Suzhou Archives Management

Original Language Title: 苏州市档案管理办法

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(December 16, 2003 the Suzhou municipal Government Executive meeting of the 19th through 47th December 18, 2003 in Suzhou people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen archives management in effectively protecting and using archives according to the People's Republic of China archive law, the archives management of Jiangsu Province Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article Archives mentioned in these measures refers to legal persons, other organizations and individuals to engage in political, military, economic, scientific, technical, cultural, religious and other activities directly, worthy of preservation for the national and community a variety of text, graphics, video and other forms of history.
    Article relating to archive within the administrative area of the city to collect, organize, protect, use and management of activities of legal persons, other organizations and individuals apply these measures.
    Forth people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the leadership of the work, the files included in the plan for national economic and social development of the region, ensure archive institutions, staffing and funding meet the need of archives development.
    Article fifth archives work under unified leadership and management principles, maintain the integrity and security of files, and facilitate the use of various sectors of the community.
    Sixth of municipal and county-level cities (district) people's Government, the archives Administration Department and other relevant departments will be expected to work in the archives made significant achievements or important, precious donated to the national archives of legal persons, other organizations and individuals to be commended or given incentives.
    Chapter II Archives institutions and responsibilities article seventh city, county-level cities (districts) archives Administration Department in charge of the archives work in administrative areas, in charge of archives work in planning, organization, coordination, supervision and guidance.
    Town government, neighborhood offices should have their subordinate units and villagers ' committees, community neighborhood Committee supervise and guide the work.
    Eighth legal persons and other organizations should establish archives institutions or centralized management of archives of the entity of the designated officer, responsible for various categories of archive work of collecting, processing, archiving and providing access to, and the institution of supervision and guidance of file work.
    Nineth archival institutions should be established in national and provincial development zone, keeping development zone require permanent and long-term preservation of records and information, and archives work supervision and guidance to the development zone.
    Tenth place include the national archives and specialized archives General Archives.
    General Archives collection and management levels for legal persons and other organizations and institutions belonging to the archives, historical period within the scope of this class is in charge of the archives and related information.
    Special Archives collection and management of a specific field or the archives of a particular morphology.
    11th Archives collection and management of the Department and its agencies form specialized archive and provide access in a certain range.
    12th archive intermediary should be established by law and in accordance with the laws, regulations and administrative departments engaged in the relevant provisions of the archives service, accept supervision and guidance of archives Administration Department.
    Intermediaries shall, within 2 months of the establishment of archives archives Administration Department for record.
    13th article archives intermediary institutions should has following conditions: (a) has units of name, and organization institutions; (ii) has fixed of service places; (three) has must number of property and funding; (four) has 3 name above has College above degree and has 5 years above archives work experience, and made archives professional post qualification certificate of personnel; (five) legal, and regulations provides of other conditions.
    14th special archives, archives and other archives institution shall periodically submit to the local General Archives archives directory.
    15th archivists should be dedicated, disciplined, professional, and obtained the qualification certificates, receive continuing education and training expertise.
    16th chapter archives management section legal persons and other organizations and their staff in duty activity this year in the form of materials, collection and archiving, regular files of the entity bodies or file staff management, no person shall refuse to archive or for themselves. 17th article corporate and other organization should according to following provides to about archives transfer archives: (a) included city, and County (district) integrated archives received range of archives, since formed of day up full 10 years transfer; (ii) included city, and County (district) specifically archives received range of archives, according to about received years of provides transfer; (three) sector archives save of permanent archives, in this museum save full 30 years Hou, according to national about provides timely transfer; (four) revoked, and merged, units of archives,
    In accordance with the provisions of transfer in a timely manner.
    Due to special circumstances cannot be transferred files, agreed by the archival Administrative Department and other relevant departments at the same level, you can extend the deadline for the transfer.
    Transfer to the archives file, should, together with all vectors of information retrieval tools and file-related resources. 18th article where following involved this city of major activities, and burst event, about hosted units should timely full to collection, and finishing, and custody related file material, in activities end Hou 2 months within to sibling integrated archives transfer: (a) party and national leaders of check, and inspections, and study, and guide work, foreign heads, and Government Summit of visit, and access; (ii) hosted of national, and International Conference and held of important economic, and culture, activities; (three) earthquake, and flood, and
    Outbreak and other major natural disasters and major accidents identified in accordance with State regulations, (iv) other activities as determined by the administration of archives.
    Major events in the preceding paragraph, unexpected events in the form of photographs, audio, video and other materials, and friendly city or presented in the international exchange of souvenirs should be transferred to General Archives at the same level.
    19th article integrated archives can for Suzhou nationality and had in Suzhou work had of has must effect of following personnel established characters archives: (a) international organization grant honors title of; (ii) Central and State grant honors title of; (three) in science and technology field made highlight contribution of; (four) national famous of activist, and writer, and artist, and sports outstanding people, and entrepreneurs, and civil art (Carpenter) people,; (five) archives administration sector determine of other personnel.
    Article 20th key construction projects approved after 1 month, the construction unit shall be basic overview of project to archive administration at the same level for the record.
    Key construction project is completed, should be at the archives Administration Department, relevant departments and acceptance of project files.
    Article 21st scientific research, technological innovation, new product development, important updates, project documentation, project, plans should be linked to progress, acceptance and identification and evaluation award simultaneously, and shall be subject to supervision of archival administration, inspection and guidance. 22nd State-owned enterprises and State-holding enterprises archives owned by the State.
    When the State-owned assets and changes in property rights of enterprises and institutions, the archives is within the liquidation should be authorities, State-owned assets management departments and under the supervision and guidance of archives Administration Department at the same level, clean together with the other State-owned assets assessment, and after the liquidation of assets, in accordance with national archives transfer and disposal. Article 23rd should be based on the production and operation of non-public economic organizations need themselves or delegate agency production, operation and management of archives for the formation of safekeeping, ensure archive integrity and security.
    The national archives and society have important conservation values should be submission to General archives where list and notify the change. 24th article archive enterprise-owned enterprises with foreign investment, companies take on the obligation to protect and manage files.
    Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign contractual joint venture termination, after the dissolution of stored archives the Chinese joint-venture, cooperation, or handed over to the local General Archives.
    25th to encourage institutions and individuals to the General Archives: donations, loans all of its archives. 26th legal persons and other organizations, you must configure the appropriate dedicated facilities for storage and protection of safe custody of archives, keep good records, special carrier file shall take special protective measures.
    Code for architectural design of library buildings should be consistent with the archives the archives.
    27th archives (room) shall establish and improve file management system, receiving, sorting, storage and utilization of archives in accordance with regulations, prevent file damage, fading, mildew and lost.
    28th article archive (RM) shall, in accordance with the procedure and practices established, regularly archive materials and preservation due to identify the file, decrypted, and destruction.
    29th article for custody conditions bad, may led to archives not security or serious damaged of, can according to following provides disposal: (a) included archives received range of archives, by archives administration sector agreed, can ahead of received into Museum; (ii) non-national all but on national and social has save value or should confidential of archives, by archives administration sector urged archives custody who improved custody conditions or consent of its agreed Hou by integrated archives on behalf of custody. 30th State-owned archives, no organization or individual may give, Exchange, sale.
    Except as otherwise provided.
    Gifts, exchanged, sold copies of the non-State-owned archives or archives must abide by the confidentiality provisions of the State and must not harm the interests of the State, the collective, or other personal. The use and publication of the fourth chapter archives article 31st comprehensive archives in the custody of the archives, since the expiration of 30 years from the date of formation open to the public, and publishing the list of open archives.
    Economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other files can be open to the public at any time. Articles 32nd to legal persons, other organizations and individuals with a valid certificate, you can already open archive. By using open archives, should go through the relevant procedures.

