Rules Of Shenzhen Municipal Government Information Online

Original Language Title: 深圳市政府信息网上公开办法

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(February 25, 2004 130th promulgated by the people's Government of Shenzhen City as of April 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article in order to improve the transparency of administrative activities, protect the right of citizens, legal persons and other organizations and supervise the Government authority shall perform their duties in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the needs of e-government development in Shenzhen, these measures are formulated.
    Second Government information in these measures refers to the Shenzhen City people's Governments (hereinafter Governments) and organization of the sector, as well as administrative functions according to the law in the performance of administrative duties or in the course of the provision of public services production, obtained or acquired under this scheme should be publicly available documents, data, charts, and other information.
    Published online in these measures refers to the information referred to in the first paragraph of this article with Internet linked to the Shenzhen Municipal Government public information network (hereinafter referred to as government public information network) to be released.
    Third article this regulation is applicable at all levels of people's Governments and their departments and shall exercise administrative functions of the Organization (hereinafter referred to as information units).
    Information units are obliged to approach the information referred to in article it established with the Government made public on the Web site.
    Fourth Government message to the principle of open, closed as an exception.
    Government information online should follow lawful, fair, timely, real-world principles.
    Governmental public information open government information can be downloaded for free on the Internet and in the relevant government departments.
    Fifth article this approach by municipal and district information Department is responsible for organizing the Government.
    Second chapter public of content sixth article following Government information should by information competent sector in levels Government of website Shang public: (a) Government regulations and and social public related of other Government normative file; (ii) by approved implementation of this administrative of social economic development strategy, and development plans, and city planning, and work target and implementation situation; (three) by this level Congress through of Government annual financial budget, and accounts and implementation situation; (Four) by this level Congress through of economy and social development annual plans and implementation situation; (five) Shenzhen industry oriented directory; (six) this level Government major capital project enrollment bid and construction situation; (seven) this administrative within utilities and public career of investment, and construction situation, including city water, and gas, and power tube network of construction and transformation, city flood control facilities, and city sewage processing, and garbage processing engineering, and city traffic construction engineering, and
    City Green engineering and social public welfare career project of construction; (eight) city planning of implementation situation, including statutory figure is range within of land right transfer situation, and building total, and building density and height; (nine) Government the composition sector, and directly under the institutions and do institutions of set, and important functions and the adjustment changes situation; (10) Government led members of resume, and Division and the adjustment changes situation; (11) civil servants hired program, and results; (12) major burst event of disclosure and the processing situation;
    (13) to the community's commitment to take care of matters and its completion (14) Governments letters, monitoring departments and Office locations of administrative reconsideration institutions and means of communication (15) laws, rules and regulations of other government information shall be made public.
    Relevant government departments should provide the above information to departments of information.
    Information departments should establish a unified government information reporting system, format the information providers should be required to submit relevant information. Seventh article Government the sector and law exercise administration functions of organization should in its by established of website Shang public following and its functions related of Government information: (a) institutions set, and statutory duties, and main head, and Office locations and contact way; (ii) and duties related of legal, and regulations, and regulations and normative file; (three) duties range within administrative license project of legal according to, and application conditions, and number, and license program, and license term, and license results,
    Application license by need submitted of all material and applications model text; (four) duties range within administrative career sex charges project of charges object, and charges standard and according to; (five) duties range within administrative punishment of type, and punishment standard and according to; (six) duties range within administrative forced measures of type and according to; (seven) important special fund, and funds of using situation; (eight) important material and service of enrollment bid procurement situation, including procurement directory, and Sentinel suppliers directory, and tender announcement, and bid information announcement; (Nine) for law perform duties and master of business registered registration information; (10) provinces level school of degree distribution situation, and various school admitted scores, and tests and entrance of ticket number and the exam results; (11) public lottery of payments situation; (12) work post of supply and demand situation; (13) traffic control and social security situation; (14) housing room distribution of end list list; (15) land supply total information, and has for land cases to information, and agreement transfer land information, and
    Land use right market information, market conditions, (16) the transfer of assets or restructuring of State-owned and collective enterprises (17) hearings, (18), an NPC motion handling, recommendations and proposals of the CPPCC (19) monitoring, complaint channels (20) are closely related to public information and in accordance with the relevant provisions of other matters shall be made public.
