Parallel Approval Of Fixed Asset Investment Project, Weifang City, Weifang City, Measures For The Implementation Of Enterprise Implementation Measures For The Establishment Of Informed Commitment System

Original Language Title: 潍坊市固定资产投资项目并联审批实施办法 潍坊市企业设立告知承诺制实施办法

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Weifang city people's Government, the 83rd parallel approval of fixed asset investment projects, Weifang, the implementation measures, established by the enterprise of Weifang city informed commitment implementation measures have been through the 25th Executive meeting of the municipal government, is hereby promulgated.
Mayor Zhang Xin, Weifang city, February 18, 2005, fixed asset investment project parallel review implementing measures chapter I General provisions article to further standardize administrative examination and approval, improve the style of work and improve efficiency, for the extraordinary leap-forward development in our city to create a relaxed environment for economic development, according to the People's Republic of China Law on administrative licensing, these measures are formulated.
Second parallel approval mentioned in these measures refers to two or more departments for approval, in accordance with a reception, a copy, synchronize approval, limit originally requested, by the host authorities and the relevant approval authorities in accordance with their respective powers from acceptance to conclude implementation of one-stop approval.
Article ranges that parallel approval in these measures are: the approval competence of the municipality approval of the project, as well as the approval competence involving the municipality for concession up policy or building conditions can not be balanced by fixed-asset investment projects.
Municipal approval authority and municipal approval authority approval at appropriate stages of the following fixed asset investment projects, in accordance with the measures implemented.
IV article development reform, and trade, and outside trade, and planning, and land, and construction, and housing, and environmental, and police fire, and water, and municipal management, and culture, and civil defense, and earthquake, and meteorological, and Ann prison, sector for fixed assets investment project parallel approval of main sector, tap water, and gas, and thermal, and power, and wired TV, and post, and communications, units for main social service institutions, while according to project of reality, on participate in parallel approval of sector for increases or decreases.
Fifth of municipal public administrative examination and approval Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) established joint parallel approval window of fixed asset investment projects, development and reform, planning, land, construction, housing, environmental protection, fire protection and other major departments of public security composed the backbone of the business. Fixed-asset investment projects leading the sixth article, host departments in charge. Public administrative examination and approval Service Center, according to the nature of the project and the lead department on the specific type of parallel approval, approval and follow up of the accepted stages of the project, and make a link of convergence and coordination.
Major capital investment projects led by the Center for processing. Determine development reform sector for project approval approved record stage of hosted sector, trade sector for technology project approval approved record stage of hosted sector; planning sector for construction with to planning license, and planning and building design programme review, and construction engineering planning license, stage of hosted sector; land sector for with to approval stage of hosted sector; development reform sector (or construction sector) for preliminary design review stage of hosted sector; construction sector for construction license stage of hosted sector;
Sponsor of the Housing Authority for housing licence stages.
The host Department's main responsibility is accepted and approval, presided over the meeting convened to coordinate dispatch Department of the Liaison Office, focused feedback the result, and so on.
Article seventh joint window should strictly enforce the "one in, one out" system of approval-do, accepted parallel approval of fixed asset investment projects applied for administrative examination and approval matters and issue licenses and permits.
Eighth joint window should be related to public sector responsibilities, do basis, application materials, preconditions, work procedures, to commit to deadlines, fees and processing results, provide the applicant with the printed Guide and work process, answer the applicant's inquiries.
Nineth parallel approval departments shall, in accordance with the requirements specification procedures determine the person in charge, ensure the orderly implementation of parallel processing.
The tenth parallel examination and approval Department shall actively work with sponsoring departments, in time to attend the Conference and issued the approval. Parallel approval departments should maintain regular contact and coordination of important matters shall be informed in advance.
Parallel approval by major problems in Center, the lead department and sponsor organizations coordinate at each stage. Chapter two parallel approval workflow 11th parallel approval workflow for: (a) one inadmissible. Parallel approval of fixed asset investment project of the Centre window is responsible for jointly accepted parallel approval application, a one-time approval at this stage inform the applicant need to submit all materials, and provide informed, and forms. After accepting, you should accept the notice issued to the applicant.
