Wuhan Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市城市建设档案管理办法

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(August 11, 2003 Wuhan City Government 8th times Executive Conference considered through September 4, 2003 Wuhan City Government makes 145th, announced since October 10, 2003 up purposes) first article to strengthening city construction archives management, full play city construction archives in city planning, and construction, and management in the of role, according to People's Republic of China archives method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and Wuhan archives management Ordinance, legal, and regulations, combined I city actual,
    These measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to the city's urban construction archives in the administrative area of formation, transfer, storage, use and management of such activities. Third municipal construction administrative departments in charge of the city's urban construction archives management works.
    City city construction archives by city construction administrative competent sector delegate, specific is responsible for city construction archives of daily management work, and by this approach of provides, is responsible for directly received River, and jianghan, and (Editor Note: this word left for stone, right for Joe) mouth, and Hanyang, and Wuchang, and Castle Peak, and Hongshan district administrative within of city construction archives, while accept city archives administrative competent sector of supervision and business guide.
    Dongxihu, and Hannan, and CAI Dian, and Jiangxia, and Huang Pi County, Xinzhou district construction Administrative Department is responsible for the administrative management of urban construction archives, and accept supervision by the archival administrative departments at the same level and operational guidance.
    Article fourth of urban construction archives include various types of urban construction archives, archives of business management and business technology, basic materials, and nation-building of the city executive departments, the national archives and Records Administration Department of urban construction archives. Fifth article city construction engineering archives of range for: (a) municipal based facilities engineering archives; (ii) city public based facilities engineering archives; (three) city traffic based facilities engineering archives; (four) City Garden construction, and landscape places construction engineering archives; (five) city sanitation facilities construction engineering archives; (six) industrial and civil engineering archives; (seven) city environmental, and flood control, and disaster, and seismic and civil defense engineering archives; (eight) except military area, and military Guan Li Qu yiwai of through urban of underground pipeline
    To map, concealed work-related and other military projects files; (IX) census of urban underground pipeline engineering and network, and supplementary files.
    Sixth business management and business technology archives including urban planning, investigation, design, construction, supervision, landscape, scenery, sanitation, municipal, public, real estate (excluding real estate title records) building systems, such as the professional management and operations management and business technology in the form of files.
    Qian paragraph provides of business management and business technology archives in the has permanent save value of archives, since formed of day up custody using full 20 years of, formed units should to city construction archives transfer original archives or archives copy pieces; professional sex strong or need continues to confidential, and save of archives, by archives administrative competent sector agreed, can extended to city construction archives transfer of term; due to custody conditions bad may led to not security or serious damaged of archives, can ahead of to city construction archives transfer.
    Article seventh urban construction archives in the range of: (a) historical information, (ii) the city economy, population and natural resources data; (c) the city building guidelines, policies, regulations, plans, documents, information on the basis of the results of scientific research, and so on.
    Urban infrastructure urban construction archives archives responsible for collection of information. Eighth of Municipal Department of archives administration in conjunction with the municipal construction administrative departments, according to the actual situation of urban construction archives management of urban construction archives information on specific ranges.
    National civil air defense projects, major construction projects and other file management otherwise provides from its provisions. Nineth herein article fifth by the units responsible for urban construction Archives collection.
    Units from construction projects, proposed for investigation, design, construction and supervision units prepare and submit the requirements of construction engineering archives, do construction project file material of the collection, compilation and construction schedule synchronization, ensure the integrity of construction engineering archives material, accurate.
    Tenth Article units submitted of city construction engineering archives should meet following requirements: (a) engineering file of content and depth meet national about engineering survey, and design, and construction, and supervision, aspects of technology specification, and standard and procedures; (ii) engineering file of content real, and accurate, and engineering actual phase meet; (three) engineering file used durability strong of writing material; (four) engineering file handwriting clear, pattern clear, chart clean, signed sealed procedures complete;
    (E) written material in the project file sizes for size A4 format drawings using national standards (vi) completed construction drawings stamped with a stamp. 11th construction engineering construction units shall be submitted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the photographs, audio, videos and other audio-visual archives.
