Regulations On Protection Of Oil And Natural Gas Pipelines In Shaanxi Province Approaches

Original Language Title: 陕西省实施石油天然气管道保护条例办法

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(Released April 2, 2004, Shaanxi Provincial people's Government, the 96th since as of June 1, 2004) of the article in accordance with the regulations on protection of oil and natural gas pipelines (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) and the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second administrative region of this province in the transportation of oil and natural gas pipelines and their auxiliary facilities (hereinafter referred to as plumbing) protection, application of the Ordinance and these rules.
    Oil and gas transmission pipeline custody transfer point for the city network and petrochemical enterprises internal networks of protection do not apply these measures.
    Third article this approach in the by said of pipeline facilities except Ordinance third article provides of outside, also including: (a) conveying liquefied petroleum gas of pipeline; (ii) pipeline waterproof slope, and cut water wall, and block wall, and had water road, and culvert, and aqueduct; (three) storage gas station (field), and oil (gas) library; (four) pipeline dedicated road, and power, and communications, and monitoring and monitoring facilities; (five) and Ordinance third article provides and this article (a), and (ii), and (three), and (four) items provides about of seismic facilities. Fourth protecting pipeline facilities safe, is that each unit and civic duty.
    For acts in violation of the Ordinance and these rules, any unit and individual have the right to stop and to the local production safety supervision and management departments, public security departments and pipeline enterprises to report to the relevant departments or units. Fifth pipeline along the people's Governments at all levels should strengthen the Organization and leadership of this jurisdiction pipeline facilities security protection, pipeline facilities within their respective administrative areas include land use planning, and take effective measures to guarantee the safety features of their respective administrative regions.
    Its main duties is: (a) organization about sector on masses for pipeline facilities security protection of publicity education; (ii) coordination solution about pipeline facilities inspections, and maintenance and accident repair of temporary with to, and labor matters; (three) organization about sector stop, and investigation this administrative within occurred of damage, and theft, and looting pipeline facilities and pipeline conveying of oil, and gas and other against pipeline facilities security of behavior; (four) Guide including pipeline Enterprise zainei of about sector, and units developed rescue plans, and organization implementation.
    Sixth provincial safety production supervision and management is responsible for protection of pipeline facilities in the province work safety supervision and management; municipal, County and district people's Government within the administrative area of production safety supervision and management departments are responsible for the supervision and administration of protection of pipeline facilities.
    County above government safety supervision management sector of main duties is: (a) implementation national safety of legal, and regulations, and regulations and related policy; (ii) law maintenance pipeline security run normal order; (three) supervision pipeline enterprise on about security provides of implementation situation; (four) Organization, and participate in major accident of survey and processing; (five) coordination about pipeline facilities security protection work of dispute.
    Governments at all levels of public security, water conservancy, transportation, land and resources administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to protect security of pipeline facilities.
    Seventh article pipeline enterprise is responsible for pipeline facilities of security run, main duties is: (a) according to national pipeline facilities engineering construction quality standard on pipeline facilities for design, and construction and acceptance; (ii) established safety accountability, implementation pipeline facilities security defend work responsibility; (three) stop endanger pipeline facilities security of behavior; (four) stop occupation, and theft, and looting pipeline facilities and pipeline conveying of oil, and gas of behavior; (five) on pipeline along masses for about security protection of publicity education;
    (Vi) Organization, involved in drainage and rescue work; (g) carry out inspection, repair and maintenance of pipeline facilities, (VIII) cooperate with public security departments in pipeline safety and security work. Eighth article pipeline enterprise should in following locations set warning brand or obviously logo, on easy was vehicles collision and animal damage of local pipeline facilities take protection measures: (a) pipeline via of town, and neighborhoods, and factories, and school, and station, and Terminal, and country market, population intensive lots; (ii) pipeline through of highway, and railway, and river, and water facilities, and bridge section; (three) pressure station, and heating station, and measurement station, and storage distribution station, and set oil station, and lost gas station, and processing field (station), and clear tube station, and various valve room (well) and the vent facilities
    , Oil depots, loading and unloading trestle and handling field. Nineth safety protecting pipeline facilities should be established.