Major centre for fixed asset investment projects can be handled directly, to handle the examination and approval procedures, for the applicant to provide full-sweep services. (B) a copy of the relevant. Sponsor to the admissibility of the project can be implemented according to the actual situation of the system or copy. Of the implementation of the trial, examining a meeting summoned by the sponsoring departments, joint review of the implementation of a copy, by the sponsoring departments through the Centre approval notifications as network Liaison Office, a copy of the relevant approval Department separately processed in parallel.
Sponsoring departments should determine how the reviews in a timely manner, and a copy of the relevant approval authorities, transfer information and project management a copy center.
(C) the synchronization and approval. 1. approval of the project on implementing copy system, the relevant approval Department after receipt of the Liaison Office, applications and application materials are reviewed in a timely manner, in accordance with the relevant provisions of specific approval.
Matters shall be reported to the higher levels of Government and departments for examination and approval, and the functions within the specified time limit escalation and copy Centre and departments; approval is a matter of the subordinate departments for approval, internal transfer, the time limit originally.
2. to implement the system of examination and approval projects, determined by the sponsor and the applicant Union meetings, guiding applicants prepare relevant information, and timely gathering relevant departments to participate in the trial if necessary, sponsor may inform the applicant to attend the meeting. Examining and chaired by the host Department.
Special circumstances may also be authorized by the Center lead department or directly convened and presided over by the Centre. Participation after the receipt of the notice should be placed in charge of the business window staff, major events should be attended by the leaders; if you can't attend, should leave to call departments in advance, and reassigned other to put forward opinions of participants.
Clients go through the relevant formalities, information requested, participate in the meeting once the trial which departments should be in the description to the applicant and provide blank forms and other information on completing the formalities.
The formation meeting minutes meeting of the Tribunal shall, by bringing together departments responsible for drafting, issuing of participating departments, and reported to the Centre. Need a site survey, sponsored by joint survey of sector organizations. (D) limited and completed in time. The relevant approval authorities should copy the date (or the audit opinion on the date), the prescribed working days to complete the vetting or approval, and feedback host departments approval. On approval of the review identified issues should be timely issued relevant documents and approval certificates; to be approved, staff shall prepare a preliminary review opinions and the reasons for reporting, by the collective decision of the Department head, major issues should be decided by the municipal government.
Not to grant determined, a rejection notice to the applicants, review the reason and date. Upon preliminary examination, determine the matters approved, can the applicant make commitments on the basis of the first proposed approval, require the applicant to complete material within a certain period, and meet the conditions. Need of rectification should be made the car, the applicant made after rectification, can enter the secondary application procedures.
On the approval of the above need to be submitted to the provincial and the provincial Department, relevant departments should actively do reporting work.
Due to special reasons not within the prescribed period, relevant departments should report Center in advance and inform the host Department and other relevant departments.
The 12th due to changed circumstances in the preliminary work of the project, larger adjustments are required, according to the original examination and approval procedure of registration procedures.
Chapter three parallel approval procedure and approval time is the 13th record project review and approval stage. Use of government investment construction projects, the implementation of approval system; for enterprise use of government subsidy, onlending, discount investment construction projects, the Government only approved funding applications.
Do not use significant government investment construction project and limit such projects approved according to relevant regulations of the State; others will be implemented for the record business.
The municipal development and reform Department (or trade) after acceptance of the application according to industry at national, provincial and municipal policies and related pre-approval Department (planning, land and environmental protection, earthquake, fire, etc) of feedback within 4 business days of approval, approval or for the record. The municipal development and reform Department (or trade) can be according to the actual situation, decided to adopt the system, or a copy. Of the implementation of the trial, the municipal development and reform commissions (or trade) Review Conference of the Organization of the project feasibility study, invited all relevant leaders, experts, scholars and parallel approval departments attended the meeting.
Less investment, covers a narrow non-building projects, the municipal development and reform (or trade) organized by the small joint review meetings parallel approval Department.