    Construction project to create an electronic archive, the construction unit shall submit the paper archives and audio-visual archives at the same time, shall be submitted to the CDs, disks, and other electronic archives.
    12th construction projects put into use after the alteration, expansion or maintenance of important parts, construction design, construction units should be organized according to the actual situation to modify, Supplement and perfect the construction of the original project files involving changes in the structure and layout should be reworked project archives.
    13th article production, postponed projects, temporarily by the construction unit focused on keeping its Archives Unit has been revoked, construction of urban construction Archives Archives shall be filed with the competent department or transferred.
    Before the 14th construction unit in the Organization of construction project completion acceptance shall apply for acceptance of its construction engineering archives of urban construction archives. Urban construction archives should be in receipt of the application within 3 working days from the date of acceptance of construction engineering archives organization.
    Acceptance, within 10 working days of the date of acceptance issued by the accreditation of construction engineering archives.
    Construction when handling the engineering acceptance record shall submit the accreditation of engineering archives.
    15th construction units should be completed within 3 months from the date of acceptance, submission to urban construction archives project files.
    16th there is difficulty in collecting, collating archival material of construction, urban construction archives in accordance with the relevant provisions and to provide technical advisory and agency services.
    17th urban construction archives in urban construction archives to receive, shall be registered in time, sorting, according to regulations classified secrets and retention, development of retrieval tools, and the identification and preservation of the archives. 18th and the formation of urban construction archives of urban construction Archives Unit shall establish and improve urban construction archives of receiving, collecting, sorting, storage, treatment, statistics, identification, management system, ensure the integrity and security of urban construction archives.
    Need permanent preservation of urban construction archives, CD, microfiche, or other modern technology should be used means to store and backup protection. 19th urban construction archives of urban construction archives information resources should be developed, in accordance with the relevant provisions of urban construction archives using service provided to the community.
    Collection of important files, provide access to the original copies should be used instead.
    20th of municipal urban construction archives shall establish the city's urban construction Archives catalog database, the logic of urban construction archives directory archive and use the city's e-government network platform, integration of urban construction archives information resources, building interconnection, resource sharing of urban construction archives information network.
    Urban construction archives repositories shall regularly publish list of urban construction archives open to the community.
    21st a citizen, legal person or other organization, with valid ID make use of open archives of urban construction.
    Foreign organizations or individuals using open archives of urban construction, according to the People's Republic of China archive law of measures for the implementation of the regulations.
    Urban construction archives transfer, donation, storage units and individuals of the urban construction archives, the archive has the priority right to use, and the file should not be opened to the public in the views of some of the proposed restrictions on the use of urban construction archives should uphold their legitimate rights and interests.
    22nd citizens, legal persons or other organizations that use urban construction archives, shall comply with the relevant provisions shall not be damaged, lost, altered, counterfeit, unauthorized destruction of urban construction archives.
    Article 23rd according to relevant regulation of urban construction archives using the implementation of paid services, the specific scope and standards, in accordance with the relevant provisions of financial, pricing departments.
    Work of urban construction archives in urban construction and maintenance expenses.
    24th article keeping and utilization of urban construction archives should be strictly enforced confidentiality laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of the State, may not disclose the confidential contents of the file.
    25th construction units in the building upon completion and acceptance of the works, are not required to transfer construction of urban construction archives project files, by administrative authorities or by its authorized rectification of urban construction archives and in accordance with the provisions of the construction engineering quality management regulation penalties.
    26th article damaged, lost, altered, forged or unauthorized destruction of urban construction archives or leaking confidential files, in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law, Wuhan and the archive handling regulations and other laws and regulations.
    27th urban construction archives management of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or the competent authority administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, the attention of the judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.
              28th article of the rules take effect on October 10, 2003.