Barrier-Free Facilities, Hangzhou City Construction And Management Methods

Original Language Title: 杭州市无障碍设施建设和管理办法

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(March 9, 2004, Hangzhou municipal people's Government at the 35th Executive meeting on March 17, 2004, Hangzhou City people's Government promulgated as of May 1, 2004, No. 201), barrier-free facilities, first to strengthen the construction and management, promote social civilization and progress, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities and the People's Republic of China laws and regulations on protection of rights and interests of the elderly Act provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article in Hangzhou City, in the administrative area of new construction, renovation or expansion of urban roads and public buildings, residential buildings, residential construction projects, such as building barrier-free facilities and related management activities, these measures shall apply.
    Provisions of the preceding paragraph of urban roads and public buildings, residential building, residential area the specific scope, in accordance with the relevant specification for the barrier-free design of urban roads and buildings, peremptory norms such as the old code for design of implementation.
    Article of barrier-free facilities mentioned in these measures refers to for the protection of the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, children, injuries and other community members safe passage and use of facilities, supporting the construction of service facilities in a construction project.
    Fourth Hangzhou municipal construction administrative departments in charge of the supervision and management of the urban construction of barrier-free facilities.
    Hangzhou municipal facilities, barrier-free facilities maintenance, administrative departments in charge of the supervision and management.
    All districts and counties (cities) of construction Administrative Department is responsible for the area of barrier-free facilities construction and maintenance supervision.
    Planning, planning, housing, civil affairs, public security, transport, tourism, trade, education, culture, gardening, sports and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to coordinate the implementation of these measures.
    Article fifth Administrative Department shall, together with the plans, construction, municipal, civil affairs, disabled persons ' Federation, the elderly Commission and other departments, according to local socio-economic development of the preparation of the special plan for the development of barrier-free facilities in the region, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.
    The sixth new construction, renovation or expansion projects of the construction unit shall, in accordance with mandatory specifications have barrier-free facilities under construction, and construction design, construction and acceptance of delivery used simultaneously.
    Article seventh unit at the time of design and construction projects, shall, in accordance with the mandatory specification for supporting the design of barrier-free facilities.
    Design in the design of barrier-free facilities when the blind should be dovetailed with the barrier-free facilities construction projects around the existing. Competent administrative Department of the eighth plan at the time of the review of construction projects, construction of barrier-free facilities should be included in the review.
    Do not meet the requirements of no planning permit of construction engineering.
    Construction Administrative Department to review the construction project design documents, not in accordance with the national mandatory standards for barrier-free design, not be issued construction permits.
    Nineth construction units shall in accordance with the approved construction design documents and construction of barrier-free facilities construction.
    Tenth after the completion of construction projects, the construction unit acceptance in organizations, which should include inspection of construction of barrier-free facilities and barrier-free facilities construction project completion report of construction administrative departments.
    Accept construction administrative departments according to law submitted by the commissioning of construction project quality supervision in construction engineering quality supervision report should contain contents of barrier-free facilities construction.
    Construction administrative departments or legally accepted construction Administrative Department entrusted the construction engineering quality supervision institutions found that units in the process of completion and acceptance of a violation of these rules, shall order the rectification.
    11th article on barrier-free facilities have been built, property or maintenance unit shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, Setup instructions and prompts people to use the graphic symbol of barrier-free facilities. 12th before the implementation of these measures has been completed but not have barrier-free facilities under construction, or construction of barrier-free facilities but do not meet the prescribed standards and requirements of the construction projects, construction Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments to develop improvement plans. Property or maintenance unit shall, in accordance with the mandatory specification and modification of local reform plan for barrier-free facilities.
    With roads, bridges and other municipal facilities rebuilding task from the barrier-free facilities maintenance unit.
    With roads, bridges and other municipal facilities barrier-free reconstruction funding from all levels of financial arrangements; barrier-free reconstructions of other construction projects funded by property rights should undertake.
    13th maintenance of barrier-free facilities maintained by the property unit or units. Barrier-free facilities maintenance shall, in accordance with the requirements of barrier-free facilities for routine maintenance to ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities.
    Security breaches, maintain people without delay, alterations or repair.
    14th no units or individuals may damage, appropriate barrier-free facilities or altering the use of barrier-free facilities. Urban construction or due to social welfare activities, temporary occupation of urban roads, should not require barrier-free facilities needed a temporary occupation of barrier-free facilities shall be subject to agreed with the property unit of barrier-free facilities or maintenance, and set the warning signs or signals.
    Expiration of temporary occupation, occupation should be restored in time.
    15th construction, planning, municipal and other competent administrative departments should strengthen the barrier-free facilities construction, renovation, maintenance, and use of supervision and management, of a violation of these rules is found, it shall be stopped, and dealt with according to law.
    Disabled persons ' Federation, ageing and other social organizations or individuals to have barrier-free facilities construction, modification, maintenance, and supervision, of a violation of these rules is found, can contribute to the planning, construction, municipal and other competent administrative authorities and relevant competent administrative departments shall promptly investigate and deal with.
    16th article violates these rules, damage, stolen in PUC facilities barrier-free facilities or change its use, shall be ordered by the city administration of correct within, and punishable by a fine of less than 200 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan.
    Administrative penalties stipulated in the preceding paragraph, without power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment, carried out by the local construction Administrative Department.
    17th for violations of these rules are not in accordance with barrier-free facilities construction compulsory standard design, the construction of barrier-free facilities, the relevant administrative authorities in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
      18th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2004.

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