Hangzhou City, Hangzhou Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Regulation On Inland Waterway 18 Municipal Government Regulations, Such As Parts Of Decisions

Original Language Title: 杭州市人民政府关于修改《杭州市内河航道管理办法》等18件市政府规章部分条款的决定

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(September 13, 2004 Hangzhou City Government 50th times Executive Conference considered through September 20, 2004 Hangzhou City Government makes No. 207, announced since November 1, 2004 up purposes) by City Government 50th times Executive Conference considered, decided on Hangzhou City river channel management approach, 18 pieces municipal government regulations part terms be modified: a, and Hangzhou City river channel management approach (municipal government makes 28th, released, municipal government makes 120th, for part modified) 1, and will
    In the way of "air traffic control agency" unified revised as "water traffic management." 2, 11th modified to: "construction of waterways, waterway facilities and waterway projects related to the national capital construction program and must be in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    "Second, Hangzhou, specialized terminals management approach (released 29th of the municipal government, the Municipal Government amend the 120th) 1, the methods in the" port authorities "," shipping regulatory body "unified revised as" water traffic management. " 2, seventh revised as follows: "operational half-special terminal unit and individual requirements for operating out of business should be to water traffic management agencies for cancellation of the permit for port operation, and industrial and commercial administrative organs for registration.
    "3, delete article 11th.
    24th article 4, delete.
    Three, Hangzhou City, waterborne traffic safety management regulations (municipal government, 43rd) 1, the incorporation of the provisions in the "port navigation supervisory authority" unified revised as "water traffic management." 2, sixth paragraph is amended as: "build ship unit and individual shall apply for ship names.
    "3, delete article eighth. 4, 13th paragraph amended as: "ship shall not hinder the other ship shall not be obscured navigational signs, no ship in the pipeline or parking sign ban in the waters of the Park. No ship loading and unloading at the channel transfer operations.
    "5, delete article 14th. 6, 19th revised as: "where the need to pilot ships must first apply to the water traffic management agency after approval.
    "In article 7, delete the 28th" loading after passing the port navigation supervisory authority issuing the certificate of loading dangerous goods ". 8, 29th is revised as follows: "is prohibited (du) ships carrying dangerous cargoes, passengers are not allowed to carry dangerous goods on board.
    "Four, Hangzhou City building decoration engineering management approach (72nd release of the municipal government, the Municipal Government amend the 120th) 1, the methods in the" construction Administrative Department "unified revised as" construction Administrative Department. " 2, the second paragraph is amended as: "where in Hangzhou urban area in non-residential buildings decoration engineering and construction units and individuals are required to comply with these measures.
    "Article 3, the third is revised as follows:" the Hangzhou municipal construction Administrative Department on the unified supervision and management of architectural decoration project within their respective administrative areas. District construction Administrative Department in charge of building decoration engineering supervision and administration within their respective jurisdictions. "4, sixth is amended as:" the construction permit system imposed on building decoration engineering.
    Units in building decoration engineering before construction, to district construction Administrative Department to apply for building decoration construction permits.
    Construction Administrative Department in each district should be the date of receipt of the application within the 5th completed the review, eligible, architectural engineering construction permit issued. Architectural engineering construction permit is not made, it may not start.
    "5, eighth, second to third paragraph is amended as:" field building decoration construction unit to hang in the construction and decoration business, subject to the municipal construction Administrative Department filing procedures. Construction units shall obtain the appropriate level of qualification certificates, and to the extent permitted by their level of qualification contract construction and decoration works. Prohibition of construction beyond the qualification license of business or any other construction contract on behalf of architectural engineering.
    "Article 6, the tenth is revised as follows:" upon completion of the architectural decoration engineering, organized by the construction unit acceptance and provides planning and fire departments for acceptance. Fail to pass the project acceptance or experience, shall not be delivered.
