Hangzhou City, Hangzhou Municipal People's Government On The Amendments To The Motor Vehicle Washing Station Management Way To Some 24 City Government Regulations, Such As The Provisions Of Decision

Original Language Title: 杭州市人民政府关于修改《杭州市机动车辆清洗站管理办法》等24件市政府规章部分条款的决定

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(July 14, 2004 Hangzhou City Government 45th times Executive Conference considered through July 21, 2004 Hangzhou City Government makes No. 206, announced since September 1, 2004 up purposes) by City Government 45th times Executive Conference considered, decided on Hangzhou City mobile vehicles cleaning station management approach, 24 pieces municipal government regulations part terms be modified: a, and Hangzhou City mobile vehicles cleaning station management approach (municipal government makes 58th, released, municipal government makes 120th, for part modified) 1, seventh revised as follows: "setting up motor vehicle washing stations should be according to the relevant construction procedure of approval procedures.
    "2, delete the article 12th.
    Second, the provisions on administration of Hangzhou City, commodity and service prices (municipalities, 61st) deleted article fifth.
    Third, the provisions on administration of archives work in enterprises in Hangzhou City (city, 78th), delete article tenth. Four fire hydrants, Hangzhou City regulations (municipal government, 84th) 1, Nineth-article is amended as: "any unit and individual is prohibited unauthorized opening and use of fire hydrants. "2, tenth revised as" the relevant sector on the road to expansion, renovation, maintenance, are not allowed to move fire hydrant. "3, 11th modified to:" units of internal fire hydrants (fire pump adapter) maintenance should be strengthened, if damage is found, it should be repaired in a timely manner; in addition to fire should not be enabled or the diversion. Not allowed to add, shift, remove fire hydrant.
    "4, the 12th article is revised as follows:" fire hydrant water without authorization. " Five professional continuing education requirements,, Hangzhou City (city the 99th) 12th is amended as: "continuing education relying on institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, social groups and training of medium and large enterprises to set up agencies and training institutions to establish continuing education base for other conditions, different types, different levels of continuing education, and continuing education management inspection, guidance and supervision.
    "Six, Hangzhou administration of the statistics work provisions (100th number of the municipal government) in article 1, delete 16th" when the withdrawal of State bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups, should be to the local people's Governments above the county level statistics registration procedures for cancellation of statistics ". 2, 20th paragraph amended as "top secret, secret, confidential statistics, without permission, no unit or individual without a public announcement. News organizations and individuals without a public announcement or reference is not released by the Census and Statistics Department (including the city, district and County) statistics. "Seven, and Hangzhou City city life garbage management approach (municipal government makes 105th,) 1, and 16th article second paragraph third items modified for:" (three) organ, and school, and forces, and factories, large units and airport, and Terminal, and station, and country market, and culture sports entertainment field (Museum), public of bagged life garbage, must placed in by provides configuration of garbage room in the. The units are free to collect, transport, and may also appoint environmental health operations unit.
    "2, the deletion of article 18th.
    3, delete article 20th 13th. Eight, the Hangzhou City people's air defence project management (109th issue of the municipal government, municipal Government amend the 179th) 1, sixth article is revised as follows: "(b) shall not endanger the security of civil air defence works within the soil, laying of pipes and surface engineering of building facilities. "Paragraph 2, 17th revised as follows:" units or individuals, usually by using people's air defense works, shall be submitted to the approval of the competent departments for civil air defense, received the certificate of civil air defense projects. Peacetime utilization of civil air defense project, to the competent departments for civil air defense shall be registered.
    "Paragraph 3, delete the article 19th.
    Hangzhou construction supervision regulations (municipal 122th) 1, delete fourth fifth.
    2, delete article 16th.
    17th, the second paragraph of article 3, delete. 4, 36th article is revised as follows: "Sino-foreign joint venture construction projects within units to assume supervision of the Commissioner, shall entrust the supervision units in the territory. Territory business unit cannot be solely responsible for supervision of the Commissioner, by supervision units and outside supervision institutions supervision in the territory.
    "5, delete article 37th.
    In article 6, the 38th "foreign supervision supervision of institutions engaged in cooperation in this city, to the municipal engineering construction supervision Department should provide the following materials" is amended as: "foreign supervision supervision of institutions engaged in cooperation in this city, shall take the following documents to the municipal engineering construction supervision Department filing". 7, 40th is amended as: "Sino-foreign cooperation supervision in the city to assume supervision services, should be in our technical specifications.
    "8, delete article 43rd.