After projects have been approved and departments participating in the parallel approval should be considered earlier approval of their respective approval procedures have been completed, enter this stage of approval in a timely manner.
The parallel approval of the competent departments of the stage time limit: (a) development and reform commissions (or trade): given within 4 business days of approval, approval or registration and bidding approval issued by the programme;
(B) the Planning Department: 3 working days to provide a planning condition, issued by project site submissions;
(C) the land sector: 3 working days to produce land pre-trial comments;
   (Iv) Environmental Protection Department: from the environmental impact report is received within 3 working days from the date, received an environmental impact report, environmental impact review issued within 1 business day from the date of registration;
(E) water sector: no need to prepare report on water resources assessment, should be received within 2 working days from the date on which the application for decision to prepare report on water resources assessment, should receive the report within 3 working days from the date of decision and feedback to departments and related approval authority;
(F) Fire Department: 3 working days to complete the assessment and review of fire safety;
(G) the earthquake authority: 3 business days to complete the requirements for seismic and seismic safety evaluation;
(H) safety supervision Department: of non-coal mine construction projects and for the production of construction projects, storage of dangerous goods, safety evaluation report review within 3 working days;
(IX) other relevant departments receive a municipal development and reform Department (or trade) after earlier approval notification should be made within 3 working days to review comments and feedback.
14th building with planning permission stage. This stage can be used with approval, planning and architecture design review phase synchronization.
Planners for the hosting sector at this stage.
After the Planning Department accepts applications, should be made within 3 working days to review opinions, issued by the project to review and correct planning permit for construction.
Approval for the 15th stage. Land sector for the hosting sector at this stage. Apart from the land, should organize surveys, land and agricultural conversion, programme preparation and approval. General fixed assets investment projects in 15 working days, gross fixed assets investment project review report within 20 working days. Special circumstances cannot be concluded on time and shall inform the applicant in a timely manner and report Center.
For specific construction projects should be made within 5 working days to decide.
16th planning and architecture design review phase. After the design submitted by the applicant, by the Planning Department with the relevant departments on the design text, review the relevant information, complete the design project, issue approvals; major projects report municipal review, according to review opinions issued by the approval of the municipal government. 5 working days to complete the review process.
Others involved in the censorship authorities 3 working days to review comments and feedback to the Planning Department.
17th preliminary design review stage.
Investment in national, provincial or municipal public infrastructure, the following investment projects, approved by the Municipal Department of industrial, civil and other construction projects, fixed-asset investment projects, the need for a preliminary design review, by the development of reform and construction sectors according to the Division of responsibilities the organizational review, 5 working days to complete.
Not for preliminary design review of the matter, the earlier approval departments should plan and architectural design review stage completes the approval and feedback from the Planning Department, the construction sector and other related sectors.
18th stage of construction project planning permit. Planning Department a copy of the relevant departments, reminders; also held the meetings as required.
5 business days to complete the drawings and the review of the additional information and written comments, issued by a qualified construction project planning permit.
Other relevant sectors in the Liaison Office received the Planning Department notified and the transfer of related information, in the planning sector feedback comments within 4 working days. 19th construction permit stage. Depending on the construction sector, and conduct quality supervision and other related formalities. Involving demolition, departments concerned should be coordinated, within 3 working days after the conditions for the demolition permit procedures.
5 business days to complete the review and issuance of the construction permit.
20th stage housing licence. Housing Management Department according to the application, licence decision within 3 business days.
A new affordable housing, prices based on an application for review, approved price within 3 working days (except organization price hearing time).
21st project acceptance. Joint acceptance of fixed asset investment projects that have been completed. National policy for investment projects, government investment projects, construction of key projects and infrastructure construction projects, organized by the lead department acceptance. The implementation of "three simultaneous" review system of fixed asset investment projects, safety, health, environmental protection, city and management under the conditions of implementation and acceptance.
Departments after the receipt of the application, within 3 business days for check and certificate of approval or review comments.
Construction organization design and construction, engineering supervision units were integrated after acceptance, building Department filing on the date of receiving the application procedures. According to the relevant laws and regulations, construction projects implemented intermediate inspection or reinspection, reported to the Centre for approval by relevant departments on their own organization.
