Dalian Economy Housing Construction And Sales Management

Original Language Title: 大连市经济适用住房建设和销售管理办法

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(August 23, 2004 Dalian Government 30th times Executive Conference considered through September 13, 2004 Dalian Government makes 58th, announced since January 1, 2005 up purposes) first chapter General first article for strengthening economic applies housing construction and sales management, perfect housing supply policy, solution in the low-income family housing difficult, according to State on promote real estate market continued health development of notification (country sent [2003]18,) and national construction, four Department Board developed of
    The management of affordable housing (housing [2004]77), based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
    Second, Zhongshan district, Dalian, XI gang district, and shahekou district of ganjingzi district, and (with high-tech industrial park, hereinafter referred to as the city four areas), affordable housing (including fund raising, cooperation, the same below) applies to this approach to development and sales management.
    Third affordable housing in these measures refers to preferential policies from the Government, limit the construction standard, supply and price, has a security policy in the nature of commodity housing.
    Article fourth purchase economic housing application, approval and publication.
    Fifth property in Dalian City Council is the city's affordable housing construction and sales management of the Administrative Department, which belongs to the low-rent housing management centre (hereinafter referred to as the affordable housing management) responsible for city four areas of affordable housing construction and implementation of sales management.
    Urban planning, construction, planning and land, financial, pricing, tax, law enforcement, land reserve Center and other departments, should seriously perform their duties and good management of economical and applicable housing construction and sales.
    The District Government, the subdistrict office and related institutions should be affordable housing management to help make affordable housing sales management. Chapter II development and construction of affordable housing, Dalian sixth economical and applicable housing construction should be included in national economic and social development plan.
    Land for affordable housing construction, included in the annual land supply for real estate development plans, and in accordance with State regulations, available as a administrative transfer, scale development and construction each year, by the Municipal Government to determine. Seventh economical and applicable housing construction, the Government halved the administrative fees, and bear the costs of community infrastructure construction.
    All relevant departments should actively develop measures to implement the preferential policies, reduce the cost of construction of affordable housing. Eighth economical and applicable housing construction projects should be established through public bidding according to law development and construction units, any successful bidder not subcontract. Affordable housing management voice winner signed affordable housing construction contracts.
    Winner of breach of contract, as stipulated in the contract. Nineth affordable housing planning and design should reflect the economy, the principle of applicability.
    From 2005 to 2007, design by 80% for middle and small family, houses in an area is 80 square meters around, small sized area is 60 square meters around, aided by a small number of other units to meet the most and actual consumption by the different types of low income families in need. Tenth economical and applicable housing construction should be strictly in accordance with the Ministry of construction, the national comfortable housing demonstration project outline standards for planning, design and construction.
    Acceptance of the affordable housing project quality pass rate to reach 100%, excellent rate of more than 35%. 11th affordable housing prices subject to Government guided, managed by the municipal price Bureau in conjunction with the affordable housing sector in accordance with the State Development Planning Commission, Ministry of construction management of the affordable housing prices (total price [2002]2503) approved by the relevant provisions, reported to the municipality for approval before implementation.
    Determined should be affordable housing prices to the public.
    Chapter III marketing management 12th for affordable housing to purchase economic housing shall comply with the following conditions: (a) has four permanent residence in the city, (ii) are middle-and low-income families (families with per capita incomes of less than to social statistics published last year the per capita disposable income of residents), and (iii) family housing area per 12 square meters (12 square meters).
    Family housing area per standard, municipalities will be based on level of economic development and improvement of living conditions of the inhabitants time to adjust.
    13th House family population, must be the same account and live with each other and have legal support, maintenance, maintenance personnel.
    14th the population sharing the original housing area, with a card account number (excluding applicant hanging outside the family account number).
    15th annual household income according to the couples on a year's income and the calculation of unmarried, widowed and divorced, not remarried, by one income.
    Family income is derived from the following: (a) wages and salaries; (b) the Housing Fund; (c) the production, operating income and income from contracted or leased operation of enterprises and (iv) income from remuneration; (v) the dividends; (vi) other income.
    16th in each article can only purchase affordable housing for low-income families, men and women have equal rights.
    Article 17th families apply for affordable housing must be provided with the following documents: (a) booklet and family member ID card, (ii) housing certificates; (c) the family annual income certificate. 18th article application purchase economic applies housing by following program handle: (a) meet purchase conditions and when prepared purchase of family, can holding booklet, and family members ID, and housing room card and applicants and spouse where units (no units of by account location subdistrict offices) issued of income proved, to economic applies housing management sector proposed application; (ii) economic applies housing management sector audit Hou, on meet conditions of by application purchase family housing difficult degree for sort, Sort has identified families eligible for that year, and family population, housing, income and other publicity. Publicity 15th no objections of, determine for when purchase economic applies housing object, be registration built document, to granted purchase economic applies housing approval single; on publicity Hou has complaints of, by economic applies housing management sector with about sector survey, and verified, does not meet conditions of, canceled purchase qualification, notification applicants; (three) applicants holding purchase approval single, to economic applies housing development units purchase.
    With House approval, purchase-related documents for certificate of title.
    Article 19th affordable housing development and construction unit shall, at the affordable housing within 5 working days from the date of the signing of the contract of sale, will sell housing units, area, and home buyers, affordable housing, family information management Department.
    20th have been identified as the object of purchase that year of the family, when not buying, canceled that year received purchase qualification, next year may reapply. Article 21st sale of affordable housing to low-income families, not to sell the unit.
    Where to buy affordable housing must be approved, unapproved, no sale, does not apply for certificates of title. After 22nd residents to purchase economic housing, should apply for registration in accordance with regulations.
    When houses and land registration Department at the time of registration, each Party shall indicate the affordable housing, allocation of land.
    Article 23rd affordable housing access to housing 1 year later, can be listed for sale, 1% of purchase price payment of land transfer fees or equivalent land transfer price, House for sale family once again apply for affordable housing.
    Fourth chapter legal liability article 24th affordable housing development and construction unit in violation of these regulations the following shall be punished as follows: (a) unauthorized altering the use of land for affordable housing, consisting of land with lots of land for the executive authorities shall order the market price to pay purchase price and costs related to the cuts, if the circumstances are serious, land development rights according to law.
    (B) unauthorized increase affordable housing prices, price departments shall be legally punished.
    (C) the unauthorized sale of affordable housing to families that are not qualified, be ordered by the affordable housing management units within a recovery that cannot be recovered, shall be ordered to pay the difference with lots of affordable housing and housing prices, and handed to the law enforcement departments on sales 1 a fine of 20,000 yuan each. 25th article in violation of these regulations, applicants take fraud means to apply for home buyers, affordable housing management to cancel their eligibility to purchase economic housing, the purchase of affordable housing, ordered to make up the same area housing post.
    Provided false testimony, the attention of the relevant departments to hold its main leaders accountable.
    26th affordable housing management of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or higher authority, impose administrative sanctions in serious cases, constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 27th Dalian other counties (cities), the area can be combined with the actual situation of the region, develop specific proposals. 28th article of the measures enter into force on January 1, 2005.
                                      Before the implementation of these measures has been purchase and sale contract or agreement signed by affordable housing, according to the existing regulations.