Jilin Provincial People's Government On Disclosure Of Cleanup Associated With Accession To The World Trade Organization Decision To File Results

Original Language Title: 吉林省人民政府关于公布清理与加入世界贸易组织有关文件结果的决定

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(May 10, 2002, Jilin provincial people's Government, the 56th Executive meeting February 23, 2004, Jilin provincial people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 155th) in order to meet the needs of China's accession to the World Trade Organization, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC, the State Council and the provincial party Committee and provincial government, provincial departments of local regulation of the provincial people's Congress, the provincial government regulations and other policy measures at the provincial level files for a comprehensive cleanup. In the process of cleaning up, not consistent with World Trade Organization rules file, and all were modified or abrogated. After cleaning up, at present, the provincial documents dealing with rules of the World Trade Organization, only the local regulations of the provincial people's Congress and the provincial regulations are in force, the other policy file, shall have no effect. In future, units such as the need to release documents dealing with rules of the World Trade Organization, shall comply with the provisions of the rules of the World Trade Organization, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial Government publicly released. Provincial government departments to publish such documents shall be published in the 10th, sending this file Legal Affairs Office of the provincial government for the record.

    Violation of this decision, the provincial government will be held accountable by the Department is mainly the responsibility of leadership.
    Annex: provincial government abolished the provincial government regulations is inconsistent with World Trade Organization rules and file directories (23), interim measures on the management of State-owned assets assessment in Jilin province (1989 Government order 29th).
    Social insurance, Jilin province, the second group to buy cars education fee approach (in 1995, the provincial government, 41st).
    Third, publishing management in Jilin province (in 1990, the provincial government, 40th).
    Four, Jilin province, overseas contracted projects and labor service (training) administrative provisions on cooperation (JI governance [1995]37 number).
    Five, Jilin province, border trade and border management measures for the implementation of foreign economic and technological cooperation (JI governance [1996]21 number).
    Six, Jilin province, several approaches to technology introduction and equipment import contract management (Kyrgyzstan economic and trade [1991]44 number).
    Seven, on the implementation of the provincial government on further accelerating the implementation of several provisions concerning the construction of development (Kyrgyzstan economic and trade foreign words [1996], 31st).
    Eight, forward on the implementation of the new use of foreign investment notification on the relevant issues of the statistical system (JI foreign trade foreign words [1997], 13th).
    On the confirmation and assessment of foreign-invested enterprises export-oriented enterprises and advanced technology enterprise notification on the relevant issues (JI foreign trade foreign words [1997], 14th).
    Ten notifications, enable import and export software (JI foreign trade foreign words [1997], 95th).
    The third, on the issue of the Jilin province of interim measures for the administration of foreign-invested enterprises and export notifications (JI foreign trade foreign words [1997] 100th).
    12, Jilin province, on the issuance of the interim measures for the management of external processing and assembling business for foreign-invested enterprises circular of the (JI foreign trade foreign words [1997] the 101th).
    13, to enable importing equipment duty-free items for confirmation the seal of the letter (JI foreign trade foreign words [1998], 47th).
    14, forwards, foreign trade and economic cooperation concerning foreign-funded enterprises to use the control of total amount of independent textile passive quotas of permits issued the notice on matters related to the notification (JI foreign trade foreign words [1999], 119th).
    XV, on follow-up and implementation of the province's preliminary opinions of the soft environment for economic development of renovation work (JI foreign trade foreign words [1999], the 136th).
    16, on issuing the guiding opinions on the management of enterprise with foreign investment circular (JI foreign trade foreign words [2000], 12th).
    17, regarding the reporting condition report of the provincial government listed protection of foreign-funded enterprises (JI foreign trade foreign words [2000], 24th).
    18, report on the cleanup policies of attracting foreign investment in our province (JI foreign trade foreign words [2000], 68th).
    19, on clearing up the province attracted foreign investment policy notice (JI foreign trade foreign words [2000], 89th).
    20, on the issue of the Sino-foreign joint venture, Jilin province, approval notice of provisional regulations for road transport enterprises (JI FA [1993]9 number).
    21, on the issue of vehicle year cumulative time limit notice (JI collection [1994]109 number).
    22, road toll levied on current traffic enterprise related issues notice (JI method [1995]87 number).
      23, on strengthening management of traffic Enterprise specializing in the transport of toll collection notice (Kat fees [1996]91 number).