Provisions On Administration Of Zhengzhou City, Words Used In Society

Original Language Title: 郑州市社会用字管理规定

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(January 6, 2004 Zhengzhou municipal people's Government Executive meeting of the 1th review January 6, 2004 by Zhengzhou municipal people's Government announced the 134th since as of March 1, 2004) first to strengthen community management, correct the confusion in the words used in society, promote standardization and standardization of words used in society, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on language, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.
    Words used in society are referred to in the provisions of article writing, printing, engraving, casting a public, schematic characters and Hanyu Pinyin. Third article following with Word are is social with Word: (a) newspaper, and magazine, and books and the elementary and middle schools textbook,; (ii) documents, and seal, and slogans, and publicity window, and banner, and awards,; (three) various names, including natural geographic entity name, and administrative divisions name, and neighborhoods name and the has names meaning of Taiwan, and station, and Hong Kong, and field, and road, and street, name; (four) commodity name, and commodity packaging, and commodity description, and trademark; (five) to various form published, and posted of advertising; (six) organ groups, and Enterprise institutions of plaque
    And (VII) characters for film and television; (VIII) computer information processing, computer and information technology products.
    Fourth article in which are used within the administrative area of the city of words used in society State organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and citizens, resident Zheng forces, shall comply with this regulation.
    Fifth of municipal or County (City), the language work Committee in charge of the words used in society within the administrative area of management and supervision.
    Educational, commercial, cultural, industrial and commercial administration, the press and publishing, radio, television, transportation, urban construction, civil affairs and other relevant departments, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, management and supervision of common words used in society. Sixth article social with Word should strictly implementation following standard: (a) printing body characters glyphs to 1988 released of Chinese General Word table for standard; (ii) simplified to national language text work Committee October 10, 1986 again published of simplified total table for standard; (three) Roman Word to Ministry of culture and original China reform Committee December 22, 1955 joint released of first batch variant finishing table by column Roman Word for standard; which and simplified total table inconsistent of
    And the simplified general table for standard (iv) and phonetic spelling should be consistent with Chinese Pinyin system promulgated by the State, and the basic rules of Hanyu Pinyin (1987) requirements.
    Seventh article social with Word shall not using following characters: (a) has was simplified of characters (another has provides of except); (ii) has was eliminated of variant and old glyphs (last name with Word except); (three) has was abolition of second batch characters simplified programme (draft) in the of simplified; (four) coin of simplified; (five) typo, and character.
    Eighth article has following situation one of of, can allows using characters, and Allo Word: (a) heritage monuments; (ii) last name in the of Variant; (three) calligraphy, and seal, art works; (four) inscription and signs of calligraphy Word; (five) published, and teaching, and research in the need using of; (six) in and Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan area for economic, and culture exchange in the need using of; (seven) by State about sector approved of special situation.
    Nineth article social with Word writing should meet following requirements: (a) writing neat, and specification, and easy identified; (ii) writing xingkuan, rampage by left to right, vertical by right to left; (three) has decorative role of art Word (including seal, and script, and cursive,) writing right, and beautiful, and easily identified; (four) Hanyu Pinyin spelling accurate, letters writing right, participle ligatures.
    Article tenth words used in society can be used alone or Chinese characters and Hanyu Pinyin and Chinese characters, and in addition inconvenient to use or not to use Chinese characters Chinese characters outside the territory, shall not use Hanyu Pinyin alone.
    Article 11th all words used in society units and individuals shall establish an audit system, the unit to which the system belongs to the departments for strict management of words used in society.
    Words used in society the use of units or individuals, such as no grasp of the selected Standard words, may request the local administrative Department of education review.
    12th no unit or individual may manufacture, distribution, purchase Word does not comply with the requirements of the plaques, signs, banners, certificates and so on.
    13th of municipal or County (City), the District Administration for industry and commerce shall strengthen the corporate name, trade name as well as the management and oversight of advertising with the word.
    14th for violation of the provisions of the words used in society, no unit or individual can criticism and suggestions.
    15th Chinese characters are not used in accordance with the provisions of the relevant administrative department in charge shall command a correction; it refuses to be warned, and urge them to rectify. 16th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2004.
                                                                                  Words used in society, Zhengzhou Municipal Government of August 17, 1992, issued by the management (the 27th city people's Government) abrogated.