    Ten, and Hangzhou City field standing Hangzhou do institutions management approach (municipal government makes 123th,) 1, and fourth article modified for: "Hangzhou City Government domestic economic cooperation competent sector (following referred to city by collection competent sector) is responsible for standing hang do institutions of management and service work", and will approach in the "Municipal Government by organised" of reference unified modified for "city by collection competent sector". 2, Nineth and tenth consolidated and amended as: "the setting up of the Hangzhou Office, should be sent a letter (business units also should be accompanied by a photocopy of the business license) and other materials, to the municipal authorities for the record.
    "Paragraph 3, 12th, the second paragraph is amended as:" lines based in Hangzhou Office according to the provisions of the following declarations into Hangzhou account relationship: (a) directly under the body of the State, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the people's Government in the Hangzhou Office amount to 10 people.
    (B), Vice provincial city, the provincial capital, the State Council ministerial-level companies, the provinces and cities () in Hangzhou Office of the Government quota for 5 people.
    (C) other provinces (ground) line of people's Government in the Hangzhou Office for 2.
    (D) in the province of County (City) Government in Hangzhou Office amount to 1. Within the approved control based in Hangzhou Office should have an authority approvals and reporting accounts list, certified by the competent departments, then to the public security authorities for collective procedures. "4, 13th revised as:" staff in Hangzhou Office increase, should be submitted to the municipal authorities for the record.
    "5, delete 15th and 16th. 6, 17th revised as follows: "municipal OECD Department in Hangzhou Office provides policy information and advisory services, organization and coordination of Hangzhou Office attended the city's major events, protect the legitimate rights and interests of administrative body stationed in Hangzhou. "7, 18th is amended as:" in Hangzhou Office for this region, agents of the sector services. Agents stationed in Hangzhou Office services relating to a specific business activity, should inform the Administrative Department for industry and commerce registration procedures to obtain business licenses. "8, 19th revised as follows:" United hang change of business name, function, person in charge and set aside in the workplace, and for some reason, should be submitted to the municipal authorities for the record, will hand over related documents, files, and seal the destruction and aftermath.
    "Article 9, delete the 20th and 22nd. Administrative measures for public toilets in the city, Hangzhou, XI (municipal 125th) 1, 17th is amended as: "lots of inadequate flow of people, the number of public toilets, mobile toilets and go through the relevant formalities. Mobile public toilets managed by the competent administrative Department of sanitation regulations. "2, 32nd is amended as:" the public toilets in the city must be open at the specified time, should not be deactivated. Due to exceptional circumstances is really necessary to temporarily deactivate, other provisional measures should be taken.
    "3, delete the article 34th.
    36th article 4, delete the fourth and third paragraph of the first item.
    12, the Hangzhou Tourism Management (city to 129th) 1, delete article 16th. Paragraph 2, 18th revised as follows: "establishment of the travel agents should be according to the relevant provisions of national and provincial travel agency business licenses. "3, 21st is amended as:" travel agents hired by the national examination qualified tour guides. Is not allowed without a guide qualified personnel for guided tours.
    "Article 4, delete the 22nd and 23rd. 5, 25th is amended as: "travel insurance should be in accordance with the regulations for tourists. "Article 6, 26th is revised as follows:" foreign travel agencies travel agency branches established within the administrative area of the city, shall be governed by the national and provincial regulations. "7, 29th, the first paragraph is amended as:" the tour guides should be travel agencies and tourists signed contract or agreement meet the quality standards of service.
    "Section 8, the fourth chapter," tourism management "is amended as" tourism service network management ", and delete the article 31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th. 9 Article 35th, amended to read: "the hotel implements the star rating system"; third paragraph as follows: "non-star hotels may not use star-related advertising terms. "10, 38th revised as:" travel tourists tourists not insurance, shall be according to the relevant State provisions for tourists as a replacement insurance.
    "In article 11, delete 49th" 16th "," 22nd "content.
    In article 12, delete 50th "23rd", "serious, cancels its ' day trips ' qualification".
    13, delete in 54th "and tourism" and "tourism unit in serious violation of provisions, canceled its tourism unit entitled" content. Adding a paragraph to article 14, 55th, as the first paragraph: "the administrative penalties for violation of these measures implemented, may entrust the competent administrative Department for tourism of organizations eligible for law on administrative punishments provided for in article 19th.
    "13, Hangzhou City nightscape lighting management approach (Municipal Government to 130th) delete the eighth article. 14, Hangzhou City town house renovation management approach (municipal 141th) 1, seventh with three, as the first item, second item, third item: "(a) without the original designer or a design unit design with qualification, change subject and the load-bearing structure of the building;

    (B) there will be no room or balcony waterproofing requirements to bathrooms, kitchens, (iii) damage, demolition the original public housing, common carrier, reducing effect; "11th 2, delete the second paragraph of article, and the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs.
