Shandong Provincial Construction Safety Management Regulations (As Amended In 2004)

Original Language Title: 山东省建筑安全生产管理规定(2004年修正本)

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(January 7, 2002, Shandong provincial people's Government released the 132th according to Shandong provincial people's Government on July 15, 2004 to 172th amended) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the management of construction safety, protect people's lives and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China construction law, construction engineering quality management regulation and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article in within the administrative area of the province engaged in the construction of new construction, expansion, renovation, demolition and decoration activity units and individuals, must comply with this provision.
    Construction work in these rules refers to all types of buildings and ancillary facilities and its matching lines, piping, equipment installation engineering in General.
    Article management of construction safety should adhere to the principle of safety first, prevention first, establish and improve the system of safety production responsibility system and the midges.
    Fourth owner, prospecting units, design units, construction units and project supervisory units should be responsible for building safety. Fifth provincial administrative departments in charge of the building construction safety management work in Shandong Province; the city divided into districts, counties (cities) construction administrative departments in charge of safety production management of construction work within their respective administrative areas.
    Construction safety management is carried out by competent construction construction safety supervision and Administration Department is responsible for.
    Construction Administrative Department shall accept General Administration of production safety on construction safety guidance and supervision.
    Chapter II construction safety responsibilities and obligations of the sixth construction units must perform the construction program and the national mandatory standards, develop a reasonable duration to ensure safety.
    Construction units shall in accordance with the employer's project works shall not be dismembered.
    Seventh working environment in construction project safety should be provided, in accordance with the construction standards fixed determining construction safety cost of construction site and temporary facilities, and will be included in the project budget.
    For special security requirements engineering, construction and construction units should be based on actual needs, in a contract security requirements.
    Eighth construction units shall provide surveying, designing and construction units and building-related water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, heat supply and post and telecommunication and other underground pipeline data, survey, design and construction units should take measures to protect the pipeline.
    Nineth construction units shall not purchase or either explicitly or implicitly construction the use of substandard building materials, components, equipment and safety appliances.
    In accordance with the contract, building materials, fittings and equipment purchased by the construction unit, the construction unit shall not specify construction units purchased for project building materials, fittings and equipment, or the specified manufacturers and suppliers.
    Tenth involving changes in the main building and the load-bearing structure of the renovation, the construction unit shall delegate before the construction of the original design or design unit design schemes with appropriate qualifications; no designs, no construction.
    The demolition of houses and other buildings and structures, the construction unit shall be entrusted with ensuring the security conditions of the construction unit. 11th construction units at the time of applying for a construction permit, it shall provide information on safe construction measures of construction engineering.
    Security construction measures of information should including following content: (a) construction site total plane layout figure; (ii) engineering estimates determine of security job environment and the security construction measures costs and the allocated plans; (three) construction organization design and special construction programme; (four) intends using of construction lifting mechanical equipment; (five) project head, and technology head, and full-time security management personnel, and special job personnel and supervision units total supervision engineers effective documents of copies; (six) legal, and regulations provides of other information.
    12th article has following case one of of, units should according to national about provides handle application approved procedures: (a) need temporary occupied planning approved range yiwai site of; (ii) may damaged road, and pipeline, and power, and fire, and posts and telecommunications communications, public facilities of; (three) need temporary water, and blackout, and interrupted road traffic of; (four) need for blasting job of; (five) legal, and regulations provides other need handle approval procedures of.
    Chapter III security of survey and design unit responsibilities and obligations of the 13th reconnaissance units should be carried out in accordance with the engineering construction compulsory standard inspection, strengthen the platform for site survey, survey preparation, data collection and data audit and other aspects of management.
    14th reconnaissance unit shall provide the employer with a comprehensive and accurate geological survey report and related information.
    15th design units should be designed in accordance with engineering construction compulsory standard, ensure that the safety performance.
    Design units should take into account construction for safe operation and protection needs for key positions and involving construction safety links, should be indicated in the design documents.
