Harbin Executive Joint Interim Provisions On The Handling Of Administrative Licensing Items

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市行政机关联合办理行政许可事项暂行规定

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(December 12, 2003, Harbin municipal people's Government at the 15th Executive meeting on March 23, 2004, Harbin municipal people's Government announced the 111th since as of July 1, 2004) article clearly associated with administrative handling of administrative licensing matters concerning procedures, improve the efficiency of joint handling of administrative license, protect legal rights of administrative licensing applicants, in accordance with the People's Republic of China and other relevant provisions of the administrative licensing law, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article associated with the city's administrative handling of administrative licensing matters concerning the application of this provision.
    Third joint handling of administrative licensing in these rules refers to an administrative license according to law by two or more administrative organs (including laws and regulations authorize the Organization to manage public affairs) respectively, according to the applications of the citizens, legal persons and other organizations, taking the form of unified management, joint management, or handling allowed behaviors engaged in specific activities.
    Fourth of municipal, district and County (City) Government administrative services, associated with the administrative handling of administrative licensing items shall be administrative services agency for.
    Fifth section in administrative services institutions in handling administrative licenses administrative body, should be of an administrative license matters, quantity, basis, conditions, procedures, deadlines, and need to submit all materials catalog and application model in the administrative public service designated sites.
    Sixth joint implementation of administrative license to host the executive-led system, project items from license acceptance to make a decision on the administrative license, the administration led by (hereinafter referred to as the lead department) accountable to track all aspects of the handling of administrative licensing.
    Seventh article joint handle administrative license matters of led sector: (a) Government investment of matters, for city plans administrative competent sector; (ii) non-government investment of construction matters, for city construction administrative competent sector; (three) take enrollment bid way determine investment subject of matters, for project of Government hosted sector; (four) enterprise, and individual industrial and commercial households established registration of matters, for business administration sector; (five) other joint handle administrative license of matters, for last implementation administrative license of sector.
    Applicant does not know the preceding paragraph of this section (e) of the lead department, informed by the administrative services to its lead department and inform the lead department shall accept.
    Article Declaration materials are complete and comply with the statutory format of administrative licensing decision can be made on the spot for the matter, the administrative organ shall make a decision on the administrative license. Nineth cannot make a decision on the administrative license application on the spot, the lead Department accepted, organized the first instance of relevant administrative organs to declare materials.
    Application materials are complete, the executive authorities have undertaken respectively according to the different applications, appropriate working hours, the notification of acceptance of administrative license issued by the lead department and informed throughout the term, and informed throughout the term of commitment shall not exceed the statutory time limit.
    Tenth Article Declaration materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, the administrative organ shall clearly inform the applicant shall rectify everything at once, and issue the notification of replacement parts.
    11th article administrative organ in review declared material Shi, on spot can finds for not made administrative license decided of matters, should spot finds, and to applicants made clear replies, issued back do pieces notice; on application matters content more complex, cannot spot finds of, should in 5 a days within proposed replies views; on finds for not made administrative license decided of, should issued back do pieces notice.
    12th outside of article eighth, the lead department upon receipt of the declarations of the applicant, according to the project situation, that requires a joint, application materials should be transferred to the relevant administrative authorities, respectively, and issued a joint notice, the relevant administrative authority within the period specified in the synchronization should be reviewed, make a decision on the administrative license and served on the applicant by the lead departments.
    13th joint administrative licensing items in major, emergency, be made at administrative licensing decisions are made within the statutory time limit, the relevant administrative authority should convene a joint review meetings administrative license in the form of administrative license, all kinds of administrative licensing procedures are qualified by relevant administrative organs in accordance with time.
    14th joint review meetings of administrative license or lead Department organized by the municipal government. 15th the relevant administrative authorities after receiving the review meeting notice of administrative permission should be delegated to represent the views of staff attend meetings of the organs.
    Fails to participate in the review of administrative licensing, and agrees that the license Review Conference, should go through the relevant formalities, and assume the corresponding responsibility. 16th joint review meetings shall be formed of administrative licensing meeting minutes, meeting minutes or lead Department issued by the municipal government.
    Administrative licensing matters reviewed by the Review Conference, and relevant administrative organs must be undertakings within the time frame specified administrative licensing decisions are made.
    17th the lead department should be forwarded to the handling of administrative licensing items in time supervision, inspection.
    Article 18th require two or more administrative organs site visit, test, inspection, and quarantine matters, organized by the lead department, once completed.
    19th administrative organs in charge should authorize a head in charge of coordinating the internal handling of administrative licensing related issues.
    Executive administrative services or lead department transferred to the types of administrative licensing items, must carry out the specialized personnel in accordance with the timelines and requirements.
    20th of violations of the provisions of this article, monitored by municipal departments and government legal departments in accordance with the provisions on the administrative efficacy supervision in Harbin city and Harbin administrations to implement relevant provisions of the regulations on the supervision of administrative licensing.
    21st the specific problems in the application of these provisions by the municipal Legislative Affairs Department is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                                            22nd article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2004.