    Plumbing safety reserves in accordance with country code for engineering design of gas transmission pipeline, the pipeline engineering design specifications and the crude oil and natural gas provided for the establishment of the code for fire protection design.
    Prohibition of new build in pipeline safety reserves (structure) and approval of the homestead.
    Tenth Article ban any units and personal engaged in following endanger pipeline facilities security of behavior: (a) Ordinance 15th article provides of matters; (ii) in pipeline center line sides or pipeline facilities field outside the 50 meters range within discharge firecrackers, and burning straw; (three) in not take security protection measures of buried to pipeline Shang driving motor vehicle car or in ground pipeline facilities, and overhead pipeline facilities Shang walking. Non-pipeline companies in the pipeline within 5 metres on each side of the center line mechanical construction and drilling, piling operations shall obtain the consent of pipeline enterprises.
    Outside the pipe centerline on each side of 5 meters of various types of construction, must not cause a pipe centerline geomorphic changes within 5 metres on each side.
    11th meet pipeline facilities and other construction projects, in accordance with the following provisions: (a) pipeline facilities built before, safe havens within the existing building (structures), coordinated by the local government organizations, pipeline companies and the authorities concerned to formulate specific action plans, rectification, the cost borne by the pipeline enterprises.
    (B) after completion of pipeline facilities, new built in safety reserves (structures), and local people's Governments shall be ordered to dismantle, expenses shall be borne by the owner.
    (C) the new, modified (extension) pipeline facilities, need to move and reform other facility or other facility owners take appropriate technical measures, pipeline enterprises shall, in consultation with the owner, and according to the standard lump sum compensation under prior agreement with the pipeline companies, according to the provisions of the agreement.
    (D) building, modification (extension) projects need plumbing rerouting, relocated or added protection facilities, consent of the pipeline enterprises and to bear the costs. 12th water Administrative Department in development of flood control measures, building the dam, the pipeline safety should be protected; when you need plumbing facilities adopted by the regional flood, waste discharge and discharge time should be 24-hour advance notice to pipeline companies.
    Except in special circumstances, such as flash floods and other emergencies. 13th river administrations in pipeline facilities within the protected area on the river widened, diversions or river improvement construction, 30 days in advance in writing with the consent of pipeline enterprises should be agreed.
    Pipeline enterprises shall, within the 30 working days to respond.
    Flood, water damage repairs involve safety of pipeline facilities, river channel administration shall promptly notify pipeline enterprises.
    14th new power and communication lines must not cross the pipeline metering station, set oil (gas) station, booster stations, heating stations, oil (gas) station, treatment plant (station), pigging stations, various types of valve Chamber (pit) and handling and emptying facilities, fuel depots, loading and unloading trestle bridge.
    15th when any unit in reserve following the construction of pipeline facilities, he shall first notify the pipeline company, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to take appropriate measures: (a) the 23rd article of the Regulation; (b) the construction of water conservancy facilities, (iii) construction of farmland.
    16th the lost value of pipeline equipment, sold it to the right to operate producing waste metals business procedures set forth by the acquisition.
    Against the illicit acquisition of pipeline equipment.
    17th article violates these rules, in the pipe centerline on both sides or installations within 50 meters outside the field set off firecrackers, burning straw, by the people's Governments above the county-level public security fire department ordered corrective action, and a fine of 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines; violating public security regulations, shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security by the Police Department; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial authorities to investigate and punish.
    18th article violates these rules, illegal acquisition of plumbing equipment, confiscated by the public security sector and illegal property and fined a maximum of between 10000 and 5000 Yuan; violating public security regulations, shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security by the Police Department; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial authorities to investigate and punish.
    19th in violation of the Ordinance and these rules, the provisions of other acts, the penalty provisions of the Ordinance, and those provisions.
    20th, in line with the Ordinance and these rules, more than 5000 Yuan for personal fines, more than 20000 for unit fines or confiscation of illegal proceeds and illicit goods, the parties have the right to request hearings.
    Party not satisfied with the administrative penalty, may apply for administrative reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law.
  21st article this way come into force on June 1, 2004.