    33rd legal persons, other organizations and individuals are free to use its transfer, donation, send archive files.
    By means of other files, shall be paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant expenses.
    Article 34th archives (RM) provides important and valuable archives, microform, or other form of copies should be used instead of the original.
    35th article archive (RM) existing files check out Centre should be established, to provide services. Article 36th archives information construction of archives should be strengthened, and incorporated into the information construction in the local master plan.
    Archives should be carried out on existing digital processing, acquisition, through the computer network to receive, manage, and use the existing electronic documents, public online archive consulting services.
    37th archives should strengthen patriotic education bases, use of library resources, and community-oriented regular, various forms of patriotism, revolutionary traditions and conditions, market education.
    Fifth chapter penalty is 38th article has following behavior one of of, by archives administration sector, and about competent sector be warning, and ordered its deadline corrected; late not modified of, according to plot weight, on units directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions: (a) not by provides established archives or archives management system of; (ii) not by provides handle focus project archives record procedures of; (three) archives warehouse lack protection facilities, endanger archives full and security of;
    (D) refuse to surrender to the archive bodies should be archived documents or into the Museum's archives, and (v) refuse to accept files should be archived material or into the Museum's archives, and (vi) key construction project is completed, according to stipulations for archives archive failed on acceptance or acceptance.
    39th article has following behavior one of of, by archives administration sector, and about competent sector give warning, on units can at 3000 Yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine; on personal can at 300 yuan above 1000 Yuan following of fine; has illegal proceeds of, confiscated illegal proceeds; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) damaged, and lost and unauthorized provides, and reproduces, and announced, and destroyed belongs to national all archives of; (ii) altered, and forged archives of;
    (C) profit reselling archives or records sold, given to foreigners; (iv) in violation of the People's Republic of China archive law set forth in 16th, 17th, unauthorized selling or transferring files; (e) knowingly kept by the archives at risk, measures are not taken, archives resulted in significant losses (vi) archives neglects his duty, resulting in loss of the archives.
    40th article archive intermediary does not have this approach 13th conditions listed in section archive intermediary activities, be warned by the archival Administrative Department and other relevant departments, and a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan; there is illegal income, and to a fine of up to 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
                                                                                                    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 41st these measures shall take effect on February 1, 2004.