Beijing, Responsible For Overseeing The Management Of Fire Safety Measures

Original Language Title: 北京市消防安全责任监督管理办法

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(March 11, 2004 at the 20th Beijing Municipal People's Government Executive meeting on March 18, 2004 143th promulgated by the people's Government of Beijing municipality as of April 20, 2004) first in order to strengthen the supervision and management of fire safety, fire prevention and fire hazard reduction, the protection of public property and personal and property security of citizens, according to State and municipal laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Second unit in these measures refers to in the administrative area of the city of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, individual businesses and other organizations.
    Article fire safety management unit within the administrative area of the city, led by the municipal, district and county governments consolidated city and district, district fire safety Committee is responsible for the management of fire safety within their respective jurisdictions to organize and coordinate; public security fire control institutions and police stations are responsible for the day-to-day supervision and inspection of fire safety work.
    Municipal, district and county authorities are responsible for supervision, inspection, trade units in this system, the implementation of the fire safety works.
    Fourth article of the municipal fire safety work responsibility system to the unit.
    Article fifth corporate units of the legal representative or the entity in charge of, a unit of fire safety responsibility, this unit has overall responsibility for fire safety work.
    Sixth unit shall gradually implement fire prevention safety responsibility system and post fire safety system, a clear step by step and post fire safety responsibilities, identifying fire safety responsibilities at all levels and in all people. Seventh units can be determined according to the needs of the fire safety Manager.
    Fire safety fire safety Manager for units responsible person in charge, the specific organizations, the implementation of the fire safety works. Key unit of fire safety should be established or the fire safety management of responsibility and determine the fire safety management of full-time or part-time staff.
    After this examination of the fire safety staff, induction.
    Article eighth fire safety shall fulfil the following obligations: (a) develop and implement safety management measures, and fire safety rules.
    (B) to establish fire safety responsibilities evaluation and reward-penalty system of the unit.
    (C) fire safety education and fire training, fire-fighting technology training on a regular basis.
    (D) carry out regular internal fire safety checks, stop and correct illegal, illegal behavior, identify and eliminate fire hazards.
    (E) prescribed fire facilities, fixtures and maintain configuration management, fire-fighting facilities and equipment to ensure the normal and effective use.
    (F) according to the requirement of safety evacuation signs and emergency lighting, to ensure fire doors, fire shutter, fire safety evacuation signs, emergency lighting, mechanical exhaust ventilation, fire radio facilities in the normal state. (G) ensure the evacuation routes and exits are unblocked.
    Shall not occupy evacuation routes or evacuation routes, evacuation of security settings on the export obstacles, not in sales, production, teaching, working during the exit, not block the safety evacuation signs.
    (H) fire-fighting duty officer, patrol officers on duty shall not be absent without leave. (I) after the fire, an alarm quickly organized to fight the blaze and evacuation.
    Had to report, later reported the false fire alarm, or concealing the fire. (10) after the fire is extinguished, in time to preserve the site and accept the accident investigations and provide fire accident.
    Without the permission of public security fire control institutions shall enter, removals, cleaning the scene of the fire.
    (11) the laws, regulations and other fire safety obligations under the regulations.
    Nineth shopping malls, markets, hotels, restaurants, dance halls, movie theaters, stadiums (Museum), hospitals, schools and other public gathering places and fires more likely or fire may cause major casualties and heavy loss of property units are key units for fire safety.
    Key unit of fire safety in addition to compliance with the prescribed article eighth, fire safety shall fulfil the following obligations: (a) develop and improve fire fighting and emergency evacuation, and a drill at least every six months.
    (B) unit of fire safety measures and the implementation of programmes, as well as fire protection safety responsibility, fire safety unit is located on the situation of public security fire control institutions such as Manager record. (Iii) the fire safety training for staff members of the unit at least once a year.
    Public gathering places at least once every six months training. (D) establish and unify maintenance of fire records.
    Fire records should be accurate and comprehensive picture of fire safety basic conditions of work, and changes added, updated, as appropriate. (E) strict implementation of the management system for the use of an open flame.
    Public gathering places in the business during the prohibition of the construction of fire; in non-construction when you need to use an open flame during business hours, construction units and units should jointly take measures, will be fire-resistant partition work zones and zone, hot areas are cleared of combustible materials, combustible, configuration of fire equipment, special care and ensure the fire safety of construction and use.
    (F) noticeable signs anti-fire on key parts of fire safety and strict management.
    Tenth subject to contract, lease or authorize the operation, management, property unit shall be provided with fire safety requirements of the building.
    In the contract entered into by the parties, it may define the fire safety responsibilities; where a contract is concluded or clear responsibility for fire safety in our contract, Contracting, leasing or entrusted with the operation of, management shall bear the fire safety responsibilities.
    11th town residential area (residential) fire safety responsibilities by the property management unit responsible for the property management unit entrusted management of property management companies and other units, by being entrusted with the management unit is responsible for.
