Hohhot City Sanitation Management Methods

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市城市环境卫生设施管理办法

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(May 15, 2004 Hohhot City Government 2nd times Executive Conference considered through May 28, 2004 Hohhot City Government makes 1th, announced since July 1, 2004 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening this city sanitation facilities of construction and management, improve environment health facilities of science content and using efficiency, specification city sanitation facilities management, according to Hohhot City City sanitation management Ordinance and national about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual,
    These measures are formulated.
    Article in the administrative area of the city sanitation infrastructure planning, design, construction, management, operation and use of the units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Article urban sanitation facilities in these measures include urban sanitation facilities, sanitation engineering facilities, special equipment, special vehicles, road and urban sanitation infrastructure in place to work.
    Fourth Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration of Hohhot city sanitation departments.
    Hohhot Municipal sanitation Department (hereinafter referred to as municipal sanitation management Department) the Organization for the harmonization of the implementation of the Organization for the planning, construction, sanitation facilities.
    Sanitation management in a municipal sanitation infrastructure within the Department responsible for the planning, design, report it to the Municipal Department of sanitation management review implementation.
    Article fifth sanitation facilities construction and management insisted on a unified planning, rational distribution, the principle of landscaping and clean.
    Sixth municipal people's Government encouraged the cities of environment sanitation facilities in science and introduced, using advanced technology, raise the level of modernization of the urban environmental sanitation facilities.
    Seventh article of any units and individuals shall have the obligation to protect the urban environmental sanitation facilities, for violations of the right to stop any act of this approach, impeach and accuse.
    In the construction and maintenance of urban environmental sanitation facilities have made remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions to the recognition and reward units and individuals.
    Chapter II of environment sanitation facilities in planning and construction of eighth urban sanitation facilities should be included in urban planning, City Planning Department, municipal sanitation management Department shall according to the municipality, based on urban master planning and improving urban environmental sanitation planning in Hohhot, according to the professional planning organization-building.
    The development and construction of sanitation facilities to be incorporated into the national economic and social development plans, municipal and district levels, sanitation engineering, Hohhot, according to the plan of the Government is increasing investment in sanitation infrastructure, earmarking. Nineth urban sanitation facilities construction funds in addition to government investment, take the beneficiaries of loans, investment, financing and other financing methods.
    Preparation of the development of comprehensive development and construction planning, urban renewal and other regional programmes should contain contents of environmental sanitation, with the consent of the municipal city appearance and written consent from the competent authorities.
    Construction of regional development, shall set up standard construction of sanitation facilities sanitation facilities.
    New or renovation of urban environmental sanitation facilities, shall be submitted to the Municipal Department of sanitation management audits.
    Tenth new residential, development, markets, tourist spots, airports, railway stations, the beginning and end of the bus stations, parks, cultural and sports establishments, commercial eating places and multi-storey buildings, development, the construction unit shall, in accordance with sanitation facilities regulations set standards and supporting the construction of sanitation facilities.
    Has been put into use not in accordance with regulations on construction of urban environmental sanitation facilities and shall pay, and provided. 11th the hospitals, nursing homes, slaughterhouses, bio-scientific research units and other special waste-generating units shall be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the State supporting the special garbage enclosed storage facilities.
    Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration to establish processing facilities, is responsible for the city's special refuse treatment. 12th opening or widening streets, municipal planning departments shall, jointly with the Municipal Department of sanitation management, public toilets, urban sanitation facilities such as refuse transfer station sites.
    Construction should synchronize auxiliary building and set the appropriate urban environmental sanitation facilities.
    Urban main streets, residential areas and other crowded places should be closed refuse containers.
    13th congestion points should build cars cleaning stations, to ensure clean vehicles.
    14th urban design of sanitation facilities managed by the city sanitation Department involved in the review, completion and acceptance of future environmental management sector, sanitation facilities within 1 month of completion of acceptance, the construction unit should therefore, sanitation management Department, written reports. 15th district environmental health authorities support area unit construction, reconstruction and management of internal public toilets.
    Does not meet the standards of public toilets and facilities, the management reform unit in sanitation management Department under the terms.
    16th construction site and makeshift housing units should set up domestic waste and waste collection containers.
    Chapter III the management of environmental hygiene facilities and business 17th no units and individuals must take care of urban environmental sanitation facilities sanitation facilities to maintain a clean and tidy.