    "7, delete article 12th. 8, 14th amendment: "construction in violation of these regulations, has not received a decoration project began construction of single permission, by the district administrative authorities shall order to stop construction, completing the formalities and architectural engineering contract for units 1%-2% fine, but not more than 50000 Yuan, the construction units to a fine of up to 5000 Yuan more than 10000.
    "9, delete 15th and 17th.
    Five, Hangzhou Tourism ship management (77th of the Municipal Government published Government amend the 120th) 1, the incorporation of the provisions of "air traffic control agency" unified revised as "water traffic management."
    2, delete the article fourth. 3, and will sixth article in the "business tourism transport of ship by airlines tube institutions by following standard approved its category" of content modified for "business tourism transport of ship can by following standard is divided into following grade"; fourth items modified for: "ship total tonnage is not reached above requirements, but facilities luxury, and related facilities reached must requirements of, also can determine its corresponding of ship category.
    "Article 4, delete the seventh. 5, eighth paragraph is amended as: "tourist ships engaged in the travel business, should be on routes, frequency of sailing, docking, travel time to report in writing on the water traffic management agencies and departments temporary change should be promptly reported.
    "12th 6, delete the second paragraph of article.
    7, delete article 22nd fourth and seventh.
    Six of Hangzhou port management (82nd release of the municipal government, the Municipal Government amend the 120th) 1, the methods in the "port authorities" unified revised as "water traffic management." Article 2, 14th revised as follows: "use the unit without changing the function of the area, or transfer, rent out their range.
    "Seven, implementing rules for the regulations of Hangzhou urban green management (city to 88th) delete 14th article.
    Groundwater management in the eight cities, Hangzhou City (114th of the municipal government) 1, the incorporation of the provisions in the "Municipal Council" and "municipal water-saving Office" unified revised as "urban water Administrative Department." 2, article is revised as follows: "Hangzhou City water supply groundwater, administrative departments are responsible for the development, utilization and protection.
    "3, and seventh article modified for:" where needed take with city groundwater of units and personal, should holding following information to city city water administrative competent sector proposed application: (a) chisel well application report; (ii) chisel well application by according to of about material; (three) chisel well construction design programme (including well bit, and well diameter, and well deep, and check water, and take water, and design take water, and built well material,); (four) other need provides of information. Urban water conservancy administrative departments to review the application materials, meet the requirements, issued to underground water license and approved water intake. Urban groundwater water license, urban water supply, commissioned by the municipal water conservancy administrative departments administrative departments uniform.
    "4, delete article eighth, tenth. 5, article is revised as follows: "approved using city water, sinking construction units should be strictly in accordance with design and construction, and ensure the construction quality. If geology and environment construction in construction should not be dug deep, should immediately stop construction, and notify the construction units. Construction units shall promptly report to the competent administrative Department for urban water supply, be dealt with separately.
    "6, delete article 12th.
    7, delete article 16th.
    8, delete 26th first and sixth.
    Nine, Hangzhou City commercial concrete management practices (municipal government, 115th) 1, in the way of "building industry authority," and the "Office of the municipal administration of commodity concrete" unified revised as "municipal construction Administrative Department."
    2, delete the second paragraph of article. 3, and fifth article modified for: "by provides should using commodity concrete of construction engineering, has following situation one of of, units can in construction site mixing concrete, and reported city construction administrative competent sector record: (a) for road traffic reasons, transport commodity concrete of dedicated vehicles cannot arrived construction site of; (ii) for construction engineering of special need, commodity concrete production enterprise cannot production of; (three) other does needed in construction site mixing of.
    "Article 4, delete 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th in the first paragraph. 5, 25th is amended as: "violations of the provisions in article fifth self mixing concrete on the construction site by the municipal construction Administrative Department be ordered to rectify and practical concrete use punishable by fine of 100 yuan per cubic meter for construction units, but each time the penalty shall not exceed a maximum of 50000 Yuan.
    "Ten of Hangzhou construction tendering and bidding management of construction engineering (municipal 121th) 1, delete the sixth article.
