Gansu Province City Appearance And Environmental Sanitation Management Methods

Original Language Title: 甘肃省城市市容和环境卫生管理办法

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(March 22, 2004, Gansu province, the people's Government of the 37th Executive meeting on March 29, 2004, published 12th of Gansu province as of May 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation work, creating a clean, beautiful, civilized life environment and the working environment, protect the people's health, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the province, city and regional subject to urbanization.
    Implementation of urban management zone is independent of industrial park, economic development zones, science parks and scenic areas.
    Third article levels Government should strengthening on city city and sanitation work of led, will city city and sanitation career into economy and social development plans and the city general planning, developed active of industry policy and measures, encourages, and support city city and sanitation career of scientific research and advanced technology, and advanced management experience of promotion, and application, improved city and sanitation labor job conditions, promoted city city and sanitation career of development.
    Fourth city appearance and environmental sanitation work under unified leadership and hierarchical management, public participation, the principle of combining social supervision.
    Construction administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level responsible for the administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration.
    Subdistrict offices, relevant Township (town) people within their areas of responsibility, good management of city appearance and environmental sanitation.
    Environment, health, industry and commerce, public security and other relevant administrative departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of city appearance and environmental sanitation.
    Fifth city appearance and environmental sanitation facilities should be based on public expenditure, in accordance with the principle of who invest, who benefit to encourage citizens, legal persons or other organizations to invest in city appearance and environmental sanitation facilities, and protect investors ' legitimate rights and interests according to law. Sixth positive implementation of the area of responsibility of city appearance and environmental sanitation system.
    Any unit and individual shall do the area of responsibility for city appearance and environmental sanitation work.
    Seventh chapter the city management urban architectural landscape, public facilities, sanitation, landscaping, signs, public places, city appearance standards shall conform to national requirements. Article eighth urban roads and pedestrian trails shall be flat, road and barrier-free facilities in good condition, bridge, overpasses and underground passage crossing the street should be kept clean, urban roads and bridges set on isolation, protection, insulation, lighting, drainage and other facilities should be neat and effective.
    Manhole cover facilities for damage, loss, displacement, should be immediately set up warning signs, guardrails, and prompt service. Nineth roads and other public places in the city's transportation, electricity, postal services, telecommunications, sanitation facilities shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions and regulations set, kept in good order and clean and beautiful.
    Appears broken, defaced or lost, the ownership or management shall promptly repair, cleaning or replacement, provided. Tenth no unit or individual may unlawfully in urban road and its two sides, land for public spaces and facilities within the stacked materials, building construction (structure) and other facilities, cleaning of motor vehicles, slaughter, processing and stalls set up here.
    Due to special needs such as construction, approved a temporary stack items, temporary buildings (structures) buildings and other facilities, should keep the environment clean, and within the time stipulated in the cleanup and dismantling. 11th Street buildings in urban main roads and landscape areas balconies, Windows and doors, roofing should be kept clean and beautiful, not hanging out of the window and a balcony, dried and stacked city articles.
    On the Street outside the outer wall of building air-conditioning machines, awnings, should maintain its safe, tidy and in good condition.
    Urban roads and squares around the building (structure) operators shall not exceed the operating door and window set up stalls.
    Prohibition of the Rails, roads and other public places in the city telephone poles, trees, hedges, such as drying clothes or hanging objects. 12th is forbidden to explore the city's roads.
    Approved to explore the city's roads, construction should be in accordance with the regulations of the time and requirements, it may not extend the duration, should promptly clean up the site after completion, restitution, and notify the municipal engineering Administration Department.
    13th article prohibited trees and buildings (structures) depicting, graffiti on the buildings or other facilities. No unit or individual shall, in the trees and buildings (structures) posting advertisements or banners on the buildings or other facilities.
    Posters should be posted on the public fixed sporadic poster column.
