Provisions On Administration Of Dalian Railway Station Area

Original Language Title: 大连火车站地区管理规定

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(June 21, 2004, Dalian City people's Government, the 28th Executive meeting on June 23, 2004, Dalian City people's Government, the 47th release as of August 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article Dalian train station area, to strengthen management of city appearance and environmental sanitation, maintenance of normal social order, in accordance with national and provincial and municipal regulations, these provisions are formulated.
    Dalian railway station area in these rules in article, refers to the South and North of Dalian railway station area in General.
    Station is a railway station South square (square, bounded by Station Lane, second floor, South along the vertical projection), to the East of Kunming Street (including sidewalks and away from the building, the same below), friendship Street, Zhongshan Road, along the Yangtze River Road, returned to the area enclosed by the railway station square.
    North Station is a railway station in northern frontier construction of the Plaza to the East Street, CAI Shi Jie, bi-Hing Street, Tong Street, Hing Yip Street, yunyang Street, then along the building blocks back to the forefront railway station, North Station Plaza area surrounded by.
    Article in or entering the area of Dalian railway station units and individuals should abide by these provisions. Article fourth xigang district, Zhongshan district people's Government and the people's Government responsible for the South and North areas of management. Specific administration, standing South of the Zhongshan district people's Government commissioned their station South District Office responsible for the station North xigang district people's Government delegate their respective station North area management Division (hereinafter referred to as authority for railway station region below).
    Railway station area management bodies to delegate management matters other than violations of the District Government, and should be stopped, and handed over to the relevant authorities.
    Management of Dalian railway station area, receiving municipal Bureau of law enforcement operational guidance.
    Fifth of municipal urban and rural construction, urban construction, law enforcement, public security, industry and commerce administration, traffic port, home, aiweihui, quality and technical supervision, culture, price and other administrative departments according to their respective responsibilities, to support and cooperate with the mountains and the xigang district Dalian railway station areas supervisory work, people's Governments should work together. Chapter II, article sixth of city management district of Dalian railway station buildings, structures and ground lights, road signs, water supply, drainage, compressed air, heating, telecommunications, sanitation, transportation and other public infrastructure, property owner or manager shall regularly maintain, repair, keep it in good and clean, there is no defect and pollution phenomenon.
    Any unit and individual is prohibited in various public facilities, graffiti or depiction, Sombody posted and delivered a variety of promotional materials. Article seventh Dalian railway station area set up all kinds of booths, stalls and market location, must plan, approved by the district and Municipal Government Executive.
    Booths should be uniform style to operate facilities used by the relevant departments, in the course of business, the owner must keep the facility clean and well. Eighth station in Dalian area for all types of construction, the construction units requires approval of the relevant departments before construction, to the railway station in district management record. Around the construction site, is required to set up walls and security facilities construction vehicles run over dirt out into.
    After the completion of the construction project, the construction site should be cleaned.
    Nineth district of Dalian railway station buildings, structures and various public facilities such as outdoor advertising facility, plaque, hanging banners and other promotional materials, in accordance with the provisions of the urban outdoor advertising signboard facilities management process and keep in good condition clean and tidy. Article tenth vehicles entering Dalian railway station area, should maintain good appearance, mark complete, or permit parking locations in order to park in the parking lot. Shall not obstruct traffic, city place parking. Not in the maintenance of roads, squares and cleaning vehicles.
    Prohibition of tourism to attract more individual vehicles entered the square.
    Vehicles entering the railway station square, by the train station area and administration fee management (specific standards stipulated by the municipal price Bureau).
    11th station area management bodies for the purposes of chapter III environmental health management should assist in environmental protection Administrative Department organizational sanitation maintenance and management in the area of the railway station, up to national and provincial and municipal environmental health criteria.
    12th in Dalian railway station units and individuals in the region, in accordance with the environmental health division of responsibility, do share the cleaning the cleaning work in the region, and accept the supervision and examination of the regulatory body for railway station region. 13th Dalian railway station building in the area of property owners, users or managers shall be in accordance with the environmental health division of accountability, improving street cleaning cleaning.
    In the winter, should be in accordance with the provisions of management measures of Dalian City snow removal, ice free area of responsibility. Article 14th Dalian railway station area in the provision of sanitation facilities should be beautiful and practical, harmony with the surrounding environment and urban functions, the property owner or manager should be maintained and managed the work to ensure the normal use.
    Forbidden to use, migration and removal of sanitation facilities.
