Jilin City Names Management

Original Language Title: 吉林市地名管理办法

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(November 10, 2003 people's Government of Jilin city, the 11th Executive meeting on November 26, 2003, 147th Jilin city people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2004) first to strengthen the management of geographical names, geographical names standardization and standardized management, adapted to modern needs of urban management, economic construction and social development, in accordance with the law and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to the naming of geographical names within the administrative area of the city, changed its name, use the settings and place name signs, archives management and administrative activities associated with it. Third article this approach by said names is refers to: (a) city and the city following, administrative divisions name; (ii) zone, and residents residential, and village (Tun), and farming field, settlements name and street road, and alley, and square, and building, and buildings, name; (three) River, and Lake, and ditch, and Bay, and beach, and Tan, and springs, and bubble, and island, and plain, and hills, and mountains, natural geographic entity name; (four) has names meaning of railway, and highway, and tunnel, and bridge, and culvert, and Terminal, and ferry, and gate dam, and reservoir and the housing, structures, and
    Building name (v) used in the professional sector has the significance of geographical names, station, port, name, monuments and scenic area, recreational area, nature reserve (Tower), ancient ruins, historical sites, such as name. Fourth of municipal or County (City) departments of civil affairs is the Administrative Department of the administrative management of geographical names. Its main duties is: (a) implementation names management of legal, and regulations, and regulations, business version administrative names planning; (ii) audit, and hosted names of named, and changed its name matters; (three) implementation, and supervision standard names, and translation of using; (four) Guide, and coordination this administrative sibling professional competent sector of names management work; (five) prepared names logo plans, design making, and installation names logo (not containing Street Road logo), check, and supervision, and management names logo of using; (six) regularly census names,
    Compilation of geographical names publications, collection, sorting, identification, preservation file names, toponymic information advisory services organization name scientific research; (VII) investigating the unlawful use of geographical names Act; (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.
    District names Department assisting the public service code, installation, management, monitoring, inspection, collection and management of geographical names information, investigate and deal with illegal use of place names, and so on.
    Planning, building, planning, real estate, public security, industry and commerce, land and resources, municipal utilities, law enforcement and other departments according to their respective functions combined with good management of geographical names.
    Article fifth planning departments in the development of town planning, relating to place names, changed its name, by city, County (City) civilian vet. Sixth article names of named except should comply with national of provides outside, also should comply with following provides: (a) meet urban and rural general planning requirements, reflected local history, and culture, and folk and geographic features; (ii) with Word accurate, and specification, without uncommon word and glyphs pronunciation easy confusion or easy produced ambiguity of Word, shall not to names, and foreign names or words, for names; (three) this city administrative Township (town), and subdistrict offices name, same town within of street, and road, and alley, and square, and building, and buildings, and
    Names such as residential, Township (town) in the village (Tun) name, not the same name as, ISO write cannot have the same name or different names of homonyms; (iv) major Department naming rules, and in accordance with the measures in accordance with industry regulations, no provisions of the industry, according to the provisions of these measures; (e) the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations.
    Seventh place names can be named after the implementation of paid. The implementation of paid named place names should be new or in accordance with this regulation must be renamed streets, residential areas, bridges, and other structures of the names.
    Paid name of place names can be used in a business name or business especially one named, paid place names should conform to the provisions of the present article sixth.
    Paid income derived from the naming of geographical names should be paid in a timely manner the financial, incorporated in budget management.
    Eighth article names of changed its name, except should comply with named of about provides outside, also should comply with following provides: (a) where lossy national dignity, with national discrimination nature and hamper national unity of, with insult nature of, and other violation legal, and regulations of names, must changed its name; (ii) violation this approach sixth article subsection (three), and (four), and (five) items provides of names, be changed its name.
    Nineth due to administrative changes and the city name you want to change, and with the needs of urban and rural development, gradually adjust and announced to the public in a timely manner. Tenth article names of named, and changed its name of declared approval program and permission: (a) administrative divisions name of named, and changed its name, according to State on administrative divisions management of provides handle; (ii) mountains, and river, and Lake, natural geographic entity of name, according to national and province of about provides implementation; (three) residents to name is city jurisdiction of, by City Government proposed views, by public political sector audit agreed Hou, reported city government approval; is County (City) jurisdiction of, By Xiang (town) Government or subdistrict offices proposed views, by County (City) home sector audit Hou, reported County (City) Government approval; (four) has names meaning of structures, and buildings name, by using units or competent sector proposed views, is city jurisdiction of, by public political sector audit Hou, reported city government approval, is County (City) jurisdiction of, by County (City) home sector audit Hou, reported County (City) Government approval; (five) professional sector using of has names meaning name of named, and changed its name
