals to provide the user's name, address, and postal services, the postal administration order the rectification, and a fine of 200 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fine.
    24th article violation this approach 14th article provides, belongs to units behavior of, on units sentenced warning and 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine, plot serious of, sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine, and on units head and directly responsibility people give disciplinary; belongs to staff personal behavior of, on its sentenced warning and 300 yuan above 3000 Yuan following of fine, plot serious of, sentenced 3000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine, and give disciplinary.
    25th imposition of administrative penalty procedures and the collection of fines, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
    26th of the postal administration of the following acts, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons, by appointment and removal or administrative supervisory organs shall be given administrative punishments: (a) law for the law enforcement examination; (b) the unlawful imposition of administrative penalty, (iii) complaints about the party's refusal to accept or unjustified delay and prevarication.
    27th post administration staff bribes, divulging of privacy and trade secrets, as well as other acts of abuse, malpractice, negligence, by appointment and removal or administrative supervisory organs shall be given administrative sanctions.
    28th in violation of this Regulation shall be subject to punishment, dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    29th the following terms shall have the meanings herein: (a) the universal postal service, postal enterprises must be according to the rates set by the State to all other designated users with mail delivery service and the State postal service. (B) letters, letters and postcards.
    Pass a sealed letter a letter refers to the set of information carriers, which specifically includes: letters, documents, various types of documents and certificates, all kinds of notifications, PI; exposed carrier delivery of card information in the form of a postcard.
    (C) items with letters, refers to the symbol of delivering information, images, video, audio and other carriers, which specifically includes: (1) printed with "internal" word books, newspapers, information, (2) audio-video products, computer information with the communications media, and (3) the competent Department of postal services under the other items with letters.
                                    30th these measures shall come into force on February 1, 2004.