Zibo City Community First-Aid Management Approach

Original Language Title: 淄博市社会医疗急救管理办法

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(Released January 28, 2003 in Zibo city people's Government, the 33rd since as of March 1, 2003) first in order to strengthen the social medical management to raise urgent, danger, rescuing, and guarantee the people's health, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Samu social in these measures in article, refers to the urgent, dangerous, sick and wounded at the scene and transferred to the Hospital of pre-hospital emergency medical care.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of citizens, legal persons and other organizations must abide by these measures.
    Fourth city and county governments socio-medical and first aid services should be integrated into national economic and social development planning, safeguard medical and first aid services and coordinated socio-economic development of the community.
    Article fifth society emergency medical practice receives, coherent, unified scheduling, unity of command, to ensure efficient, timely emergency work.
    Sixth of municipal public health Administrative Department in charge of the city community first-aid work, organize the implementation of these measures, jurisdiction of district and county administrative departments of public health is responsible for managing the social emergency medical treatment.
    Public security, finance, transportation, labor and social security, radio and television, as well as telecommunications, electricity, public information and other units, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to meet the emergency medical administrative departments of public health society. Article seventh social network consists of a medical emergency, medical emergency command center and first-aid stations.
    First-aid station set criteria and standards, the municipal public health Administrative Department in accordance with national and provincial health administrative department determines the relevant provisions. Eighth article City medical emergency command center of duties is: (a) is responsible for city social medical emergency of organization, and coordination, and scheduling and command; (ii) check, and urged emergency station of emergency work; (three) established 120 medical call line phone, 24 hours accept call, collection, and processing and storage social medical emergency information; (four) Organization carried out emergency knowledge, and skills of publicity training and emergency medical of research, and academic exchange; (five) established, and sound social medical emergency network of management, and statistics report, system,
    To ensure its proper functioning.
    Nineth first aid station is responsible for: (a) subordinate to the municipal medical emergency command center directing, scheduling and management, (ii) treatment of urgent and dangerous, sick and wounded, (iii) knowledge of first aid, skills training and first-aid medical and scientific research and academic exchanges. Article tenth first aid station shall use uniform names, medical emergency plans, to carry out the first attending responsibility system and 24-hour consultation system.
    First aid station shall not be other than the establishment of a medical help line calls. 11th first aid station shall be equipped with the appropriate personnel in accordance with regulations, the creation and implementation of training system for emergency physicians, nurses.
    Separate the emergency physician on duty must have at least three years, first aid nurse must have two years experience in clinical practice.
    First aid station shall be in accordance with the provisions of article 12th disposing medical machinery, equipment, and maintenance, repair and replacement in a timely manner. 13th of municipal medical emergency command centers should be equipped with emergency vehicles, first aid station shall be equipped with an ambulance.
    Emergency command vehicles and ambulances should set unified communications devices, alarms and first-aid signs and first aid equipment, facilities. First aid station shall ensure that ambulances on duty in good condition, after receiving the call information must be sent an ambulance within five minutes, ten minutes at night during the day.
    Ambulances on duty should be special, not perform non-emergency tasks.
    Article 14th municipal medical emergency command Center received the SOS call, shall, in accordance with principles of nearby, local, was anxious, combined with the ability of rescue and the wishes, timely scheduling and command.
    15th of municipal medical emergency command center and first-aid stations shall, in accordance with the provisions of medical emergency data registration, statistics, storage and reporting work.
    Municipal medical emergency command center of the 120 medical help telephone recordings shall be preserved for one year.
    First-aid station sent a car should be saved for a year.
    16th first-aid posts in the medical work of society, found that patients suspected of crimes, should make a record and inform the local public Security Bureau and other relevant departments.
    17th, medical, first aid station shall not refuse emergency command center directing, scheduling; medical institutions shall not be any excuse to rescue and urgent and dangerous, patients were treated; the medical officer finds in any place urgent, danger, patients should take the initiative and rescue.
    18th anyone found requiring emergency patients should immediately to 120 medical for help phone line to call for help. 19th scene of the units and individuals should, upon call for assistance in a timely manner.
    Occupants of motor vehicles should be given priority delivery of urgent, dangerous and heavy patients.
    20th communications unit should ensure smooth social health emergency communications network, and to the city's medical emergency command center and first-aid station provided the necessary equipment, information and technology services.
    Power supply units shall ensure the municipal medical emergency command centers and safe power supply first aid posts.
    Article 21st when emergency vehicles in carrying out emergency tasks, public security and transportation departments should give priority to the release, the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate.
    22nd crowded public places, tourist attractions and disaster-prone units, shall provide for the establishment of professional or aid organizations of a mass character, configure the necessary first-aid medical device, and related personnel receive first-aid training.
    23rd section of newspapers, television, radio and other news media should promote universal disaster rescue, rescue and mutual knowledge, cultivate the spirit of public saving.
    24th of municipal, district and county administrative departments for public health shall establish a social medical special funds for medical first aid network construction, personnel training, configuration of equipment, communication equipment and vehicles, and so on.
    Samu social project funding, with funding, social contributions and funded emergency medical network unit form.
    Financial, auditing administration on social medical monitor the use of the special funds.
    25th medical emergency urgent, danger, patients or their unit, it shall pay medical costs.
    Reimbursement or payment of medical costs, not covered by basic medical insurance and the life insurance medical restrictions.
    26th to encourage health professionals engaged in emergency work, to contribute in the social emergency medical units and individuals, by city and county governments or the public health administrative departments to give commendations and awards. 27th article violation this approach, has following behavior one of of, by health administrative sector ordered corrected, on units sentenced 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) emergency station not using unified name or set medical call line yiwai of phone of; emergency station not implementation first diagnosis responsibility and 24 hours extended business of; (ii) emergency station refused to City medical emergency command center of scheduling, and command or refused to rescue and admitted urgent, and dangerous, and heavy wounded of; (three) without unified scheduling,
    Without the use of an ambulance or ambulance is not set of unified first aid signs and (iv) does not perform emergency medical personnel on duty training system or a separate emergency physicians, nurses in clinical practice period do not meet requirements.
    First-aid staff in violation of these regulations, delay urgent and dangerous, heavy rescue and treatment of the sick and wounded, resulting in serious consequences, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State.
    28th article violates this way 19th article, should provide aid and refused to provide aid, criticized by health administration departments, and a fine of 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    29th in violation of provisions of this article 22nd, professional or public aid should be established was not established by the Organization, established by the Administrative Department of public health ordered.
    Article 30th insulted beaten first-aid workers, disrupt emergency medical order, damage to medical emergency equipment or falsify information, malicious call, in violation of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance, the public security organs shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    31st article health administrative sector, and City medical emergency command center and staff has following behavior one of of, law give administrative sanctions; to party caused loss of, law bear compensation responsibility; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) not according to emergency principles timely scheduling command of; (ii) on meet emergency station set conditions and standard of medical institutions not approval of; (three) using positions Shang of convenience seek illegal interests of; (four) negligence, and abuse, and engages in of other behavior.
    32nd Party considered the violation of their legitimate rights and interests of a specific administrative act of the Executive, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
                                                                                            33rd article this way come into force on March 1, 2003.