    16th design units should be examination of construction drawing design documents to the building, construction and engineering supervision units in detail.
    In accordance with the construction drawing design document of construction does not guarantee structure and safety of workers, the construction unit shall report to the construction, project supervision, designed by original units or other appropriately qualified design unit design in case of major revisions, approved by the unit submitted to the original examination and approval departments. 17th construction design objects, reconnaissance and design units should be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
    When an accident occurs, reconnaissance and design units shall cooperate with the investigation and surveying, designing preventive and remedial measures proposed in the programme.
    Construction unit of the fourth chapter of the security responsibility and obligation of the 18th construction units shall establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety.
    Construction is the legal representative of the production of the first person, of full responsibility for the safety of the unit directly in charge of work safety head of the specific leadership responsibility for the unit's safety; project manager is the first responsibility of project safety production, and take full responsibility for the safety of this project.
    Construction units should regularly inform the employees of their legal representative Congress or a staff report production.
    19th construction units shall obtain the appropriate level of qualification certificate and contract projects within the scope of business permitted by their level of qualification.
    Construction units shall obtain a safety license, without safety production license and shall not engage in construction activities. 20th construction units shall be equipped with corresponding to its production scale, with engineering series titles of full-time security managers.
    Full-time safety Manager is responsible for the safety of specific administrative work. 21st construction units shall establish and improve construction safety training system. Without safety education training or examination are qualified, not posts.
    Staff education and training shall be credited to the individual performance records.
    Vertical transportation machine operator, installation and removal, demolition workers, lifting the Bellman, ascended the erection personnel, special operations personnel and must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State specialized safety training, and after obtaining a special operations qualifications before they can post.
    22nd construction units shall in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and construction standards, norms, according to the characteristics of the project to develop targeted safety measures or programmes, through the security and technical department, technical manager for approval.
    23rd construction site's safety production management of construction units.
    Construction units shall not subcontract or illegal works.
    Construction construction implemented total contracting of, total contracting units should on all construction construction site of safety management is responsible for; total contracting units law will construction points package to other units of, points package units should according to points package contract of agreed on its points package engineering construction site of safety management to total contracting units is responsible for, total contracting units and points package units on points package engineering construction site of safety management bear joint responsibility.
    24th construction units shall close management of construction site.
    The urban planning area of the construction site, the construction unit shall set the wall, away from the construction site, you should set up rigid walls; the buildings and structures under construction, should be closed with the dense mesh safety network. 25th construction site path should be smooth, hardened, smooth, and traffic signs.
    Access dangerous areas should hang warning signs, warning has a red light at night.
    26th construction units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, set at the construction site fire control facilities, in fire-prone areas for the construction or the storage and use of flammable, explosive devices, special fire safety measures should be taken.
    27th construction units shall provide workers with safety and health standards in the production environment, facilities, working conditions, equipment and safety appliances.
    Construction site should set the necessary medical and first aid facilities and are equipped with the appropriate emergency personnel.
    28th to machinery and equipment used for the construction and safety of protective equipment, the construction units must be checked before entering the construction site and in use for regular inspection; failed to pass the examination shall not be used.
    Construction units should be regularly for mechanical equipment and safety appliances, such as repairs and maintenance, ensure the safety of various types of machinery and equipment and protective equipment in good condition and valid.
    29th construction units shall establish a sound security system, enhancing construction site safety inspection and violate construction safety standards, norms and procedures to stop or correct; to detect safety risks, and take timely measures to eliminate it.
    30th construction units must be used in accordance with the provisions of safety and construction site facilities and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    31st construction unit should be on the construction site safety technical data files and determine personnel management; safety and technical information should be true, complete, complete.
    32nd construction site when an accident occurs, the construction unit shall immediately report to the relevant departments, protect the scene of the accident, and to take effective measures to rescue people and property.
    For rescue workers, easing traffic congestion and other reasons, need to move objects, flags should be made, draw diagrams and written records, properly protect the site important traces, evidence, conditions should take pictures or videos.
