Exhibition, Tianjin, Tianjin Municipal People's Government On The Amendment Of The Decision Of The Provisions On The Public Security Work

Original Language Title: 天津市人民政府关于修改《天津市展览展销治安保卫工作规定》的决定

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(June 21, 2004 Tianjin City Government 30th times Executive Conference considered through June 30, 2004 Tianjin City Government makes 46th, announced since July 1, 2004 up purposes) City Government decided on Tianjin City exhibition exhibition security defend work provides (1997 City Government makes 107th,) for following modified: a, and in original fourth article Hou, increased a article: "by audit, security defend work programme can ensure exhibition exhibition activities security held of, Public security organs shall agree to answer. "Second, the 11th article is revised as follows:" in violation of article III, or eighth part (a), (b), (d), or article Nineth and given a warning or fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan.
    "The serial numbers of the relevant provisions is adjusted accordingly.
    This decision shall take effect on July 1, 2004.

    Exhibition in Tianjin public security regulations on the work of the corresponding amendments shall be made according to this decision, republished.
    Attached: Tianjin City exhibition exhibition security defend work provides (2004 amendment this) (October 27, 1988 City Government released December 7, 1997 City Government amendment released June 30, 2004 according to City Government on modified straddling Tianjin exhibition exhibition security defend work provides of decided again amendment announced) first article for guarantees exhibition exhibition activities of security and good of order, according to national about regulations, combined this city reality, special version provides.
    Article in this city of economic, cultural, science and technology exhibits and merchandising activities (hereinafter referred to as exhibition), shall comply with this regulation.
    Article holding the following types of exhibitions, the Organizer (including overseas and foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas to show host organization, hereinafter the same) security programme of work should be developed, after signed by the head of unit, 15th prior to the exhibition security report to the public security organ of the work programme audit, the public security organ shall provide a response within the 5th.
    (A) International of, and national of, and regional of, and city sex of exhibition exhibition; (ii) displayed places area over 1000 square meters while visit personnel day flow in 20,000 people above of; (three) the Museum held heritage exhibition displayed of treasures heritage (containing primary and secondary heritage) in 20% above of; (four) non-Heritage Museum units held of various heritage exhibition; (five) should to security security audit of other exhibition exhibition. Fourth article security defend work programme should including following content: (a) extension, and exhibition site, and displayed content, and exhibition units and staff number, visit personnel day flow and tickets sale approach; (ii) participate in security defend staff of name, and gender, and age, and work units and the positions; (three) exhibition layout drawings and new set electrical line, and electrical equipment and the fire facilities of installation drawings; (four) motor vehicle, and non-motor vehicle of run route and docked site; (five) fire and other security prevention measures, and
    Disposal of emergency response, (vi) other matters of note.
    Article fifth audited, security work programme to ensure the safety of exhibition activities organized by the public security organs shall agree to answer.
    Sixth exhibition of security work can be borne by the organizers, also commissioned by the organizers of the security services unit.
    Article seventh party organizers to undertake security work, should determine a leader who, according to the actual work you need to set the security organizations or security staff, the implementation of accountability system for public security.
    Exhibitors and units should assist the organizers provide places to improve public security and security work.
    Eighth article exhibition exhibition of hosted units and its delegate of security service units should do following work: (a) by exhibition exhibition places area strictly control visit personnel number; (ii) sent (sale) votes at, and out entrance, main channel should keep smooth; (three) makeshift temporary exhibition shed, and installation electrical equipment and exhibit or displayed Shi, must strictly comply with fire security management provides; (four) implementation the about of security security management of provides. Nineth promotional materials, brochures and other gifts gifts made by the Organization for the harmonization of by the organizers.
    Exhibitor requirements to send gifts, shall be responsible for maintaining order at the scene.
    Tenth visit exhibition personnel shall comply with public order, subject to staff management and counseling, shall not intentionally crowded.
    11th public security organs deal with exhibitions of public security work inspection and supervision.
    12th article in violation of article III, or eighth part (a), (b), (d), or article Nineth and given a warning or fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan.
    Exhibition fair, show there are significant safety points out that without corrections, the public security organs may order cessation of activities.
                                                                      13th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2004.