    Article 18th due to construction or other reasons must be removed, or changing the land use of sanitation facilities and sanitation, should be prior to the programme and submitted to the city sanitation management Department for approval.
    Approved for removal, removing urban sanitation facilities or change of use, construction should be in accordance with the standard easy or setting; cannot easily building and setting, the unit or individual shall, in accordance with the current price to pay construction costs, managed by the city sanitation Department construction and settings.
    19th environmental health specialty unit and other units and individuals on the respective management of urban environmental sanitation facilities should be regularly maintained, maintenance and repair; seriously affect the use, modification or replacement in a timely manner. Article 20th urban environmental sanitation machinery and vehicles in a normal operation, in accordance with the premise of the relevant traffic regulations, no unit or individual shall provide convenience to ensure unimpeded.
    Large outdoor unit, promptly cleared up after the event. Article 21st paid use system of urban environmental sanitation facilities. Urban sanitation facilities management service fees, according to the criteria set by the Municipal Department of prices charged.
    Municipal Department of sanitation management in accordance with the relevant policies on urban environmental sanitation business management and supervision.
    22nd units and individuals may, in accordance with the relevant provisions of article contract, lease existing urban sanitation facilities or new construction, reconstruction, acquisition of urban environmental sanitation facilities, garbage, excrement and other waste cleaning, collection, transportation, processing and management of social service activities.
    Ownership by the national urban sanitation facilities by units or individual contract, lease, required by law to enter into a written contract.
    Article 23rd garbage, waste, construction waste and other city operators to clean the waste generation, collection, transportation, disposal, shall sign a written contract; engaged in urban environmental sanitation facilities business unit and individual shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, after obtaining a licence issued by the Municipal Department of sanitation management, before they can practice.
    24th special waste must be a closed collection, transportation, collection containers and transportation vehicles are required to regularly kill.
    No units or individuals may sell special waste.
    25th urban sanitation facilities need to be shut down or stopped, shall be submitted to the city sanitation management Department for approval.
    Fourth chapter penalty provisions article 26th in violation of the provisions of article tenth, ordered to fill was built, construction at its own expense, more than 3000 by the sanitation Department fined not more than 5000 Yuan.
    27th article violates this article 11th, failing to provide airtight storage container units, managed by the sanitation Department order the rectification, and a fine of more than 5000 10000 Yuan.
    28th in violation of the provisions of article 12th, ordered units repair constructed or provided, managed by the sanitation Department to refuse collection container is not set or a fine of 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan fines; for not supporting the construction of latrines and other sanitation facilities construction, construction project fined not more than 1 time.
    29th article any units and personal violation this approach 18th article first paragraph provides, without sanitation management sector approved, demolition or change sanitation facilities and sanitation with to uses of, by sanitation management sector ordered deadline fill built; refused to fill built of, by sanitation management sector generation built, generation built costs by responsibility people bear, and by sanitation management sector at 3000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine.
    30th in violation of the first paragraph of article 24th of this approach, by the sanitation authorities order the rectification, and the units in charge shall be fined not more than 5000 Yuan more than 10000; violation of the second paragraph, the Commerce, industry, environmental protection, Department of health administration law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    31st article any units and personal has following behavior one of of, by sanitation management sector on personal sentenced 5 Yuan above 15 Yuan following of fine; on units at 50 Yuan above 500 Yuan following of fine: (a) in city sanitation facilities Shang mess carved mess painting of; (ii) in garbage channel, and garbage station within dumping building garbage, and fluid waste, and animal body or burning waste of; (three) unauthorized mobile Peel box, and garbage box, and publicity brand of;
    (D) the unreasonable barriers and detained in the normal operation of urban environmental sanitation machinery, vehicles (v) unauthorized or disabled urban sanitation facilities will be closed and (vi) other damage behavior of urban sanitation facilities.
    Article 32nd steal, damage deliberately urban environmental sanitation facilities or obstructing environmental health officers in performing their duties by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security management punishment regulation punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 33rd engaged in sanitation service units and individuals allowed to improve service standards, by the price administrative departments according to law.

    Article 34th sanitation inspectors duties must produce documents, and civilized law enforcement.
    Abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, law by his entity or his upper level organs be given administrative punishments, which constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    35th party not satisfied with the administrative penalties may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law, late does not apply for reconsideration or bring an administrative suit, nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, up to the punishment of authorities apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 36th this approach the Department of Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation administration is responsible for the interpretation.
      37th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2004.