    33rd construction units shall, in accordance with State regulations, accidental injury insurance for the construction workers of the construction site and pay the premium.
    The fifth chapter supervisor security responsibilities and obligations Article 34th supervision shall, according to law of the construction safety supervision, and appropriate security management responsibilities.
    35th general supervising engineer on the project safety management responsibility; project management staff in accordance with the provisions, which is responsible for safety supervision work.
    36th Engineer should be in accordance with the requirements of engineering overseeing standard, site, site inspections and parallel testing and other forms of construction unit to enforce safety laws, regulations and standards, specifications and implement the responsibility system for production safety, construction safety measures of supervision, and of accidents in construction site hazards and weaknesses to focus on monitoring.
    37th engineer in the course of supervision, found major accident hazards, and construction units should be required to cease work improvement; on major accident hazards are not timely corrective action shall immediately report to the competent construction department. Supervision and administration of the sixth chapter the 38th people's Governments at various levels shall take measures to prevent construction accidents from happening.
    Construction safety after the accident shall promptly organize relevant departments to properly handle.
    39th construction administrative departments at all levels should establish and improve construction safety supervision and management system, the implementation of responsibility system for production safety, protect people's lives and property safety, and the mandate for construction safety accident prevention as well as prompt and proper handling are responsible for after the accident.
    Construction safety supervision and Administration Department shall have civil, electrical and mechanical expertise, such as personnel, trained and qualified, and certified.
    40th construction administrative departments shall take measures, advocacy, disseminate knowledge about construction safety, legal representatives of the construction unit, project manager, security management, training of personnel and special types of workers were checking to ensure safety. 41st construction administrative departments should be engaged in construction activities according to law and construction site supervision and inspection, and will result in safety supervision and management of archives.
    Not qualified for safety, can not be promoted in accordance with law construction Enterprise qualification or fail to pass the annual inspection process.
    42nd construction units of construction safety supervision and Administration Department shall use mechanical equipment and safety testing of protective equipment for regular or irregular, technical indicators or security can not meet the needs of construction safety, ordered construction to stop using the rectification and repairs. Article 43rd construction Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments of construction safety accident investigation, treatment.
    On construction of major and exceptionally serious accidents in accordance with national and provincial regulations.
    For construction safety accident delays late, undeclared or not in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial surveys, all units and individuals have the right to report and complaint.
    Seventh, 44th chapter legal liability for breach of these provisions, employer does not provide work safety of construction projects operating environment and the cost of security measures, a rectification; fails to mend, and ordered the construction to stop construction.
    The employer does not guarantee the safety of the measures the dismantling project relating to the information sent to departments for the record, a rectification and given a warning.
    45th article violates these provisions, construction construction safety accidents do not take measures to eliminate, by construction Administrative Department ordered corrective action and may impose a fine of 30,000 yuan in serious cases, be ordered by the authority that issued the certificate of business consolidation, lower level of qualification or its qualification certificate constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    46th article violates these provisions, construction contractor in construction accidents construction safety accident and did not take timely measures or failing to report the accident and construction administrative department or relevant Department in charge shall command a correction, given a warning and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, be ordered by the authority that issued the certificate its rectification.
    47th article violation this provides, units or construction units has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered corrected, and in accordance with about legal, and regulations of provides give punishment: (a) not according to engineering construction standard fixed determine construction security and construction site temporary facilities of costs, and will its included engineering estimates of; (ii) not made security production license of; (three) not according to provides equipped with corresponding of full-time security management personnel of;
    (D) security measures and construction site facilities for other purposes, and (e) is not in accordance with the national provisions of accidental injury insurance for the construction workers of the construction site.
    48th for construction safety accident occurs, the relevant persons in accordance with the provisions of administrative accountability for extraordinarily serious safety accidents under and other relevant regulations.
                    49th construction administrative departments and their staff of construction safety supervision and administration, working in construction safety supervision and management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in, sanctions by their work units or by the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.