In Shandong Province, The Ferry's Management Approach (As Amended In 2004)

Original Language Title: 山东省渡口管理办法(2004年修正本)

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(December 20, 1994, Shandong provincial people's Government, the 61st issue according to 172th amendment of July 15, 2004, Shandong province) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the ferry management, maintaining the order of ferrying, improve operational efficiency, protect people's lives and property safety, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the actual situation in our province, these measures are formulated.
    Second ferry in these measures refers to in this province the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ferry distance of no more than 10 nautical miles of the coast or Islands, specifically for ferrying people and goods places, vehicles and facilities in General.
    Third Shandong provincial port set set or approved by the Office of communications (public) oversight bodies, specifically responsible for the ferry's management work in Shandong province.
    Other departments concerned should be implemented according to their respective functions on the ferry management. Article IV the leadership of the people's Governments at all levels should strengthen the ferry's management.
    The County (city, district) and township Governments should implement the ferry's management accountability. Article fifth traffic Fords of the enterprises set up, implemented by the above local County departments of transportation ferry management, County (city, district), town, village or individual, lianhu set, however, by County (city, district), Township people's Government to implement the ferry management, other enterprises and institutions to set up dedicated ferry, ferry management by setting entity.
    Across provinces, districts municipalities and counties (cities, districts) of the ferry's management by their common higher level people's Government for decision.
    Sixth chapter ferry construction sets, or revocation, however, should be approved by people's Governments at the county level, where the ferry; the County approval, shall solicit the views of local maritime administration.
    Article seventh crossings should be set up in the stable, Bank of river flat water, unimpeded passage, and the convenience and do not affect the safety of river lots. Article eighth roadway on both sides should set Pier, ferry people strong, bollard and easy passengers up and down the ancillary facilities and the necessary AIDS to navigation, lighting, life-saving and fire fighting equipment. Construction of larger passenger ferry passenger houchuanting (room) and other facilities.
    Ferries should be set up between the two sides, "Ferry Guan Li Qu", "Ferry code," "For Passengers" and other signs.
    Nineth ferry operators should strengthen the ferry site, Terminal and auxiliary facilities management and maintenance, keeping the ferry clean.
    Tenth article without the relevant departments and the port and shipping (a) approval of the supervisory authority shall not use cable ferry in navigable waters and set up pontoons.
    Chapter III ferry, 11th ferry crew must go through the local ship inspection department inspection, port () to monitor registry, obtain the appropriate inspection, certificate of registration of a ship.
    Ferries should be marked in a visible place the approved quota of passengers, cargo, in the position of binding a ship Designer, and prospecting designated load line. 12th ferry technology should be maintained in good condition and equipment effectively. Ferry safety railings should both be set.
    Car ferries should set up effective devices to prevent vehicles sliding rushed on deck.
    13th ferry should be required to get life-saving and fire-fighting facilities, tools, lights, sound, and special signals and signs for passenger ferry, and required maintenance, remain in a seaworthy State.
    14th motorized ferry should be required to complete the necessary driver, Chief Engineer and General crew member. Driving, engine room personnel must pass through the port (works) watchdog training exam, obtain a competency certificate before they can post.
    Crew members must receive professional training and safety education before they can post.
    Article 15th, Chief Engineer and General crew, must act on water traffic safety laws and regulations, ensure the safety of driving and operating.
    16th ferry should apply to the local maritime authorities after the shipping service transport licence, may engage in trading. 17th ferry should be required to load must not exceed high, wide and overloading. Loaded vehicle shall conform to the approved type and fixed the triangular fillet.
    5 ton ferry not ship single 500 kg or more objects.
    Article 18th does not apply for approval in accordance with national and provincial, ferries may not carry inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous substances.
    Fourth chapter ferry managers should carefully maintain the order article 19th ferry ferry order transition organization vehicle, passenger safety. Article 20th transition of passengers and vehicles is subject to "the ferry code" obey the command staff, in order the boarding, and may not do get on.
    Passenger and goods vehicles Entourage to get off and walk to the ship, no transition in the car.
    21st long ships, fishing boats and other vessels, without consent of the ferry management, no delimitation of waters and at the ferry dock.
    22nd ferry water traffic accidents, du transport unit, competent authorities and relevant departments, County and township Governments should organize rescue work in a timely manner.
    Traffic accident of the ship shall be in accordance with the regulations to the port (works) oversight body reports for investigation and settlement.
    Fifth chapter of rewards and punishments on the 23rd for the implementation of water traffic safety laws, regulations, rules, maintenance of the ferry security remarkable ships units and individuals by the local people's Government or the port (works) oversight bodies giving recognition and rewards.
    24th article violates this way, PMB () supervisory agencies shall be given warning, fines, penalties, detention or revoked certificates. When implementing the fines must be used uniformly by the financial Department and confiscated money receipt.
    All fines shall be turned over to the State Treasury.
    25th article in violation of these regulations, activities contravening public security management, public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 26th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty law may apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit.
    If no application for reconsideration or prosecuted, nor the execution of the penalty decision, the Department made the decision apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
                                                                                                        Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 27th these measures shall take effect on January 1, 1995.