Provisions On Administration Of Urban Economical Housing In Hainan Province

Original Language Title: 海南省城镇经济适用住房管理规定

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(December 19, 1994, Hainan Province, Government makes 57th, released) (Editor Note: modified content see according to October 8, 1997, Hainan Province, Government 106th, makes amendment and again released of, Hainan Province, town economic applies housing management provides (1997 amendment this)) first chapter General first article to established adapted socialist market system of has social security nature of housing supply system, solution this province town in the low-income workers housing households of housing problem,
    According to the national implementation of "comfortable housing project" and the provisions of the housing system, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article referred to in this provision of affordable housing, is a pointer to the housing difficulties of low-income workers in the town, affordable and functional facilities, has the character of cell-like apartment buildings.
    Provisions of this article shall apply in the province engaged in affordable housing development and construction, operations and property management and other activities.
    Fourth affordable housing construction should follow the "unified planning, rational distribution, development and construction" principle.
    Fifth affordable housing sales of Government support and subsidies, individual approach. Sixth provincial affordable housing authorities are responsible for the development of affordable housing in the province-building and management.
    Its main duties is: (a) implementation national economic applies housing of approach, and policy and regulations; (ii) prepared province economic applies housing of in the, and long-term planning and annual development plans, developed and with about sector implementation economic applies housing of annual investment plans; (three) raised, and using and management economic applies housing construction funds; (four) supervision check province economic applies housing of construction and sales. Seventh municipalities, counties, autonomous counties affordable housing authorities are responsible for the development of affordable housing within their respective jurisdictions construction and management.
    The specific responsibilities of the economic responsibility for the Housing Authority to determine.
    Eighth Government departments concerned should assist affordable housing authorities to develop affordable housing construction and management.
    Second chapter of economical and applicable housing construction funds raised Nineth, use and management for construction of affordable housing finance: (a) the Housing Fund, Housing Fund and security deposit; (b) affordable housing presale; (c) the special investment (iv) Bank loans and (v) other ways to raise funds.
    Article tenth of building affordable housing funds should be deposited in the local government designated or delegated financial institution, account stores, special use. Selling affordable housing recovery funds should be used for development and construction of affordable housing.
    In the housing reform policies to raise housing funds should be mainly used for the development and construction of affordable housing.
    11th levels of affordable housing construction affordable housing authorities are responsible for fund raising, use and management, and, in conjunction with related departments such as planning, finance, banking, construction, implementation of the approval of the people's Government at the annual investment plans of the affordable housing.
    12th chapter of affordable housing construction of economical and applicable housing construction project site selection and planning, you must comply with the overall urban planning.
    13th economical and applicable housing construction without the limitation of fixed-asset investment scale, the implementation of those covered.
    14th economical and applicable housing construction projects should be primarily through public bidding way the contractor, the contractor shall not subcontract.
    15th affordable housing should be designed to reflect the economy, the principle of utility and beauty, dominated by small and medium sized family room.
    16th section land for the construction of affordable housing source: (a) the Government's agreement to sell land, (ii) the existing land, (iii) real estate development company shall obtain the ownership of the land.
    17th Government of an agreement to sell land for affordable housing construction, development and construction of affordable housing authority organization.
    Article 18th unit of the existing land, approved by the affordable housing authority, for the construction of low-income housing tenants in this unit of affordable housing.
    19th registered in the province's real estate development company, with appropriate land development and construction of affordable housing, and affordable housing authority signed an agreement for development and construction of affordable housing.
    Article 20th building affordable housing and public facilities, levied at the zero rate of fixed assets investment orientation regulation tax, and exemption from the following taxes and fees: (I) business tax, construction funds; (b) the civil air defense projects, Tongjian fee charges, power grid construction, construction management, land management fees, housing construction and urban infrastructure.
    Government's agreement to sell land, in addition to the compensation and resettlement fees, waiving or reducing land use right transfer fee. 21st economical and applicable housing construction municipal facilities fee required by the city, the people's Governments of counties, autonomous counties in urban construction investment expenditures.
    In residential facilities, is operating, its ancillary costs borne by operators; is a non-operational nature, its cost can be borne by the Government.
    Fourth chapter economical housing sale price of the 22nd sale of economical and applicable housing, land acquisition and house demolition compensation as well as payment of premium, land survey and design and pre-engineering, construction and installation costs, residential infrastructure fees, management fees, mortgage interest, real taxes and meager earnings.
    Thin profit margins of affordable housing by 5% sure not to exceed construction costs, as determined by the city, County, autonomous county people's Government.
    Affordable housing sale price, calculated by the affordable housing authority with the relevant departments approved.
    Article 23rd affordable housing contracts to the competent institutions should delegate units building and selling affordable housing, the contractor must perform the contract sales price and sales requirements.
    24th employee purchase affordable housing, funding difficulties, can apply for a mortgage loan to financial institutions. Each household can buy a 25th employee of affordable housing.
    Area of the purchase and renovation according to provincial regulations, market price more than standard ones.
    26th employee purchase economic housing, should be required to handle the transfer of property rights registration and exemption from one-time tax and lower handling charges, own use exempt from real estate tax, land-use tax for the period. 27th the employee to purchase affordable housing, personal property rights, can legally enter the market after living there for 5 years.
    Land gold in the pay reduction (calculated according to the deal announced by the Government to sell land) land or the income, and required to pay the relevant taxes, fees, and personal income.
    Article 28th of affordable housing residential property management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the management of urban residential community in this province.
    Limitations of the finds in the fifth chapter of low-income housing for low-income housing in the 29th hardship criteria, by the city, County, autonomous county affordable housing authority in conjunction with the departments concerned, after approved by the people's Governments at the same level.
    Determination of the low-income housing tenants living area in the 30th, tenant House, is subject to lease the lease area as specified; private housing, subject area marked with proof of ownership of existing housing two or more than two, combined living area for a few common property areas, household registration, according to the audited area.
    31st calculation of low-income housing the needy population, to their family members with local residency or in 5 years of continuous service in the province the number shall prevail.
    Family members of active duty military, students and workers in urban work Bachelor quarters living on the ground, should be counted as a family.
    Article 32nd retired cadres, teachers, workers ' compensation disability workers and spouses of workers died while on duty or the families of a loved one, for the purchase of affordable housing, adequate concessions should be granted, and the specific measures formulated by the provincial affordable housing authority.
    Using the Government's agreement to sell land to build affordable housing, priority should be sold to teachers and retired employees. Limitations of the confirmed article 33rd in low-income housing: administrative institutions and workers in low-income housing in households, by the Unit following a review by local government standards, affordable housing authority review and confirm at the same level.
    After verification, limitations of the list of low-income housing should be made public. Sixth chapter penalty provisions article 34th in affordable housing development and construction, sales and management of fraud, abuse of staff, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    35th in violation of this provision, fraud fraudulent purchase affordable housing, affordable housing authorities above the county level to cancel their purchase qualifications, fined and purchase 50%.
    Article 36th administrative penalties for affordable housing authority is dissatisfied, days after receiving the notice of penalty within 15th, to the higher administrative authority made the decision may apply for reconsideration, or directly to a people's Court.
    37th article of the rules of the seventh chapter schedule by affordable housing authority is responsible for the interpretation of the province. 38th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.