    Reprint information produced by others shall indicate its source.
    Eighth Government withheld information involving the following: (a) in accordance with the law is a State secret, (ii) relates to trade secrets, and (c) involving personal privacy, (d) the provisions of laws and regulations shall not publicly available government information.
    Nineth has yet to determine whether Government information classified as State secrets ranges should stay open, in accordance with the People's Republic of China act after the 11th article of their nature to be determined, be kept confidential or made public.
    Article tenth when citizens, legal persons or other organizations to information units will not be made public by a Government information when challenged, the relevant unit bears the burden of proof, statement withheld the information reasons, legal basis, way and terms.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations demand that the public has passed Government bulletin, media and other forms of public, relevant units shall give the necessary guidelines. 11th issued units shall provide the information to the class file centrally managed or archives to provide the list of units of Government information. Directory of Government information shall record each Government information unit has the name brief description of the contents, index, topics, basic as well as logon date.
    Centralized file management or archive on unity Government information processing, integrated in the Department's Web site provides access.
    12th levels of archives and document management departments deal with the expiry of the confidentiality of Government information to be declassified and posted on the website of the Department.
    13th information publication issued by the responsible unit should ensure that its Government information the timeliness and validity of published should be updated when content changes. 14th publishing responsibility unit should establish and improve the disclosure of Government information online program.
    Information has a significant impact shall be approved by the unit heads before the Internet public.
    Chapter Web site building and maintenance of 15th information unit should be established according to the actual situation of the site, published government information within their areas of responsibility. Municipal Government website ( is based on public information online municipal governments external unified publishing information and providing society with the Internet Information Services window.
    Units of information Web sites subject to the municipal government website ( is linked to.
    Also involves a number of government departments, the need to integrate together after the reunification issue to the community and referred to in this article sixth of Government information in municipalities Web site ( release.
    16th publishing units should comply with national and local information about computer network security law and related rules and regulations, and to take the necessary technical measures to ensure the safe operation of the unit's Web site.
    Article 17th responsible units should do the respective Web sites of information for routine maintenance, and by a full-time or dedicated staff responsible for website content updates and maintenance.
    Article 18th multiple government departments, work areas must be assembled at least one associated with Internet computers, for those in need of Government information related to personal queries with ease.
    Fourth chapter supervision article 19th municipal information Department to all site content is updated on a quarterly basis and statistics, to report statistics Chief of the municipal government and public authorities from next January for the first 5 days in the City Government Web site ( published on.
    20th the public through a public telephone, mail and email to reflect its views and recommendations on the disclosure of Government information online.
    Open Government authority should set up a public telephone, mail and e-mail to receive public complaints, comments and suggestions, and to supervise the implementation of the online public. Article 21st open government competent to undertake an appraisal of each site per year. Evaluation includes updated rates reflect, network security, and the public.
    Government information online to selected advanced units and individuals to be commended, and the municipal government website ( and on the other, to be published in the media. 22nd article information released responsibility units violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, on the units for informed criticism, plot serious of, on main led, and is in charge of led and directly responsibility people give disciplinary: (a) should public of matters not public of; (ii) public of information content not full of; (three) not will should public of matters timely public of; (four) public of content not real, and fraud of;

    (E) the change of content is not updated in a timely manner; (vi) public information disclosure of party and State secrets.
    Information responsibility unit violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph need to give notice of criticism, determined by the administration authorities at the same level; disciplinary actions to the relevant persons, by their work units or departments decide ex officio.
    Article 23rd information responsibilities in violation of this article fourth, the provisions of article eighth, conceal or give false information, or disclosing trade secrets, personal privacy, damage caused to a party, he shall bear civil liability; a suspected crime, handed over to judicial organs for handling.
    Article 24th of citizens, legal persons or other organizations that refused to openly on the Internet and its interests in information publishing responsibilities are closely related violations of their legitimate rights and interests of Government information, may, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administration reconsideration law the relevant provisions apply for reconsideration.
    The fifth chapter by-laws article 25th district and municipal governments departments should be based on these measures, formulate specific implementing measures.
                    26th article this way come into force on April 1, 2004.