    Due to special circumstances in the trees and buildings (structures) temporarily posted on buildings or other facilities, the authorisations or signs shall be approved by the relevant departments, and within the time stated in posts or hanging, and cleared in a timely manner after the expiration. 14th urban set pieces of architecture, sculpture, landscape, and shall be coordinated with the surrounding environment, appear defaced, shabby, should be cleaned and modified in a timely manner.
    Both sides of the main roads of the city and landscape area away from the front of the building, should be requested by the city appearance standards, choose view, half view of walls, fences or hedges, flower beds (pool), lawns, and maintain a clean and beautiful.
    15th of neon signs, outdoor advertising and non-advertising banners, signs, signs, electronic signs, lightboxes, galleries, physical modelling and other outdoor facilities shall be in accordance with the approved requirements, in line with the standard for urban looks.
    16th area planning of nightscape lighting of buildings (structures), such as buildings, roads, squares, Greenbelt, shall, in accordance with plan calls for the construction of lighting facilities, and do it neat and beautiful, safe, and meet the prescribed standards and requirements. Chapter III set of urban environment sanitation management article 17th urban sanitation facilities shall comply with the overall urban planning and national urban sanitation standards.
    Approval by the Planning Department set up sanitation facilities, no unit or individual shall not be changed and obstacles. 18th at the time of development of new urban areas, or urban renewal, the construction unit shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and the practical needs of urban environmental sanitation planning, construction waste with sweeping, collection, transport and disposal and sanitation facilities, and simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, inspection and requirements incorporated into the construction project budget. Once the environmental hygiene facilities, departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration by the City Government to participate in acceptance, unqualified, and shall not be delivered.
    All environmental health work prior to delivery, the unit is responsible for.
    19th city people's Governments shall, in accordance with the overall urban planning requirements and environmental health facilities to provide overall planning, construction of latrines and other sanitation facilities.
    Business, culture, sports, health care, transportation and other public buildings, as well as tourist attractions and other places of people distributed, shall be in accordance with sanitation facilities and setting standards, construction of latrines and other sanitation facilities, and set the garbage collection containers.
    Urban and rural junction public restrooms, enclosed refuse collection points and other sanitation facilities, the municipal (district/County) Government organizations. 20th new construction, renovation or expansion projects shall comply with the requirements set walls, temporary toilets and refuse collection facilities. During the construction, it should be cleaned up of construction waste, slag, and take measures to prevent dust, sewage overflows.
    After the completion of construction projects, construction unit or units shall be cleared up in time reject and walls, temporary toilets, garbage collection and other facilities. 21st no unit or individual may unlawfully removed, relocated, alterations, deactivate and altering the use of sanitation facilities sanitation facilities.
    Municipal engineering, demolition and other needed removed, relocated or deactivate sanitation facilities, units and other relevant organizations advance approval of the Administrative Department of sanitation; closed removal, sanitation facilities, should be in accordance with the "first built after the demolition of" principles of reconstruction or repair of building. 22nd urban sanitation facilities should be kept in good condition and clean, professional cleaning cleaning unit in charge of roads and other public places shall be in accordance with the practices and sanitation standards, progressive introduction of mechanized operations, regular cleaning, cleaning in time.
    Urban main roads, squares and bustling areas should be regularly washed dust, cleaning operations and garbage should be carried out at night. 23rd maintenance, dredging and drainage pipes, ditches, repair, replacement lamps, telephone poles, and other public facilities that generate waste operations shall be immediately cleared, not jumbled mess.
    Road sweeping and cleaning operations of waste, waste shall not be swept into the drain pipes and ditches. Green space in urban green space conservation management units should be kept clean and tidy.
    In road side planting, pruning trees or flowers, leaves, arising from their work the soil, work units should be cleared in a timely manner, not jumbled mess.
    Article 24th vehicle cleaning, repairing, and accepted the job of recycling and waste, sanitation around the premises should be maintained clean, take measures to prevent the outflow of sewage or waste scattered outward.
    25th municipal solid waste disposal should be in accordance with the harmless, the principle of reduction, recycling, implementation of domestic waste sorting collection and comprehensive utilization.
