Dalian Municipality On Land Reserve Way

Original Language Title: 大连市土地储备办法

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(May 11, 2003, Dalian City people's Government, the 8th Executive meeting by 30th June 7, 2003, Dalian City people's Government promulgated as of July 7, 2003) article in order to further enhance the Government's ability to control the land market, optimize the allocation of urban land resources, ensure the value of State-owned land assets to promote urban construction and development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China land management law, the People's Republic of China on urban real estate Administration Act, the State Council and the
    Notice on strengthening the management of State-owned land assets provisions based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
    Ganjingzi district, and second, Zhongshan district, Dalian, xigang district, shahekou district (hereinafter referred to as the city four areas) within the scope of State-owned land work, these measures shall apply.
    Article III land reserves in these measures, refers to the municipal people's Government according to the law and urban land use planning and urban planning requirements, through recovery, and expropriation of land by way of acquisitions, replacement, after early development and consolidation reserves, to supply and control the urban building land demand behavior.
    Article fourth Dalian real estate development and management leadership group (hereinafter referred to as leading group) is responsible for the management work of land reserve in the city.
    Establishment of land reserve Center in Dalian (hereinafter referred to as municipal reserve Center), under the direction and supervision of the leading group in the city, specifically responsible for the Organization and implementation of land reserve planning, financing and management of the land reserve fund, relocation and formed reserve land, land market at the right time to provide reserve land, business use of reserve land, and so on.
    Fifth article land reserves of range: (a) law should by Government recovered, and confiscated of State-owned land; (ii) not determine land right of State-owned free land; (three) for implementation city planning needed relocation of enterprise, and institutions make out of original with to; (four) by municipal government delegate on city old district for transformation needed relocation of land; (five) generation municipal government expropriation collective land Hou formed of State-owned construction with to; (six) Government implementation priority purchase right purchase of land; (seven) other need reserves of State-owned construction with to.
    Sixth, reserve Center under the city's socio-economic development and urban construction needs, in accordance with the requirements of general land use planning and urban planning, development of annual plans for land reserve, leading group for approval by the city municipal people's Government for approval.
    Seventh land bank program: (a) reserve Center to design specific reserves, programme of work, and make an announcement. (B) ownership verification.
    The inclusion of land within the reserve lands, building (structures) and other attachment property, land area, four to boundaries, land uses, such as conducting field investigations and audits, clear land ownership. (C) the cost estimates.
    In conjunction with the land evaluation sector, the proposed reserve land acquisition compensation fee calculation and assessment and related costs. (D) cancellation of registration.
    Recover the original occupiers of the land, of the cancellation of the original state-owned land use permit. (E) change of registration.
    After examination by the Bureau of urban planning and land, issuing directly to reserve Center, land into a land bank.
    Land registration procedures as required by the urban planning and land Bureau.
    Eighth article to acquisition way for land reserves of, except by this approach seventh article provides program handle outside, also should by land reserves range within of land right people to city reserves Center proposed was acquisition application, by city reserves Center and original land right people signed state-owned land right acquisition contract, and by contract agreed of term, and amount and way, paid land compensation costs Hou, handle ownership change procedures, into land reserves library.
    Clause Nineth reserve land, reserve center consolidation programme should be drawn up, submitted to the municipal leading group for approval to demolish the finishing work, formation, for the former.
    Tenth of municipal reserve Center for reserve lands in the supplement before the temporary business use, with proceeds used to work of land reserve.
    11th to set up a land Bank Fund sources as follows: (a) the approval of the municipal government, municipal finance allocated funds (ranging from the Land Fund account); (b) in coordination with the Municipal Finance Department towards lower interest rates for bank loans; (c) the proceeds of the temporary management of reserve lands (iv) interest on bank deposits and other lawful sources of income.
    Land reserve fund must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the municipal finance earmarked adhere to two lines of income and expenditure management system, and regulated financial and auditing departments.
    12th land reserves need to land use and compensation (including replacement of difference), in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and State Council and the relevant provisions of the provincial and municipal governments.
    13th article included in the annual land supply plans of the Municipal Government's reserve land, reserve Center, should be submitted to the land market to the public in a timely manner. 14th into the land bank of paid use of land auction listing style. Management of construction land, must pay the use of reserve land.
    Approved by the municipal government in order to allocate the use of reserve land, land use must be paid to reserve Center, land reserves, collation, management and other costs. 15th into the scope of land reserves of land reserve Center, shall be announced to the public in the media.
    Land use shall not hinder or deny land reserve, unauthorized transfer of land use rights and buildings and other objects on the ground, land, real estate sector may not be for the approval and registration procedures.
    16th reserve Center, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions in serious cases, constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    17th city four areas of land bank other than work can be performed in accordance with the measures.
                                                                                                              18th article this way come into force on July 7, 2003.