    2, and 19th article first items modified for: "(a) enterprise corporate license, and qualification grade certificate;" 3, and 37th article first items modified for: "(a) without agreed, unauthorized take invited tender of;" plenary, and Hangzhou City car motorcycle maintenance industry management approach (municipal government makes 136th,) 1, and will approach in the "car maintenance industry management institutions" unified modified for "road transport management institutions".
    Section 2, delete the Nineth.
    3, delete article 17th.
    21st in the first paragraph of article 4, delete "and endorsed by the automobile repairs and servicing industry after regulatory approval, will be able to work".
    5, delete article 29th fifth. Administrative measures on pig slaughtering, 12, Hangzhou City (city to 145th) 1, 11th-the sixth amended as: "slaughter of the legally obtained a health certificate and technical personnel. "2, 15th is amended as:" the personnel engaged in the business of live pigs and pig products shall obtain a health certificate, and to have the necessary knowledge of animal epidemic prevention.
    "23rd 3, delete article. Seismic fortification measures for the administration of Hangzhou municipal construction project, 13, (city, 149th) 13th 1, delete "and approved by the relevant authorities".

    2, 16th revised as follows: "seismic evaluation and strengthening design of construction works must be designed by a qualified entity. "3, 17th is amended as:" alteration, expansion, and the construction decoration, without damage to the original subject of the project structure.
    "4, and 19th article modified for:" design units, and construction units violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered corrected, and can sentenced 10000 Yuan above 50000 Yuan following of fine: (a) not according to seismic design specification for seismic design of; (ii) not according to seismic design for construction of; (three) not made corresponding design qualification certificate or beyond qualification grade contract engineering identification task of; (D) not in accordance with seismic appraisal and reinforcement technology standard for seismic evaluation of (v) in construction materials (vi) unauthorized alterations or cancellation of seismic fortification measures specified in the design document.
    "5, delete article 21st.
    14, management of urban underground pipeline project archives, Hangzhou City (city 154th) delete in the fifth "no sign of construction engineering archives undertaking, construction administrative departments shall not handle construction permits" content.
    XV, Hangzhou City pollutants emissions management approach (municipal 161th) deleted article 27th, 34th.
    16, Hangzhou City security services management (city, 170th) 1 article, delete, 14th, 19th, "the security certificate in Zhejiang Province and the security guard license in Zhejiang Province". 2, 25th is amended as: "without training to security personnel engaged in the work of the security services, the public security organ shall order rectification and give a warning, and security services companies or unit fined 500 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fines; penalty of 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan for individuals.
    "3, delete 26th in a" serious, Zhejiang Province, recover the security certificate and the security guard license in Zhejiang Province ". 17, Hangzhou economic cooperative approach to financial management (municipal 180th) 1, tenth amendment: "village economic cooperatives shall set up fixed asset depreciation and the use of custody system. Should periodically counting inventory of fixed assets, achieve reconciliation line. Large sale and disposal of fixed assets, shall be adopted by the meeting of representatives of members or the members of the Conference discussion before implementation. "Paragraph 2, 11th modified to:" village economic cooperatives should be regular inventory checks receivable, delinquent receivables collection measures should be taken. Unable to recover and meet the conditions for bad debts and bad debts written off amounts, should be adopted by the meeting of representatives of members or the members of the Conference to discuss verification after taking into account other spending. "3, 32nd, second paragraph is amended as:" the competent appointment and removal and replacement of Federation of accounting or meter, must be reported to people's Governments of townships and towns and districts and counties (cities) rural economic administrative departments. "18, Hangzhou taxi security management practices (municipal 185th) adding a paragraph to article, as the second paragraph:" the Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau traffic police branch in charge within the city limits (Xiaoshan, Yuhang district excluded) taxi security management.
    "In addition, according to this decision, on the terms of the above-mentioned Government regulations order adjusted accordingly.
                                                                    This decision shall take effect on November 1, 2004.