Other special acceptance of separate organizations, should lead department consent. Supervision and inspection of the 22nd fourth chapter establishing and perfecting the supervision system of parallel processing.
In violation of the relevant provisions of the measures fail to perform the duties of the departments are informed by the Center, and according to the relevant provisions of the municipal party Committee and Government, and the Center's rules and regulations to deal with serious cases, transfer of monitoring agencies. 23rd article to establish illegal implementation of the administrative licensing and reporting system.
Any unit or individual is found in violation of the foregoing the executive authorities, and right to Center and Watchdog complaints, report verified, shall be ordered to correct by the Centre, give notice of criticism are serious by the supervisory authorities in accordance with administrative privileges on the main unit or municipal government leaders and directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.
Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 24th of this way to determine audit report processing time does not include the departments of City Government and the higher authorities to review time.
25th article of the problems in the implementation of the measures by municipal public administrative examination and approval Service Center for specific regulations.
26th article this way as of the date of promulgation.
Article I establishment of enterprise of Weifang city informed commitment to implement measures for further deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system, reduce administrative approval, simplifying administrative examination and approval procedures, enhance the efficiency of administrative services, improving the environment for economic development, about the reform of administrative examination and approval system, according to the State, province, and the People's Republic of China provisions of the administrative licensing law, reference to overseas practices, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
Second article this approach of applies range for: in city level range within application enterprise established, received business license Qian, in accordance with national legal, and regulations provides except involved national security, and citizens personal security and national strictly control of project outside, belongs to I city city level administrative organ approval permission of Qian reset approval matters, are for implemented told commitment business of applies range, Qian reset approval project belongs the administrative approval sector are for participate in sector.
Spirit of easy to difficult, and steadily promote the principle of informed commitment first practiced in enterprises to set up part of the earlier approval of the project, subject to the conditions in other areas gradually opened.
Commitments informed article in accordance with the "streamlined procedures, reduced link, improved efficiency, enhanced services, strengthen supervision, convenience and benefit" principle, adhere to combination of simplifying administrative examination and approval links and strengthen supervision and administration according to law and improve the efficiency of a combination of principles.
Fourth article of the commitment referred to inform system consists of two parts: (a) the Executive administrative examination and approval conditions, procedures, deadlines, inform the applicant;
(B) the applicant agency inform laws, regulations, rules and other approval requirements to make commitments.
Inform and commitment by signing a "inform the undertaking" to confirm.
Fifth inform promise system of main elements: (a) the administrative examination and approval organs informed of main elements: 1. administrative approval procedures are based on the laws, regulations and other relevant rules and regulations;
2. laws, regulations, rules and related industry standards under the administrative approval procedures should be consistent with or meet the conditions, requirements, standards;
3. the applicant shall submit the relevant information;
4. approval for procedures, methods and time frames for approving the executive authorities;
5. the applicant obtain administrative permission is subject to the laws, rules, regulations and industry standards;
6. the applicant made false promises or breach shall bear legal liability;
7. the administrative bodies that should inform any other content.
Administrative authorities should be informed at once of those elements, and provide declarations for completing and demonstration samples.
(B) the main content of the commitments of the applicant: 1. the applicant is informed already knows and understands the contents of the executive authorities, commitment requirements within the time frame to achieve the executive authorities inform the conditions, standards and requirements;
2. commitments of the applicant State and the true, legal forms, related materials, is the true wishes of the applicant;
3. the commitment of the applicant to comply with the relevant laws, rules, regulations and industry standards requirements, and accept the supervision and administration of the Executive; such as false or violate its commitments will receive administrative penalties shall be imposed in accordance with laws and rules and regulations;
4. the applicant confirms Executive commitment conditions, other commitments they need.
Commitments of applicants shall be a statutory legal representative or its authorized agent (joint-stock economic entities have to be all investors or its commissioned agent), natural persons applying for administrative approval is required to undertake, and must be signed by me in the undertaking.