    , By professional competent sector consent of this level Government agreed Hou, reported Shang a level professional competent sector approval, and reported sibling home sector record; (six) names of paid named, by using units or personal proposed application, by city, and County (City) home sector audit Hou, reported this level government approval; names of named, and changed its name, should filled names named, and changed its name declared table, and on named, and changed its name of reason, and intends abolition of old name, intends used new name of meaning, and source, together be description.
    11th where new residential areas, buildings and structures related to naming, renaming, employer and development must go to the city and County (City) civil affairs departments to handle the registration formalities, and collecting advertising fees by the civil affairs departments in accordance with the relevant provisions. 12th is the standard translation of names and criteria determined, by the Home Department issued permits on geographical names.
    Construction, land, real estate, public security, industrial and commercial departments of geographical names use names determine the card for construction land, real estate sale permit, certificate, registration, registration and other matters.
    13th State organs, organizations, armed forces, enterprises, institutions, public announcements, files, documents, film and television, advertising, plaques, maps and publications, such as the use of place names, shall officially released standard names (including standardized translation) prevail, not change.
    Arrangement of the approval of the 14th district number for the standard number, no unit or individual may unlawfully format number and production number.
    15th article writing standard names logo, should comply with following provides: (a) with characters writing names, should using national announced of specification characters, shall not using since characters, and variant and characters; (ii) with Hanyu Pinyin spelling names, should implementation China names Hanyu Pinyin letters spelling rules and the national mandatory standard; (three) with characters translation wrote minority names, should implementation national provides of translation wrote rules; (four) with minority text writing names, should implementation national provides of specification writing. Section 16th place name signs should be examined by the civil affairs departments, according to the standard, name signs can be attached to public service announcements and other advertisements.
    Street road sign attached public service advertising and other commercial shall be agreed by the Management Office of the municipal government.
    Article 17th professional departments place name signs, set up and managed by the professional authority, requirements by the departments responsible for the street sign by the municipal public sector settings, replacement and maintenance, other toponym mark set by the civil affairs departments and management required by the people's Governments at the corresponding level-specific arrangements.
    New construction and renovation of residential buildings, the place name sign production, installation requirements, developed by the construction unit included in the capital budget, at the time of approval for construction projects and other related procedures, should go to the construction project is located the municipal or County (City) setting procedures of the Home Department name signs.
    No standard name signs have been built residential areas, the production of House name signs on the building's floor, installation costs, received by the civil affairs departments to the property management unit, the property management unit shall not be charged to residents of property within the jurisdiction of further; management has appointed a property management unit, charged to the property unit; belongs to the property rights of individuals, may be charged to the individual.
    18th no unit or individual is allowed to any of the following acts: (a) alter, stain or keep out, covering the place name sign, (ii) damage to or or move or remove names mark; (c) the administrative divisions above the county level geographical names as trademarks.
    19th article really needs to be moved or removed due to construction reasons name signs should be agreed by the civil affairs departments, upon completion, shall be restored; no restitution, set of name signs should be given appropriate compensation.
    20th file names by city and County (City) District, and sector management, subject in business archives management of supervision and guidance.
    Article 21st file names are managed in accordance with the provisions of the national and provincial authorities, and often additional geographical names information, keep archives of reality and practicality of geographical names.
    22nd archive management of geographical names should comply with the national provisions on confidentiality, information consultation, for social services. 23rd violates these measures have one of the following, by the city and County (City) departments of civil affairs in accordance with the following provisions for punishment.

    (A) violation sixth article, and seventh article, and eighth article, and 15th article provides, not by provides named, and changed its name, and writing names, ordered deadline corrected, and can at 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan fine; (ii) violation 11th article, and 17th article second paragraph provides, not handle names registered registration procedures and names set procedures, ordered deadline corrected, and can at 1000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan fine; (three) violation 13th article, and 14th article provides, unauthorized change standard names, and standard translation, and
    Arrangement number and card number without authorization, rectification, and punishable by a fine of 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan.
    24th article violates article 18th, 19th, damaged, stained, stickers, graffiti or move the place name sign, the urban Administration Department shall order restitution and a fine of 200 Yuan to 1000 Yuan fine.
    25th damaged, defiled, stickers, graffiti names logos, violating public security regulations by the public security authorities in accordance with the regulations shall be punished. 26th names staff should be in accordance with the law, honest law enforcement.
    Abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or by the authorities be given administrative punishments, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    27th article of the approaches implemented by the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. 28th article of the measures enter into force on January 1, 2004.
    August 19, 1996 issued by the people's Government of Jilin city, Jilin city names of the regulations repealed simultaneously.