Shandong Province Marine Special Varieties Of Fisheries Resources Management Approach (As Amended In 2004)

Original Language Title: 山东省海洋专项渔业资源品种管理办法(2004年修正本)

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(June 1, 1992 Shandong Province Government makes 29th, released according to July 15, 2004 Shandong Province Government makes 172th, Amendment) first article to strengthening I province marine special fisheries resources varieties (following referred to special varieties) of management, guarantees fisheries production who of lawful rights and interests of, promote fisheries production of development, according to People's Republic of China fisheries method and implementation rules and Shandong province implementation straddling People's Republic of China fisheries method approach, developed this approach.
    Article in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of our province catch jelly fish, scapharca subcrenata, Eagle claw shrimp, scapharca broughtonii, proliferation of shrimp and squid and other special units and individuals, must comply with these measures.
    Southern province conservation and management of broodstock, broodstock management approach in the South, according to the Shandong province for processing.
    Article I areas under provincial jurisdiction in these rules refers to from dakouhe, Wudi County in the North, South to needle estuary fishing vessel trawling in Rizhao City area or line the inside waters.
    Fourth special species by fishery administrative departments of the province the district cities and counties (cities, districts) fishery administration and the Department of management, public security, industrial and commercial administrative departments to cooperate and assist.
    Fifth provincial fishery administrative departments shall, in a specific variety of breeds mainly waters delineated protected areas.
    Protected areas, prohibition of the dumping of hazardous contamination of fishery resources, prohibited from discharging sub-standard sewage, prohibition of cleaning, soaking of toxic containers and other objects harmful to fishery resources.
    Sixth in the seedling period of intensive special varieties of water when water protection measures must be taken to protect seedlings.
    Article seventh special varieties of fishing in the special reserve units and individuals, must be approved by the provincial Department of fisheries administration, to the provincial fishery authorities designated County fishery management agencies pay a fee for specific fisheries resources enhancement and protection, special varieties of fishing licences and flag, certificates, flag operations.
    Eighth provincial and municipal jurisdiction of the province to sea fishing special variety of units and individuals, should consult their provincial and municipal departments of fishery administration applied by provincial and municipal fishery administrative departments to fishery regulatory agency for approval in our province, according to provincial regulations special fishery resources enhancement and protection fees, special varieties of fishing licences and flag.
    Nineth special varieties of fishing licences and flag, printed by the provincial fishery supervision and administration.
    Charter and flag shall not sell, lease and other forms of illicit transfer, shall not be altered. Article tenth County fishery management agencies collect the special fisheries resources enhancement and protection fees fully turned over to the provincial fishery authorities.
    Provincial fishery authorities from which you can extract 5% amount, as a fishery management bodies at all levels special fisheries resources enhancement and protection fees fees are levied.
    11th fishing special section shall be in the closed areas and closed seasons, not using prohibited fishing gear or fishing methods and is less than the specified minimum mesh sizes or special varieties of Harrow fishing gear fishing gear spacing.
    Closed areas and closed seasons, prohibition of the use of or restrictions on the use of fishing gear and fishing methods, minimum mesh sizes, minimum rake teeth spacing, and other special protection measures prescribed by the provincial departments of fishery administration.
    12th disobey article fifth, resulting in contamination of special protected areas, the Department of fishery administration and the Administrative Department of environmental protection in accordance with national environmental protection laws and regulations and relevant provisions in the province to hold polluters accountable.
    13th not fishing specific varieties obtained as provided herein permit and flag, special varieties of unauthorized fishing, catch and illegal income confiscated, and a fine of 500 to 5000 Yuan in serious cases, may also be confiscated fishing gear.
    14th sold, leased or other forms of special varieties of illegal transfer of fishing licences, confiscate the illegal income, suspension of licence, and a fine of 100 Yuan to 1000 Yuan.
    Altered special varieties of fishing licence, suspension of licence, and a fine of 100 Yuan to 1000 Yuan.
    15th article violation fishing district, and fishing period of provides fishing special varieties of, using disabled of gear, and fishing method fishing special varieties of, confiscated fishing was real and illegal proceeds, in accordance with Shandong province implementation straddling People's Republic of China fisheries method approach of provides sentenced fine, ordered paid fisheries resources loss compensation fee, and can confiscated gear, revoked chartered card; constitute crime of, law held criminal. Damages of fishery resources, fishery resource damage payment.
    Fishery resource damage is difficult to determine, and Shandong province, can refer to the implementation of People's Republic of China regulations of the Fisheries Act fines paid. 16th confiscations financial.
    Damages in accordance with the fisheries resources enhancement and protection of fisheries resources management management and use.
                                                                                                                            17th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.