    3, delete 12th and 20th.
    4, delete the article 25th.
    5, delete article 31st.
    XV, Hangzhou City Transportation taxi management approach (municipal 144th) 1, the second paragraph of article is amended as: "the institutions specifically responsible for the implementation of the measures for the administration of city road transport", and in the way "road transport administration" in reference to unification is amended as: "road transport administration".
    2, delete the Nineth, 21st in the article "pilot service certificate".
    3, delete article tenth sixth. 4, 21st-adding a paragraph to article, as the second paragraph: "freight taxi drivers should be road transportation management shipping laws and regulations, vehicle repairs and cargo loading keep basic knowledge examinations.
    "5, delete the 22nd article, the fourth in the" driver's certificate of service "content removed fifth. Interim measures for the administration of Hangzhou City, 16, of hazardous solid wastes (city, 148th) 1, the eighth amendment: "cross-urban solid wastes needs to be transferred for storage, use, disposal of units and individuals, must report to the Administrative Department of environmental protection, the rear can be carried out. "2, 13th paragraph modified as follows:" directly involved in the collection, storage, transport, use and disposal of hazardous waste-personnel, should receive professional training, examinations, before engaging in this work.
    "3, delete article 22nd fifth.
    17, Hangzhou City construction safety management (the city 150th) 1, III is amended as: "the Hangzhou municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the city's construction of security supervision and management of the industry", and in the way "municipal construction Administrative Department" and "supervising agencies," in reference to uniform changes for the "municipal construction Administrative Department." 2, 16th article is revised as follows: "special operations personnel shall obtain the professional qualification certificates before they can post.
    "3, delete article 23rd.
    4, delete article 35th. Hangzhou City, 18, "day trip" management approach (municipal 158th) 1, sixth is amended as: "' day tour ' tour, including start, attractions and activities, such as, by the competent administrative authorities and the traffic Administrative Department of tourism under the tourism development plan, and to the public.
    "2, seventh revised as follows:" ' day trips ' business units, the travel agency business must be legally obtained permits and road transport road transport operators permit issued by the regulatory bodies and other relevant certificates. ' Day trips ' engaged in implementation of the file system. ' Day trips ' business travel agency, tourism administrative departments should be; need to stop business activities shall be 5 business days in advance to the tourism administrative departments.
    "Article 3, delete the eighth and Nineth. Adding a paragraph to article 4, tenth-, as the second paragraph: "' day trips ' line of parks, attractions on the distribution of income, determined by consultation among the parks, attractions and tourism administrative departments, the pricing departments should strengthen coordination. "5, 13th is amended as:" in ' tour ' tour guides and drivers operating service activities, you must obtain the appropriate guide cards and driver's licenses, and induction of worn documents, accept supervision by the Administrative Department for tourism and tourists.
    "6 delete 16th fifth.
    7, delete the article 18th, third.
    8, delete article 19th "the circumstances are serious, you can cancel the units ' day trip ' qualifications, and recover the license plates, the tour guides and drivers to cancel service entitled" content.
    19, Hangzhou City drainage management approach (municipal 163th) delete the fourth paragraph.
    20, Hangzhou qinghefang history Street protection schemes (municipal 164th) delete in 12th, 13th "qinghefang history Street management".
    Hangzhou, 21, risk safety management for housing (municipal 166th) 1, delete paragraph Nineth.
    In section 2, delete 26th "and cancel the qualifications" of content.
    Hangzhou City, 22, cover of underground pipeline management (municipal 171th) deleted article 11th. 23, and Hangzhou City City heating management approach (municipal government makes 182th,) 18th article second paragraph modified for: "for city construction, heating facilities construction, and maintenance and heat units maintenance equipment, reasons need reduced heating or stop heating Shi, heat units, and heating units should ahead of 72 hours notification user; for burst sex fault stop heating Shi, heating units should immediately repair, and timely notification user. "24, administrative measures of dust pollution in Hangzhou City (city 190th) 1, 11th modified to:" construction projects shall require the use of concrete. Prescribed mix concrete at the construction site, mixing equipment should be fitted with dust or effective containment measures to prevent dust pollution. "2, 18th revised to read:" the building needs of the blast of the building and construction units should be established to prevent dust pollution proposal, and to take effective measures, before construction.
    "At the same time in accordance with this decision, on the order of articles adjusted accordingly.
                                                                        This decision shall take effect on September 1, 2004.

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