    26th article of industrial waste, medical waste and other flammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive and other toxic and hazardous waste should be disposed of according to state regulations shall not be mixed with household waste collection depots and waste elimination sites.
    Waste batteries, electrical waste and other special wastes should be collected separately and disposed of its producers and sellers should bear the recycling and disposal obligation. 27th due to construction, the demolition of building construction waste, slag and other waste should be stacked separately, not poured into garbage collection points.
    Construction waste, slag and other waste shall be to the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation Department declare the amount and disposition program. Article 28th of waste, slag, sand, soil, mud and other fluids, bulk goods vehicles should be closed or covered measures taken shall not be leakage, littering, fly.

    Leaking in the streets, throwing items, the parties concerned shall be responsible for clearing, refusing to clear or no condition clears, city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration can entrust sanitation operations to clear, the costs borne by the parties.
    29th residents ' garbage and feces that are not connected to the sewage treatment system, the municipal or district (County) collection, transport of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration organization. Unit or individual should be configured closed refuse collection container.
    Markets operating units should maintain clean environment in and around fields, set according to the amount of garbage we've produced refuse collection containers, as well as for Nissan day.
    Units and restaurant operators and food wastes, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of their own separate collection and disposal, or entrust the relevant companies to collect and dispose of, and shall not be discharged into the sewer.
    Stations, docks, ships should be equipped with garbage and feces collection or adapt and conform to the standard collection containers, and keep working. 30th toilet stool should be discharged into the sewage system or septic tank. Management responsibility for the septic tank shall promptly clear cutting, dredging, and confined it to clear out waste transport, and dumped in the specified place of absorptive.
    Manure spilled, city appearance and environmental sanitation administration shall organize relevant units to timely removal, dredging, responsibility, and the responsibility to bear the costs of clearing, dredging.
    31st article in public ban following effect city and sanitation of behavior: (a) anywhere spit, and soil; (ii) mess lost rind, and fruit nuclear, and cigarette, and confetti, and gum, and beverage tank, and plastic bags, and packaging real, waste; (three) mess trash, and sewage, and stool, burning leaves, and garbage or other waste; (four) mess lost waste battery, implemented separate collection of special waste; (five) carry pet into Mall, and hotel, and hotel, and theaters, and bus vehicles, public.
    32nd residents ' pets and animals shall comply with the relevant regulations of the people's Government of the city, shall not affect the environment.
    Breeding homing pigeons should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the Administration, with the corresponding conditions, and take measures to prevent environmental health.
    33rd fourth chapter legal liability for breach of article Nineth and tenth, 15th, 22nd, 24th, 29th, prescribed by the great pains, correction; refused to correct, punishable by more than 1000 Yuan penalty of 5000 Yuan.
    34th article violates article 31st of this approach (a), (b) the provision shall be ordered to correct; refused to correct, punishable with a penalty of 10 Yuan and 100 Yuan.
    Violation of paragraph one of this article 11th, third paragraph, article 31st (iii) (iv) (v) provided, shall order rectification refused to correct, punishable with a penalty of 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan.
    35th article violates this article 11th paragraph, 29th article, shall order rectification refused to correct, punishable with a penalty of 500 Yuan more than 3000.
    36th article violates this article 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th article, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th, the first paragraph shall be ordered to correct; it refuses to, can be fined a maximum of up to 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    37th in violation of the provisions of article 26th, penalty shall be imposed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    Article 38th administrative penalties in violation of these regulations, by the competent construction department or relevant administrative department in accordance with their respective functions and the implementation implementation of relative-centralized administrative punishment right to certain law enforcement agencies and law enforcement in the city people's Government, in accordance with the responsibility for violation of city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations impose administrative penalties.
    39th city appearance and environmental sanitation administration functionaries, favoritism, brutality, prejudice the legitimate interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, depending on the seriousness of a disciplinary sanction; losses caused to a party, and shall be subject to compensation constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                                            The fifth chapter by-laws 40th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2004.