Tangshan Urban Low-Income Families Housing Interim Provisions

Original Language Title: 唐山市城镇最低收入家庭住房保障暂行规定

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(April 16, 2004, Tangshan Tangshan City people's Government, the 15th Executive meeting April 26, 2004 the people's Government [2004] 3rd release as of July 1, 2004) the first to protect the basic living needs of urban low-income households, according to the Ministry of construction of the urban management of low-rent housing for low-income families, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article applicable to urban low-income families within the administrative area of the city housing security management.
    Article urban low-income families in these rules refers to the municipal or County (City) District Department of family of minimum life guarantee.
    Fourth, Tangshan City, real estate administrative departments in charge of the urban low-income families housing security guidance and supervision; counties (cities) and districts real estate administrative departments responsible for urban low-income families housing within their respective administrative areas implementation.
    Land and resources, civil affairs, finance, prices, tax and audit departments respectively in accordance with their respective functions and responsibilities related to urban low-income families housing.
    Fifth urban low-income housing to rental housing subsidies, rent reduction, and distribution in kind to rent supplement.
    Rental housing subsidies refers to the counties (cities) provided by the Government to comply with the housing conditions of families renting private housing money.
    Rent reduction refers to the property rights of public housing units according to property Administrative Department rents reduced notification, housing families relief for rental public housing rents.
    Solutions with physical distribution refers to the city and County (City) Government provide low-rent housing to housing families directly.
    Sixth level of housing according to cities, counties, economic development level, average levels of financial capacity and local residents, to meet the basic living needs of urban low-income households as a principle. Article seventh urban families with a minimum income per capita housing space standards in principle no more than urban households per capita housing area within their respective administrative areas (area, the same below) 60%.
    Comply with the Nineth conditions specified in article two of the following families, whose per capita housing area per capita housing space standards than local, but not more than 25 square meters.
    Standard rental housing subsidy per unit area in accordance with the average market rent and low-rent housing rent is calculated as the difference of the standard.
    Rent per unit area reduced the amount calculated in accordance with 50% of the same period public housing rents.
    Standard low-rent housing rent per unit area calculation according to 50% of the same period public housing rents.
    City of eighth article of the lunan district, lubei district (including high-tech development zone) the urban low-income housing and security standards drawn up by the Department of municipal real estate administration, jointly with relevant departments, reported to the municipality for approval before implementation; other counties (cities) security standard by the counties (cities) and districts real estate administrative departments, in conjunction with the departments concerned to develop, and reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval the implementation.
    Nineth homelessness or living area below the guaranteed standard of most low income families can apply for subsidized rental housing.
    Rental public housing for low-income families may apply for reduced rents, but the actual standard of living area above the protection area, beyond the parts executed in the same period public housing rents, the excess reached more than a, should quit the entire housing.
    Most low-income families childless old people, no relatives as guardians of minors and lost the ability to work because of sickness, people without shelter, rent may apply for physical distribution; public housing rental, may apply for exemption from security area is part of the rent, but the actual living space above the housing space standards free of charge should be protected areas section.
    Tenth House security funding: (a) the value-added benefits of housing accumulation Fund according to the provisions of the urban low-rental housing supplement; (ii) raise funds through donations or otherwise.
    Insufficient funds raised in the preceding paragraph, by the city and County (City) districts in financial safeguards, of which the urban housing fund of the difference, borne by municipal and district financial scale; the County (City) housing funding gap by County (City) Government financial commitment. Housing guarantee fund management accounts shall not be diverted to any other use.
    Financial and auditing departments at all levels to fund raising, and supervise the collection, use and management.
    11th source of low-rent housing: (a) the people's Governments at all levels to purchase homes, (ii) make certain public housing (including the housing property rights), and (c) the social housing raised donations and other sources.
    Limited focus on the construction of low-rent housing.
    12th most low-income families should be submitted to the local administrative Department of real estate from its residential neighborhood, neighborhood offices signed housing application and comes with identity cards, household registration, housing certificates, recipients of subsistence permits and other related documents. 13th counties (cities) and districts real estate administrative departments should work in the 15th to complete the examination after receiving the application.
    Approval through household surveys, neighbourhood visits and correspondence certificates, such as checking for household income and housing conditions, families and related institutions, organizations or individuals shall truthfully provide information. To meet the conditions for protection, real estate administrative departments should apply the basic situation of the family in their place of residence within the publicity 15th; no opposition or dissent is not established by public notice to be registered.
    Real estate administrative departments shall be registered according to the results, as appropriate, to determine the family's housing security and housing security family in three working days notice in writing.
    Does not meet the conditions for protection, it shall promptly notify the family and informed the reason for.
    Article 14th housing low-income families should receive the property housing five working days written notice by the Administrative Department within housing security agreements signed with local real estate administrative departments.
    Sure rental housing subsidy or rent reduction, starting from the signing date of the agreement next month to enjoy appropriate housing.
    Determining rent of physical distribution, subject to local real estate administrative departments to accept the application of time waiting.
    15th most low-income families do not accept physical assigned public rental scheme for the first time, should be back into the waiting; rent programme does not accept physical distribution twice in a row, no longer enjoys the physical distribution rental qualifications.
    For real assigned public rental housing for low-income families only turnover, users may not alter the nature or lease transfer. Article 16th housing treatment of low-income families should be on an annual basis to real estate administrative departments or the agencies entrusted to declare changes in population and housing. Real estate administrative departments of urban families enjoy the low should be provided according to the civil affairs departments to review their declarations, and in the review of the findings, adjust the rental housing subsidies, rent reduction or low-rent housing.
    Review of family income over the income criteria set by you should remove its housing security qualifications, stop suspension of rental housing subsidies, rent reduction or recovery of low-rent housing within a reasonable period.
    Real estate administrative departments should periodically for housing families enjoy the low treatment and verify the actual housing situation.
    17th article most low-income family application housing guarantees Shi violation this provides, not truthfully declared family population and the housing status of, by property administrative competent sector canceled its application qualification; has cheat housing guarantees of, ordered its returned has received of rental housing subsidies, or exit low rent housing and fill make market average rent and low rent housing rent standard of difference, or fill make reduced of rent, plot bad of, and can sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine.
    18th article most low-income family has following behavior one of of, by property administrative competent sector ordered exit low rent housing: (a) unauthorized change low rent housing using nature of; (ii) unauthorized sublet transfer low rent housing of; (three) continuous six months rent or not in low rent housing within live of, one years within cumulative six months rent or not in low rent housing live of.
    19th party real estate administrative departments administrative penalties against or disagrees with the decision of the housing, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit; the decision on administrative penalty does not review, without charge, nor complied with, the Department of real estate administration apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    20th real estate administrative departments who violate this provision in housing management work, using the convenience of duty, accepting other people's property or seek illicit interests, penalties constitute a crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
    21st after the implementation of the provisions of article low-income families no longer enjoy preferential rent relief under the original housing reform policy.

    22nd article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2004.
                                       Attachment: lunan district and the lubei district (containing high-tech development zone), most low-income housing guarantee standard lunan district, lubei district (including the high-tech development zone) the housing standards for low-income families: 1 standard 10 square metres per person, housing area (space, below).
    2 2 2 standard, low-rent housing rent buildings 1.00 Yuan/m/month, bungalow 0.80 RMB/m/month, in accordance with the public housing rent adjustment post adjustment factor.
    3, rental housing subsidy levels 4 to 7 yuan per square meter, according to public housing rental lot zoning adjustment in the adjustment factors.
                                                                                                                      Above standard in case of adjustment approved by the Municipal Government announced after the execution.