Dalian Talent Certain Provisions

Original Language Title: 大连市引进人才若干规定

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(October 8, 2004 Dalian Government 31st times Executive Conference considered through October 9, 2004 Dalian Government makes 59th, announced since November 10, 2004 up purposes) first article for promoted I City economic construction and social development, speed up revitalization old industrial base and construction "big Dalian", attract both at home and abroad talent to even work or venture, according to Communist Dalian municipal Dalian City Government implement implementation straddling CPC Central Committee, and State on further strengthening talent work of decided
    Implementation of ([2004]10) spirit, these provisions are formulated.
    Article referred to in these provisions refers to the talent brought in from outside the city have certain knowledge or skills meet the needs of our city's economic and social development professionals.
    Article III enterprises, introduction of foreign talents paid form, equity participation and allocation, are determined in consultation with himself. State organs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the introduction of employment needed high-level management or technical talent, salary determined by the Department of posts, higher national income may apply for talent development subsidies. On the transformation of high-tech earnings made overseas students studying in the city regarded as sources of income.
    Students studying abroad return to bring my own research material, books, documents reviewed by the customs exemption of duty. Article fourth talent House, by the employer in accordance with the city and this unit policies and regulations related to the reform of the housing system, giving priority to resolve through monetary subsidies, conditional can be appropriately increased subsidies. To even work and and employing units signed 5 years above contract of following high-level excellent talent, can enjoy municipal government issued of one-time home subsidies: (a) two hospital academician subsidies 300,000 yuan; (ii) "Yangtze River scholars plans" Distinguished Professor, abroad well-known experts, and scholars, doctoral mentor, national has highlight contribution of experts, national focus subject, and focus laboratory, and engineering technology research center academic technology leader, enjoy State special allowance of experts, into national "millions talent engineering" first, and
    Two-level personnel entered the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "hundreds of people plan" with subsidy of 150,000 yuan (iii) domestic Commission Commission studying pH and by the National Service Center for scholarly exchange (or the Chinese embassies and consulates in educational institutions) finds the country (territory), doctoral student subsidy of 60,000 yuan.
    An employing unit shall not be less than 1:1 ratio of matching funds for relocation subsidies.
    Article fifth to even academicians (including dual-engaged academician) academician for 1500 Yuan a month allowance. Article sixth talent research projects, may apply to the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the Finance Bureau project, and to give priority to scientific research. To engage in high-tech achievement transformation, using high technology to transform traditional industries, and founder, lingban areas of high-tech joint venture or wholly-owned project, after authorized by the municipal government, through the municipal applied technology research and development funds, such as channel given the necessary funding, technological renovation.
    PhD to the talents of my city-owned units, its research project, the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the Finance Bureau, may be appropriate for start-up funding.
    National ministries for the City returned overseas transfer of scientific research projects for funding, their projects and the city's economic development is directly related to or have a significant impact by the municipal science and Technology Bureau, the Finance Bureau to increase subsidies. Seventh article introduced talent in this city formed of positions technology results used shares form in enterprise implementation into of, enterprise should will the technology results pricing shares of 30% of shares, award to results completed people and main participate in personnel; to technology way will technology results provides to others implementation of, from transfer net income in the extraction not below 30% of part award to results completed people; itself into or cooperation implementation into of, should in project completed production Hou 3-5 years within, Extracted from the scientific and technological achievements in annual net income ratio of not less than 10% awarded to the product and transfer personnel.
    Among them, the rewards available to major contributors accounted for more than 50% of total rewards. Article eighth Enterprise postdoctoral research station building, attracting more domestic and foreign PhD students into the station.
    Postdoctoral researchers at the station during the past two years, the Municipal Government launched subsidy of 20,000 yuan per person per year, enterprises should be not less than 1.5 times the building times the ratio of matching funds, and actively create conditions to attract postdoctoral stay even or even work.
    Nineth talents of minor children into primary education administration School of residence.
    Article tenth of imported talent, because I require flowing or study abroad was the original unit dismissal, removal or resignation, approval by the municipal organization, personnel departments, and even work before and even after the consolidation of service.
    11th with personnel in the administrative area of Dalian City autonomy and independent legal personality of the various types of units or personnel autonomy of Central and provincial units in the even branch office, are subject to these provisions introduce talents.
    12th introduce talent, Dalian people settle in or apply for the residence permit, the Dalian urban household registration system reform should be in accordance with policy (hubs of [2003]62,) and the implementation of the provisional regulations on the residence permit of Dalian talents. 13th the employer applied for the introduction of talent, consent by the Organization and personnel departments, you can go through the redeployment procedures.
    Relevant departments to go through for the employer to introduce talents in the process, approval should be reduced, simplify procedures, improve efficiency, and open up for the introduction of talents "green channel".
    14th district, city and county governments and pilot zone can be combined according to the regulations of the local area, the law introducing talents into more favorable policies. 15th article of the regulations come into force on November 10, 2004.
                                                                                                      Selected provisions of the inflow of talent, Dalian and the Dalian introduced students to even work several provisions (hubs of [2000]14) and of the supplementary provisions on the admission of talents in Dalian (hubs of [2001]77) repealed simultaneously.