Loan To Build Roads And Bridges Of The City Of Wuhan Toll Collection And Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 武汉市贷款建设城市道路桥梁车辆通行费征收管理办法

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(April 13, 2004 Wuhan City Government 17th times Executive Conference considered through April 21, 2004 Wuhan City Government makes 154th, announced since May 22, 2004 up purposes) first article for optimization investment environment, improved traffic status, convenient production life, specification loan construction of city road bridge vehicles passage fee (following referred to passage fee) levy management behavior, guarantee loan to reimbursement, according to national about legal, and regulations and Province Government of about provides,
    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.
    Article traffic is divided into annual one-off payment of tolls (hereinafter referred to as access fees) and by payment of tolls (hereinafter referred to as access fees). Wuhan into city charges station within of Jiang, and jianghan district, and (Editor Note: this word left for stone, right for Joe) mouth district, and Hanyang district, and Wuchang district, and qingshan district, and Hongshan district, and Wuhan economic and technological development zone, and Wuhan Lake technology zone and City Government determine of other district (following referred to city) of domicile various mobile vehicles (following referred to domicile vehicles), and long-term (continuous 3 months above, with) in into city charges station within city range driving of foreign motor vehicle car (following referred to foreign vehicles),
    Traffic annual fees shall be paid in accordance with the regulations.
    Into the city outside of the charging station, nationality, foreign vehicles and motor vehicles (hereinafter cadastral vehicles) into urban areas, traffic fee shall be paid in accordance with the regulations, and may also choose to pay passage fees.
    Article domicile vehicles in these measures refers to in this city into the city toll stations within the city of motor vehicles registration cards.
    Home vehicles in these measures refers to register in this city on the licensing of motor vehicles.
    Foreign vehicles mentioned in these measures refers to the first and second paragraph of this article other than motor vehicles. Fourth Wuhan City authority is toll collection and management of the Administrative Department.
    Toll collection agency (hereinafter referred to as collection agencies) specifically responsible for the collection of tolls.
    Transportation, public security, prices, finance and other relevant departments shall coordinate the implementation of these measures in accordance with their respective responsibilities.
    Fifth through annual fees collected by the collection agency set up collection points. Passage times fee by levy institutions in law approved established of into city charges site levy, which by Dai yellow level Highway, and Wuhan Tianhe Airport Road, and 107 State Road dongxihu paragraph and Jiangxia paragraph, and Han sand Highway, and Han should be Highway, and Wu yellow Highway, and Hansch Highway, and paper he Highway, and Beijing-Zhuhai Highway, road into city of motor vehicle car, by levy institutions according to about provides delegate by Province Government approved established of charges site (following referred to generation received units) on behalf of levy passage times fee.
    Collect traffic fee imposed by institutions associated with collecting specific entrustment.
    Article sixth toll fees by province, prices, the financial sector approved standards. Seventh article following motor vehicle car exemption passage fee: (a) hanging army, and armed police dedicated plate of vehicles; (ii) Court, and Attorney, and police, and national security, and judicial administrative organ hanging "police" font size brand of guard vehicles; (three) national security organ distribution has special passage logo of vehicles; (four) has fixed device of fire engine, and ambulance, and blood car; (five) bus, and tram; (six) hanging foreign consulate dedicated plate of vehicles; (seven) province, and
    Municipal people's Government shall be exempt from tolls of other motor vehicles.
    Disi、Liu、Qi items of the preceding paragraph shall be exempt from tolls vehicles to the collection agencies exempt from the formalities.
    Eighth domiciled vehicles must each year in license plate tail number corresponds to the month prior to the current year fees levied to pay traffic charges; in this city for a long time into the city toll stations within the city limits of foreign vehicle shall, before December 31 of each year to pay the prevailing annual fees next year. Nineth passage fee is imposed by the one-way, with tickets into the city, into a paid, effective 3rd in urban areas. More than 3rd, pay the passage fee every 3rd time; less than 3rd, 3rd.
    Payment vouchers should be kept for inspection. Tenth public security traffic management sector with a new car of naturalization, transfer of vehicle ownership, scrappage, car transfer to and issued by the motor vehicle when the inspection certificate, payment of annual fee shall verify the motor traffic, unpaid access fees, inform their pay in a timely manner. Levy bodies should be in public security traffic management Department is responsible for vehicle inspection stations to the payment window, provides a facility for car owners pay the prevailing annual fees.