Sixth article told commitment business implementation to city public administrative approval Service Center for relies on, by business and the Qian reset approval organ standing city public administrative approval Service Center window collaborative by following program handle: (a) applicants to business registration window proposed Enterprise established registration application Shi, accepted personnel will enterprise established conditions and the involved of Qian reset approval project one-time written told applicants, and guide its to Qian reset approval organ do window received told commitment book.
(B) the applicant informed when undertaking, approval authorities shall inform the undertaking provided sample text, and commitment to the understanding of notification by the applicant and fill in counselling and inform the undertaking lecture. (C) the applicant informed commitment to books, read them carefully in the understanding of informed commitment to inform the specific content and that meet the approving authority approval conditions, criteria and requirements after signing informed undertaking.
Inform the undertaking in triplicate, along with related materials business enterprises to set up registration window and hand a copy to the administrative examination and approval authority, a copy of the applicant's retention.
(D) the spirit of synchronization, efficiency principle, available in pre-approval authority before a permit or authorization documents, window as long as the receipt is for industry and Commerce administrative authorities and inform the undertaking of the applicant signed and sealed, you can start the procedure, go through relevant procedures in advance. (E) the pre-approval authority on signed informed the applicant undertaking and related materials, through materials reviewed to confirm that meet the assessment criteria and requirements, should be licensed or approved file; special case is subject to site survey or technical appraisal to determine, administrative examination and approval organs shall within the promised time frame for issuing permits or approved file.
Administrative authority does not commit to deadlines to issue certificates for administrative license or approval documents does not inform the reason, is deemed to have been agreed, and approval responsibilities.
(F) the business window in earlier approval permits or authorization documents are complete within 4 business days after business license applicants. Article when applicants apply for administrative approval, the executive authorities should be provided free of charge to the applicant according to the standard format of administrative examination and inform the undertaking.
Electronic version, Weifang city, should inform the undertaking through public administrative examination and approval Center electronic government affair systems available to the applicant. Article eighth administrative examination and approval authority after the issuance of the relevant certificate of administrative license or authorization documents, should be implemented within 3 months of the applicant in the administrative approval items and specific production process, compliance or meet the conditions, standards and requirements for supervision and verification, and in accordance with the case law of the administrative examination and approval matters site visit, project review, qualification assessment, and so on.
Verification does not meet or does not meet the relevant criteria, standards and requirements, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, shall order the rectification, serious cases should annul of an administrative license in a timely manner; illegal, according to the administrative penalties.
The annul of an administrative license, the approving authority shall promptly a copy of relevant administrative organs shall take appropriate action.
Article Nineth informed acceptance of items requiring administrative approval, by the approval authority shall inform without informed or informed that content was not complete, is not clear, is untimely, inaccurate, resulting in losses of the applicant, the examination and approval authorities bear the responsibility.
Content of the article the applicant informed of the approving authority, failed to fully understand or misunderstandings caused by loss, the applicant shall assume the responsibilities.
The 11th applicant fail to fulfil their commitments, shall be liable for all the consequences arising therefrom.
Business and related pre-approval authority shall establish the applicant's credit file and information sharing, has records of not meeting their commitments, and later in the application for registration or engage in production and business activities focus on reviewing or strengthening supervision.
12th where the implementation of administrative licensing of the municipal administrative organs must be approved according to law, in strict accordance with the administrative examination and approval of informed commitment about the work. Municipal Department efficiency supervision Center and public administrative examination and approval Service Center is responsible for the implementation of the measures of whole-process supervision.
Commitment to implement administrative examination and inform departments and personnel of the working poor, the applicant can be submitted to the municipal authorities the effectiveness of surveillance centres and public administrative examination and approval Service Center for complaints and reports, the departments concerned in accordance with the Convention on the reform of the administrative examination and approval system of discipline in several provisions of the liability.
13th article of the approach by municipal public administrative examination and approval Service Center is responsible for the interpretation, municipal administrative organs responsible for organization and implementation, specifically commissioned by the municipal administrative bodies, public administrative examination and approval Service Center window. 14th purposes herein from the date of publication.