Xining Sports Marketing Management

Original Language Title: 西宁市体育市场管理办法

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(April 5, 2004 Executive session of the 12th municipal people's Government of Xining on April 28, 2004, 61st Xining people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2004) first in order to strengthen the management of sports market, promote the development of sports, according to the People's Republic of China sports law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city in sports marketing and management activities of citizens, legal persons or other organizations should comply with these measures.
    Sports market in these measures refers to sports services for the purpose, and sports management as a means of sports activities for specialized markets.
    Article sports management scope includes the following: (a) the business of Sports Fitness and entertainment; (b) the business of sports competitions, performances and (iii) operational training; (iv) business sports technology; (v) commercial sport sites, (vi) other sports fundraising, sponsorship and business activities.
    Fourth city, County (district) people's Government sport administrative departments are the Department of sports management in the administrative areas, in charge of the supervision and management of sports market management activities within the administrative area.
    Industry and commerce, prices, public security, taxation, health, quality and technical supervision authorities within the scope of their respective duties, such as monitoring of sports marketing management. Article fifth sport adhere to reform and opening up of the market approach to the direction of serving the people, adhere to socialism, and must put social benefit first.
    The management of sports market shall conform to invigorate, nurturing support, correct guidance, principles of standard service.
    Sixth to encourage organizations and individuals to invest in sports industry at home and abroad. Encourages and supports sport market operators to nurture excellent sports talents and open ornamental, popular sport activities.
    On the implementation of the national fitness program and the training of elite athletes have made outstanding contributions to the sport market operators should be given recognition and rewards. Seventh article engaged in sports market activities business should has following conditions: (a) has necessary of funds and corresponding of equipment; (ii) has meet security, and fire, and health and environmental conditions of suitable places, stadium to, and sports equipment should meet national sports administrative sector issued of facilities and equipment standard; (three) has after post training, has expertise of practitioners; (four) business content useful health; (five) for shooting, and adventure, and climbing, and climbing, and hot air balloon, and swimming, and
    Funny sports performance and sports operators are required to provide a detailed feasibility report of the project and accepted site, equipment facilities, communications, security, personnel, and scrutiny, to ensure the safety of activities; (vi) shall satisfy the other conditions provided for in laws and regulations.
    Article eighth sport combining the market bar, dominated by blocks and classification, principles of project management.
    Classification, management of sports items, the municipal sports administration in accordance with the national and provincial sports administrative departments publish.
    Article Nineth sports management project should register at sport administrative departments to submit the following materials: (a) the record reports on engaging in business activities, and (b) the text of the business premises, facilities description, and other relevant documents and materials, (iii) copies of contracts and letters of agreement and (iv) laws and regulations, we need to take care of other documents.
    Bidding for the shooting, archery, adventure, climbing, technical, safety protection difficult sport activities, in addition to the materials submitted to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, must also provide a detailed report on the feasibility and acceptance of field equipment, personnel safety, supervision and inspection facilities.
    Tenth Department of sports administration after receiving the report on the organized sports activities for the record, shall, within 5 working days to make a decision on whether to file shall not be recorded, shall give a written reply. 11th sports marketing activities operators shall comply with the following provisions: (a) in accordance with documented sports business. Need to change, change should be to the original filing department record.
    Terminated sports market business activities of, should to original sports administrative sector withdrawn record; (ii) adhere to the honest credit principles, guarantee service quality, shall not fraud, cheat sports consumers; (three) shall not hired not made sports professional technology qualification certificate of personnel engaged in sports training, and counselling, and advisory, and referee, and security ambulance, professional technology work; (four) should do sports site, and facilities, and equipment of maintenance maintenance work, guarantee security, and health and normal using;
    (Five) shall not using without sports administrative sector and about sector approved of site, and facilities, and equipment; (six) on may endanger consumers security of sports business project, should on its security requirements, and devices equipment of using made description, established striking of warning logo, and has prevent against occurred of effective measures; (seven) not adults should not be participation of project, shall not allowed participation; (eight) sports business activities in the, is strictly prohibited rendering violence, is strictly prohibited superstition activities, is strictly prohibited using sports game for gambling or disguised gambling.
    12th held for-profit sports competitions, sports activities, their use shall not exceed the personnel capacity.
    13th no units and individuals shall not accept without the sports Administrative Department of sports management.
    14th personnel engaged in sports brokering should be made unanimously after agent qualification certificate, before engaging in sports brokering activities.
    15th may illegally carrying guns, ammunition, controlled knives, flammable, explosive and other dangerous items into the places of sports and business activities.
    16th sports Administrative Department for market operators to provide management information and sport expertise to guide the development of sports competitions, performing procedures, in the construction of sports premises, the acquisition of equipment and the use of technical assistance.
    17th sports Administrative Department and other departments concerned for sports management, supervision and inspection shall obtain a certificate of administrative law enforcement inspection; does not permit checking, operators have the right to refuse.
    18th no unit or individual may illegally occupy sports market operators of the premises, facilities and equipment, and may not convert their lawful ownership of intangible assets, sports marketing manager shall not be required to provide pro bono services.
    19th of the following acts in violation of these rules, the administrative authority shall order correction within, depending on their circumstances, and can be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 2000; damages are caused to the consumer, shall bear the liability for damages.
    (A) unauthorized change business content of; (ii) hired without sports administrative sector qualification finds of personnel engaged in sports training, and counselling, and advisory, and referee, and security ambulance work of; (three) using not meet provides of site, and facilities and equipment of; (four) sports business places over personnel capacity limit of; (five) accepted without sports administrative sector record engaged in sports market business activities of.
    Article 20th in sports activities in violation of these measures in the violent, engaging in superstitious activities, using Sports gambling or gambling in a disguised form, shall be subject to punishment by public security organs constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 21st of citizens, legal persons or other organizations believe that the Executive in the management of sports market in specific administrative acts violations of their legitimate rights and interests, can apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
    22nd sports management administration neglects his duty, abuse of power, favoritism and violations of sports of market operators ' legal rights, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    23rd in the application of these measures by the municipal sports Administration Department is responsible for the interpretation of the specific problems.
                                                                                            24th article this way come into force on June 1, 2004.