Xining Vehicle Security Management Practices

Original Language Title: 西宁市机动车治安防范管理办法

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(April 5, 2004 Executive session of the 12th municipal people's Government of Xining on April 28, 2004, 63rd Xining people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2004) first to strengthen the management of motor vehicle security, maintain social order and protect the personal and property safety of drivers, passengers, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city motor vehicle owner, driver, passenger and vehicle security management activities related to the units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Motor vehicle mentioned in these measures refers to power driven or drawn, on-road ride for officers or for the transport of goods and special operations of wheeled vehicles.
    Third people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen security of motor vehicles safety education, increase security awareness, motor vehicle security preparedness within the comprehensive management of public security management goals.
    State organs, armed forces, enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations, should be strengthened for the unit of vehicle security management, establishment of who benefited and who funded, market-oriented operation prevention system of science and technology, enhancing the pertinence and efficiency of vehicle security.
    Fourth municipal people's Government, vehicle security, public security organs in charge of the supervision and management of the work.
    City and County traffic Security Administration Department of public security organs in charge of district and vehicle security supervisory work within their respective administrative areas.
    Transportation, industry and commerce, price, quality and technical supervision and management departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for motor vehicle security supervision and administration. Article fifth security technology guard and civil defense, and the principle of combining prevention, innovative vehicle security mechanisms, implementing preventive measures, improving the ability of safety prevention.
    Vehicle security to encourage and support the use of high-tech products and facilities. Vehicle protection products mentioned in these measures refers to vehicle security, anti-theft, robbery, anti-intrusion, vandal-resistant features such as special products.
    Technical prevention establishment, refers to the integrated use of technology protection products for motor vehicles and related products consisting of security systems.
    Sixth article following units and personal all of motor vehicle, should by this approach of provides device meet security prevention standard of motor vehicle technical anti-products and facilities: (a) levels administrative organ of motor vehicle; (ii) financial institutions of shipped note car; (three) transport flammable, and easy burst, and toxic items, and radioactive material, and national control drug, and to virus bacteria, dangerous goods of motor vehicle; (four) other endanger social interests, and public order of motor vehicle.
    National provisions of technical security requirements for special vehicles, from its provisions.
    Article seventh the following units and individuals of all motor vehicles, according to actual needs in accordance with the principle of voluntary, compliance with the security standards of vehicle protection products and facilities: (a) enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations, (ii) individuals of all families owned cars, freight cars and passenger cars.
    Article eighth vehicle units and individuals shall perform the following duties: (a) with 50 (50) or more motor vehicles, public security organizations should be set up, equipped with part-time security guards.
    (Ii) established motor vehicle security prevention management system; (three) motor vehicle park places must configuration necessary of security prevention facilities; (four) on motor vehicle driving personnel for security prevention and law-abiding, and ethics, education; (five) organization security security checks, timely found and elimination security security hidden, and on police organ traffic security management sector proposed of security security hidden timely rectification; (six) do other security security prevention work. Nineth engaged in urban passenger transport operators shall, after obtaining the qualification, obtaining a business license in the 15th to city and County traffic Security Administration Department of public security organs to handle passenger security registration.
    Apply for urban passenger vehicle security registration, shall comply with the following conditions: (a) establishing responsibility for safety and security management systems, implementation of security measures and (ii) keep the locks, doors and Windows of motor vehicles in good condition, equipped with fire-fighting equipment; (c) the motor vehicle license plates, menhui clear, in accordance with the regulations, printing plate amplifier.
    City and County traffic Security Administration Department of public security organs to accept urban passenger transport security when the registration of motor vehicles, should be given for eligible record; do not meet the conditions shall be in writing and state the reasons and proposed corrective measures, and guidance to help implement the action plan after filing.
    Article tenth urban passenger vehicle business, cessation and restitution, resell, change of company name, address, legal representative and operating a motor vehicle, plate appearance, replacing Division sales personnel, shall, on the relevant departments of the relevant formalities within 15th city and County traffic Security Administration Department of public security organs to register the change.
    11th article city passenger motor vehicle practitioners should comply with following provides: (a) obey security management, maintenance station, and vehicles of security order, protection passengers of personal, and property security; (ii) found illegal crime behavior, be stop, and timely report police organ; (three) found carry prohibited items, and dangerous goods, flammable easy burst products pit, and car of, be stop, and report police organ, or referred to the traffic passenger sector processing;
    (D) consist of seating six people following the taxi operations in the urban area to the nearest public security traffic police checkpoint register; (e) found in the car on the passenger's property, initiative sent to the owner or be handed over to the public security organs shall not be concealed, stolen.
    12th passenger vehicle occupant shall comply with the following provisions: (a) comply with the provisions of public order management, accepting law and order security checks; (b) mentally ill ride, should have special care; (c) consist of seating six people following the taxi to the urban areas registered, shall be registered with the passengers. 13th motor vehicle protection products and facility design, installation, inspection and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the national standard.
    Engaged in motor vehicle protection products and facility design, installation, maintenance of the unit or individual shall obtain a relevant qualification or qualifications.
    Public security organs and their staff not to plant protection products and facilities, units and individuals specifying technology products brand and marketing, design, construction and maintenance units.
    14th motor vehicle protection products and facilities in public security organs under the unified management of the transportation security administration, implementation of alarm, the police rapid response mechanism, making full use of rapid identification system technology motor vehicles against theft, robbery, crime.
    Public security authorities after receiving the alarm, and should arrive within the time provided by police regulations police stations, disposal warning.
    Article 15th after installation of technical security products and facilities shall not be any of the following acts: (I) destruction technology products and facilities, (ii) destruction, delete, modify security facilities of the running procedures and records of motor vehicles, (iii) disclose secrets of motor vehicle security facilities; (iv) affecting its security products and facilities used by other acts.
    16th article violates article sixth of these measures, do not install the motor vehicle security products and facilities, transportation security administration department granting warned by public security organs, and rectification; because they were not installed using vehicle security products and facilities of criminal or security cases, resulting in loss of State and collective property, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    17th article violates this way 14th section, without appropriate professional qualification or qualifications to take a motor vehicle security systems design, installation and maintenance services, be ordered by the Transportation Security Administration Department of public security organs to correct, and a fine of 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.
    18th article violates this approach set forth in 12th and 16th, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public security management punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    19th public security organs traffic management Department of motor vehicle safety precaution should be products and management of urban passenger vehicle security condition inspection, found that motor vehicles in a timely manner the potential hazard to all units and individuals put forward the security notice of rectification. Motor vehicles all units or individuals receiving the order after the notice of rectification, rectification should be carried out promptly, and rectification within the period specified in the notice to the Transportation Security Administration Department of public security organs to make written reports.
    Overdue change, on penalty of a fine of 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan, fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan 1000 Yuan for units above.
    20th article police organ and staff has following behavior one of of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; to party caused loss of, law be compensation; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on alarm, and help of masses take indifference, and stiff, and outrageous, and shuffle, attitude; (ii) negligence, not perform statutory obligations of; (three) other violation legal regulations of behavior.
    21st a citizen, legal person or vehicle security preparedness in other organizations considered that the public security organs in implementing specific administrative act in violation of their legitimate rights and interests, can apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations to design and install vehicle security products and facilities of the units and individuals in violation of these regulations, can contribute to the Transportation Security Administration Department of public security organs to report or complaint; think violations of their legitimate rights and interests, can bring the matter according to law.
    22nd in the application of these measures by the Xining Public Security Bureau is responsible for the interpretation of the specific problems.
                23rd these measures shall come into force on June 1, 2004.