    Owners of unpaid access fees should be recovered in time procedures.
    11th new vehicles purchased in this city of naturalization, foreign vehicles into the city, and shall be paid at the time of going through the formalities when the remaining term of the current annual fee.
    Vehicle already pay the passage fee modification, change, transfer, modification, change, go out within 30th of presenting the relevant documents to the collection agency for changes or refunds.
    12th shall cooperate with the public security traffic management sector collection agencies pass annual fee enquiries, auditing and other related work, on a monthly basis to the collection agencies pass annual fee payable for the month the vehicle's model, grade, number and other relevant information.
    13th toll belongs to the provincial government approved the collection of administrative fees, shall be paid in full in the financial account, the two lines of income and expenditure management; toll collection agencies must use the Finance Department printing, issuance of special paper, no unit or individual shall not be lent, fraudulent use and counterfeiting. 14th collection agency to pay the prevailing annual fees motor vehicle shall use financial pay special receipts issued to consistent with the license plate number, category, the prevailing annual fee to sign.
    Owners should pass annual fee logo pasted on the front right corner of the inside of the windshield, motorcycle traffic fee logo should be onboard for possible examination.
    15th annual fee through signs were damaged or lost, vehicle owners can have the motor vehicle driving certificate and pass annual fee payment receipt to collection agencies for the replacement procedures; traffic fee voucher is lost not fill.
    16th through annual fees imposed and prevailing fees site suspension fee license, and expose approval authority, authority, charges, fees and standard, complaint calls, subject to public supervision. Article 17th collection agencies, the financial sector, collecting, collecting bank to collect payment shall be signed agreement.
    Collection of units should be strictly in accordance with the collection agreement collection of access charges in full.
    Collect traffic fee collection management accounts and other charges imposed, settlement by the day, and by specifying the collection deposit financial account, shall not be appropriated for its use.
    Collection units shall regularly inform the collection agency the relevant reports submitted to the collection of access charges. Article 18th tolls levied on principal of loans for the construction of urban roads and bridges to pay principal and interest and maintenance costs and toll collection and management costs.
    Collection agencies should establish and perfect financial, audit, statistics, document management system and reporting system, toll collection and management work, and publish a regular toll collection, management, use and repayment of loans.
    19th imposing bodies of motor vehicles may be parked within the city to pay tolls for checking, being checked the drivers of motor vehicles shall provide cooperation.
    Motor vehicles for unpaid tolls, collection agencies law enforcement personnel should be investigated in a timely manner; delays in dealing with or affecting traffic flow, it may order the driver to specified places for treatment.
    Section 20th body when law enforcement inspection, shall wear a uniform administrative law enforcement symbols, present a law enforcement document, code enforcement, civilized law enforcement. 21st article has following violation this approach behavior one of of, by Wuhan City City authority or by Wuhan City City Management Council delegate levy institutions ordered deadline corrected, and by following provides be processing: (a) not by provides paid passage years fee of, ordered its fill paid, and since should paid of day up by day added received should payment amount 2 ‰ of late fees; (ii) not by provides paid passage times fee of, ordered its fill paid, and can sentenced 50 Yuan of fine; (three) take with, and altered passage years fee logo or using forged of passage years fee logo of,
    Collection take with, and altered, and forged of passage years fee logo, ordered its fill paid, and sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following of fine; lent passage years fee logo of, sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following of fine; (four) not by provides paid passage fee, driving vehicles forced through charges site of, ordered its fill paid, and sentenced 200 yuan of fine.
    22nd refuses or obstructs the collection agency law enforcement personnel shall perform corporate or other acts violating the Administration, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China regulations on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized constitutes a crime, judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.
    Collection agencies should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of article 23rd toll, price, financial departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of toll collection, acts in violation of the stipulations, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in the investigation.
    Article 24th toll collection and management of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, executive staff administrative fault responsibility investigation, Wuhan, in accordance with the provisions of the pilot scheme to address constitutes a crime, judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability. 25th article this way come into force on May 22, 2004.
                                                              Loans, Wuhan municipal people's Government on the issue of the construction of urban road and bridge tolls notice to impose interim measures for the Administration (Takemasa [2002]89) also be repealed.