Xining City Taxi Management Interim Measures For The Implementation Of The Regulation

Original Language Title: 西宁市出租汽车客运管理条例实施暂行办法

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(7th of April 16, 2003, Xining municipal executive meeting released May 13, 2003 the Xining municipal people's Government, the 59th since the announcement of the date of promulgation) article under the Xining municipal taxi Administration Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, formulate measures for its implementation.
    The second city and County traffic administrative department responsible for the administration of taxi in supervision and management.
    Municipal traffic administrative departments, County-owned road transportation management organization responsible for the administration of taxi in supervision and management, for breach of the Ordinance and these rules, the implementation of administrative punishments.
    Cities, counties, public security, industry and commerce, taxation, price, quality and technology supervision, planning and other relevant administrative departments, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, cooperative traffic administrative departments should work together at City taxi management. Article under a duty uniform principles, taxi management who audited, who sent the card, who managed, who is responsible for.
    Administrative departments at all levels should be for taxi operators to create legitimate and fair competitive environment, protection of legitimate business interests.
    Article fourth traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with police traffic, planning and construction sectors according to the operating characteristics of taxi, railway stations, hotels, hotel, commercial areas, residential areas, passenger transport centers and other public places, rational planning, scientific public private car park, taxi station, point, provide convenience for passengers.
    Article fifth no management of taxi drivers shall not be arbitrary fines, buckle the car.
    No unit or individual shall have the right to the local administrative Department of transportation report, complaints of illegal trading, fees, fines, accusations, etc.
    Article sixth traffic administrative departments should publicize the reports, complaints, and within the time stated in the lawful investigation and handling. Article seventh taxi single Doubleday are limited to operating systems in the urban areas. Taxi licence plates ending with an odd Wednesdays operation license plates every Tuesday of the mantissa is even operating; alternate operation on Friday.
    Statutory holidays and daily 20:00 up to 8:00 the common operations. Article citizens, legal persons and other organizations, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance made taxi operation rights to operate for a period of years to 8 years.
    In the right to life, should transfer to city and County traffic administrative departments to handle change.
    Before the implementation of the Regulation (January 31, 2003) operators of taxi operation rights has been achieved, after the expiration, after winning the original operators who participated in the auction, its right to charge standard according to the better governance of the Municipal Government Office (2002) No. 260, regulations.
    Nineth taxis operating in single Doubleday limited period is 1.0-1.4 litre engine (excluding 1.4 liters) operation of taxi life span of 12 years; more than 1.4 liters engine taxi operation rights of life span of 15 years.
    Taxi operation rights prescribed in the previous year, vehicles are tested in accordance with the relevant provisions to meet safety and environmental performance requirements for atleast 8 years of use.
    Article tenth taxi right to the effective useful life if you can't operate, you can replace the right age to be expired vehicle continues to operate to the original, replace the paid use of vehicles exempt from rights fees, but replacement vehicle must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance. 11th engaged in taxi business enterprises and their operations shall comply with the following requirements: (a) the enterprise has a legal personality and (ii) has the basic management system and with the adaptation of the internal management of institutions; (c) businesses should by with taxi owners or drivers of economic relations between labour or economic contracts signed, and to inform the main terms of the contract.
    Labor and economic contract demonstration text by the municipal traffic administrative departments practice, formulated according to law; (d) enterprises according to relevant regulations of the State drivers to pay old-age, medical, unemployment and other social security services; (e) enterprises through legal and moral education, improving the driver's law-abiding consciousness to guide them through the proper channels, reflect and use legitimate means to solve the problem. 12th personal taxi operation rights made in the manner provided in accordance with the regulations, to apply for urban taxi traffic Administrative Department management e.
    Engaged in taxi business activities shall conform to the following provisions: (a) has a legally valid proof of identity and the city fixed homes; (b) has a business license, (iii) owned by the vehicles comply with the requirements (d) labour and economic contracts with the hired driver, employed the driver should have a valid driver's license and qualification.
    13th article engaged in taxi passenger business of vehicles, should meet following provides: (a) by national statutory detection institutions detection qualified of car type vehicles, and engine displacement meet traffic administrative competent sector of provides; (ii) vehicles of identifies, color, and menhui, and logo lamp must meet traffic administrative competent sector of provides; (three) installation by statutory quality technology supervision institutions verification qualified of pricing device, and empty stay rent logo; (four) vehicles should keep clean health. 14th article taxi driver in operating process in the, except should comply with Ordinance 18th article of about provides outside, also needed comply with following provides: (a) adhere to the ethics, law business, fair competition; (ii) by passengers specified of arrived locations, select best line driving; (three) without rental people agreed, shall not again attract others with took; (four) car within no passengers, and no other task Shi, should displayed empty stay rent logo.
    Displayed empty stay rent logo Hou, shall not refusing passengers; (five) according to provides of time for operating, ban offsite standing points operating; (six) clothing clean clean, instrument dignified, manners civilization, courtesy hospitality; (seven) comply with traffic regulations, security civilization lane; (eight) picked up to lost real timely returned owner, helpful, courage to boycott illegal crime behavior; (nine) with car carry effective of police traffic, and road transport, about documents, consciously accept about administrative competent sector of supervision, and check. 15th road transport operator licensing and road transport certificates, carry out the annual examination system.
    Taxi companies and individuals should be given time to road transport authority annual audit.
    16th the urban area taxis which operate in a limited operating time, by the municipal traffic Administration Department of road transport management and public security traffic Administrative Department ordered corrective action, depending on their circumstances may give him a warning or a fine of less than 100 Yuan and 300 yuan. 17th article traffic administrative competent sector and belongs of road transport management institutions of staff has following case one of of, should give criticism education, and depending on plot weight, ordered its stop implementation positions, law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on violation this approach provides of behavior not law processing of; (ii) not by provides issued operating documents of; (three) temporarily buckle vehicles, and operating documents not by provides time handed of; (four) punishment not issued punishment decided book, temporarily buckle vehicles, and
    Documents do not issue certificates of operation (v) abuse, insulting the Party; (f) deliberate destruction of documents by the parties and goods; (g) abuse, bribery, and (VIII) other illegal activities.
    Article 18th person penalized administrative penalties for traffic Administrative Department disagrees with the decision, you can apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Penalized person may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit, except otherwise prescribed by laws and regulations, administrative penalty does not stop execution.
    Implementation measures for the 19th article of the specific application of the municipal traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the interpretation. 20th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.
                                                                            Existing provisions incompatible with these measures, according to the provisions of that approach.