    Access to Dalian railway station area is located in a 15th or units or individuals should consciously maintain sanitation, not any of the following acts: (a) the spitting, blowing your nose, soil, (ii) throw cigarette butts, fruit peels and cores, scraps of paper, packaging and other waste, (iii) open burning article; (iv) other acts in violation of environmental regulations. Fourth chapter 16th road and square management unit and individual treasure squares, roads, landscaping facilities shall not be damaged, are not allowed to take up. Forbidden engaged in business activities.
    Ban open-pit barbecue.
    Article 17th of motor vehicles into the railway station area, prohibition of compacted road stone, prohibits bedding such as motorway driving or parked on the sidewalk. Article 18th units and individuals needed to temporarily occupy square, road or road excavations shall be in accordance with the provisions and approval procedures.
    Prior to application, users should go to the train station area management agency records. 19th approved off-road, no unauthorized changes take the nature, location, expand the scope of use and extended time frame, no lease or transfer.
    Use expiration or during the period of use for urban construction, taking up units and individuals shall use all facilities on the road was removed in time and cleaned up damaged roads, compensation should be awarded. Fifth chapter penalty is 20th article violation this provides of, by Zhongshan District Government, and xigang District Government or its delegate of railway station area management institutions by related legal, and regulations and following provides be punishment: (a) violation this provides sixth article, and seventh article, and Nineth article, and tenth article provides of, according to Dalian City City Management Ordinance 29th article subsection (ii) items provides, ordered deadline corrected, and Visual plot on units at 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine
    ; Individual penalty of between 20 Yuan and 500 Yuan.
    (B) violation of the provisions of article eighth, according to the Dalian City appearance Management Ordinance article 29th (d) provides that a rectification, and may, if the circumstances more than 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    (C) violation of the provisions of article 13th, according to the Dalian City snow removal regulations section 11th (a) provision for criticism, rectification, and fine of 20 Yuan per square meter, the unit in charge of 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.
    (D) violation of the provisions of article 14th, under article 38th of the urban environmental sanitation Regulations paragraph (g) provides, give criticism and education, warning, rectification, causing economic losses, compensation for the economic losses, and fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 500 Yuan.
    (E) violation of the provisions of article 15th one, fine at 50 Yuan.
    (F) violation of the provisions of article 16th, rectification, and penalty of between 200 Yuan more than 2000; losses caused, shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    (VII) in violation of the provisions of article 17th, pursuant to the regulations on the management of urban infrastructure in Dalian article 39th (d) provides that a rectification and impose a fine of 50 Yuan, caused losses of more than 1000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan.
    (H) violations of the provisions of article 18th, 19th, according to the regulations on the management of urban infrastructure in Dalian article 39th (g) provides that a rectification, and a fine of 1000 Yuan, fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan; losses caused, shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    21st in violation of the provisions of the Act, other management administrative rights, be dealt with by the relevant departments in accordance with law. 22nd Administration to the citizens fined 50 Yuan for railway station region, legal person or other organization fined 1000 Yuan fine administrative penalties or warnings, enforcement officers would be able to fill out the order form, make up numbers, stamped with the seal of the Special District Government administrative punishment decision.
    Among them, shall be subject to 20 Yuan fine or does not collect fines on the spot is difficult to enforce, enforcement officers to collect fines on the spot. Except as provided in the preceding paragraph may make administrative punishment on the spot, other administrative penalties imposed, must be comprehensive, objective and impartial investigation.
    Investigation ends, managed by the railway station area agency heads to review the findings, to be subject to administrative penalties, issued a written decision; if the case is complex or major violations should be given administrative punishment, railway station area management agencies should be collectively discussed and decided.
    Railway station area administration made the citizens fined 1000 Yuan, the self-employed owners fined 2000 Yuan, fined 10,000 Yuan or more to legal persons and other organizations prior to the decision on administrative penalty, it shall inform the parties have the right to request hearings; the parties to request a hearing, shall organize the hearing.
    Article 23rd administrative punishments should be strictly in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative penalty provisions of that Act.
    24th a party refuses to accept the penalty, people's Court may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative action party fails to apply for reconsideration or bring a suit nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, made the decision to apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution. 25th station district administration law enforcement officer in the execution of their duties, must be 2 or more people, with law enforcement documents, wear a sign of law enforcement.

    Article 26th obstacles, interference management for railway station region law enforcement personnel performing official business according to law, activities contravening public security management, public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China regulations on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    27th railway station area management bodies in the course of law enforcement personnel in law enforcement negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, provided by his or her employer sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
                                                                                                                            Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 28th of these provisions come into force on August 1, 2004.