    Urban residents ' living area (including residential) units of fire safety responsibilities shall perform the following obligations: (a) development of a fire safety system, the implementation of fire safety responsibilities.
    (B) carry out fire safety publicity and education.
    (C) carry out regular fire safety inspections, to eliminate fire hazards. (Iv) delimitation and setting up parking spaces and facilities, shall not be occupied, blocked fire trucks channel.
    To occupy or plug fire Lane, stops, correct.
    (E) protection of public fire service installations and equipment, fire safety signs, evacuation routes and safety facilities for compliance with fire safety requirements.
    Article 12th on regular internal fire safety checks, in which public assembly places during business hours a fire safety inspection should be performed at least every two hours, before and after their business, business should be to conduct a comprehensive inspection on site. Unit shall fill out a fire safety inspection records, situation of fire service installations and equipment, the presence of fire hazards and corrective measures to the fire hazard and other records, and signed by checks and related responsible personnel.
    Units shall establish fire safety inspection records, keep fire safety record for inspection.
    13th units should be to eliminate fire risks exist in time.
    In front of the fire hazard excluded, fire safety precautions should be taken; at any time could result in a fire or fire would seriously endanger the safety of persons, property, you should immediately stop the use of dangerous sites, facilities.
    14th public security fire control institutions shall perform the following duties: (a) establish a supervision and inspection system, the unit shall implement the fire safety responsibility system of regular supervision and inspection, key against key units for fire safety inspections.
    (B) to find a fire hazard as well as unit implementation of fire safety system, immediately notify the relevant entities or individuals to correct.
    (C) the fire accident investigations in a timely manner and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State reported to the fire, not withholding the report, report deceitfully or delay the report.
    (D) on matters pertaining to fire safety need review approval or acceptance, must be strictly in accordance with the law; for not complying with the safety requirements, no approval or acceptance.
    (E) reports of fire hazards and violations of fire laws, rules and regulations conduct investigations, handling. 15th public security fire control institutions shall conduct supervision and inspection of fire safety units, supervision and inspection of the situation and the results should be recorded and signed by the supervising personnel after archiving.
    The public's right to access to public security fire control institutions of supervision and inspection records.
    Public security fire control institutions found that fire hazard may occur at any time in units of sites or facilities, the right to order the relevant units immediately correct or stop using the relevant location, facilities.
    Public gathering places for serious fire hazards, public security fire control institutions shall be entitled to society announcements.
    16th public security fire control institutions ' monitoring and checking of fire safety the production and business operation entities, may exercise the following powers: (a) into the unit checks, gather relevant materials, and inquire relevant entities and persons.
    (B) for fire-safety violations discovered in the inspection, be rectified on the spot or request correction within; should be given administrative punishments according to law, shall make the decision on administrative penalty.
    (C) to immediately rule out fire hazards found during the inspection, shall be ordered to immediately remove; before major fire hazard exclusion or exclusion process safety cannot be guaranteed, shall order the withdrawal of workers from hazardous areas, ordered to temporarily suspend or discontinue use; serious fire danger after excluding, approval by public security fire control institutions, production, marketing and use.
    (D) there are grounds to believe that does not meet the requirements of fire safety facilities, equipment, equipment subject to seizure or detention, and shall make a decision according to law in the 15th. 17th public security fire control institutions found in the supervision and inspection of safety problems should be addressed by other departments, should be transferred to other departments in a timely manner and documented for future reference, accept transfer sector should be processed in a timely manner.

    18th article violates this article eighth and Nineth article, 11th, 12th, 13th, and units engaged in operations, by public security fire control institutions fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan; for other units, by public security fire control institutions of 1000 Yuan fine.
    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.
    In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, a public security fire control institutions and directly responsible for unit managers and other persons warned or fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.
    Article 19th in violation of these regulations, there are fire hazards, after notification by the public security fire control institutions fails, fire, by public security fire control institutions warned or fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.
    In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, a public security fire control institutions and directly responsible for unit managers and other persons warned or fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.
    20th staff of public security fire control institutions violating these rules, fails to perform or not to perform their duties of supervision and inspection of fire safety, administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law.
    21st article this way come into force on April 20, 2004.
                    Municipal Government of March 13, 2000 53rd order issued by the Beijing municipal fire safety regulations repealed simultaneously.

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