Urumqi City Interim Measures For The Management Of Public Toilets

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市城市公共厕所管理暂行办法

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(January 5, 2004 in Urumqi, the people's Government of the 8th General meeting on February 26, 2004 the city of Urumqi people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2004, 55th) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of public toilets in cities and improve public toilet hygiene levels, convenient for people to use, in accordance with the regulations on the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation in Urumqi, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the public toilets in the urban built-up areas of planning, construction and management.
    Third public toilets in these measures refers to urban residents and transient population shared toilets, including railway stations, airports, shopping malls, hotels, theaters, stadiums and other ancillary public toilet.
    Fourth municipal sports administration is the management of public toilets in the city's administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as Department of public toilets in the city administration), is responsible for implementation of this approach.
    The district (County) municipal city appearance administrative departments responsible for public toilets in the city's oversight and management.
    Construction, planning and real estate, gardening, travel, land and resources, administrative law enforcement departments should be within the scope of their respective duties, in collaboration with good management of public toilets.
    The fifth article of the city encourage units and individuals to invest in the city's public toilets, support for the promotion and application of new technologies and new achievements.
    Sixth chapter planning and construction of urban public toilets should be in accordance with the comprehensive planning, rational distribution, water closet, enabling line principles of transportation planning and construction.
    Seventh Administrative Department of public toilets in the city should be based on urban residential population density and the flow and the needs of specific regions, such as in public places, in conjunction with the concerned organizations planning of urban construction of public toilets, according to the procedure for approval before implementation.
    Eighth spacing and number of public toilets shall comply with the following provisions: (a) the flow of high density downtown streets and public toilets downtown roads distance should be between 300-500 m (ii) general public toilets in the streets between the distance should be less than 800 metres, (iii) acres and transformation of old districts and the new community toilets per square kilometre is not less than 3.
    The Nineth public toilets in public places should be the following: (a) parks, markets, large car park, (ii) public square, airport, railway station, bus station, gas station, (iii) hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, theaters, gymnasiums, libraries, large shopping malls and (iv) other public toilets should be public.
    Tenth public toilets should be built in clear easy to find, waste emissions or removal of sites, and harmony with the surrounding environment. 11th city public toilets and all kinds of construction projects as well as design and construction, and put into use simultaneously.
    In accordance with stipulations attached to public toilets in public places, or existing shortage of public toilets, should be carried out in accordance with the request of the Administrative Department of public toilets in the city renovation, expansion or new construction.
    12th city administrative departments to deal with the existing aqua privies renovation of public toilets, and gradually increase the proportion of flush toilets and quality.
    13th city roads, renovation of buildings and public places with total floor area of more than 10000 square meters, attached to public toilets shall be governed by the following provisions: (a) below the construction area 10000 square meters more than 30000 square meters, with a public toilet area shall not be less than 60 square metres, (ii) more than 50000 square meters below the construction area of 30000 square meters, with the floor space shall be not less than 80 square meters of public toilets;
    (Iii) an area of 50000 square meters, with a public toilet floor area of not less than 100 square meters.
    14th urban design and construction of public toilets shall comply with the relevant national technical standards and specifications. 15th urban public toilets should be provided for the establishment of clear text or a graphic logo.
    A large flow of people in public places, and public toilets should be attached to the settings for people with the use of special instruments and channels.
    16th unit and individual investment of the construction or renovation of urban public toilets, by the Planning Department to agree to build auxiliary facilities. 17th in scenic areas or difficult to build toilet facilities, mobile public toilets can be provided.
    Portable public toilet water-free rush environmental technology should be used to prevent pollution to the surrounding environment.
    18th construction project pre-construction, construction units should be required to temporary public toilets at construction sites and waste transport and treatment capacity of excreta disposal agreement signed temporary public toilets.
    The construction unit shall build simple toilets at the construction site. 19th building, rebuilding public toilets in city planning and design of urban planning and Management Department in conjunction with the Department of public toilets in the city administration technical examination.
    Programme without technical examination of planning and design, urban planning administrative departments shall apply the relevant planning and approval procedures.
    20th city acceptance for construction of public toilets, public toilets in the city administrative departments should participate in. 21st no unit or individual may unlawfully removed or disabled public toilets.
    Building needs to be demolished shall be agreed by the Administrative Department for public toilets in the city. 22nd due to construction of needed public toilets in cities and construction units should be set during the construction of temporary public toilets for external use.
    After the completion of construction projects, the construction unit shall promptly remove temporary latrines, and properly dealt with.
    Chapter III management and maintenance of the 23rd city public restroom right through auctions and other forms of paid transfer.
    24th public toilets of the city by the operator is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and management and cleaning the cleaning.
    City public toilet facilities maintenance and cleaning cleaning standards by public toilets shall be formulated by the Administrative Department of the city.
    25th city administrative departments of public toilets toilets sanitary and supervise and inspect equipment, facilities, and so on, right up to the required standards, should urge the maintenance of cleaning time to correct.
    26th article of public toilet users shall comply with the regulations on public toilets, take care of toilet equipment, maintain the toilet clean.
    27th article city public toilet within ban following behavior: (a) in toilets wall and facilities Shang mess graffiti, and mess description, and mess posted; (ii) anywhere spit, mess threw debris; (three) to will device, and urinal within dumping sewage, and dirt real; (four) in will device, and urinal outside anywhere soil; (five) theft, and damaged toilet within equipment and facilities.
    28th article does not have a drainage system of urban public toilet stool should be professional removal removal and disposal and harmless treatment of units.
    No unit or individual is allowed to trade without the harmless treatment of manure.
    Article 29th public toilet in the town planning and design standard, flush public toilets, can be provided for paid services.
    30th no unit or individual may seize or altering the city using public toilets.
    Fourth chapter legal responsibility 31st article violates this article 18th, building site temporary public toilets is not in accordance with the regulations, affect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, and shall be ordered by the administrative law enforcement corrections, and a fine of 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.
    The 32nd article violates this article approaches the 21st, unauthorized dismantling public toilets, shall be ordered by the administrative law enforcement corrections and compensation for the economic losses, with more than 5000 Yuan 1000 Yuan fine.
    33rd in violation of provisions of this article 22nd, temporary public toilets during the construction period is not for external use, shall be ordered by the administrative law enforcement corrections, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    34th in violation of article 24th of this approach provides that public toilet Manager does not perform maintenance and cleaning cleaning duties, shall be ordered by the administrative law enforcement corrections, and a fine of 100 Yuan and 300 yuan fine.
    35th in violation of these regulations should be given administrative punishment under the provisions of other acts shall be punished according to law by the relevant authorities.
    36th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
                                                                                                    37th article of the rules of the Fifth Schedule as of April 1, 2004.