Pig Slaughter, Suzhou Sales Management

Original Language Title: 苏州市生猪屠宰销售管理办法

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(On September 9, 2003 Suzhou Government 15th times Executive Conference considered through on September 16, 2003 Suzhou Government makes 42nd, announced since on October 15, 2003 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening pig slaughter and sales management, guarantee pig products quality, guarantees people body health, according to People's Republic of China animal epidemic prevention method, and State pig slaughter Management Ordinance, and Jiangsu Province pig slaughter management approach, about legal, and regulations and regulations,
    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city in the slaughter and sale of pigs products unit and individual shall comply with these measures.
    Pig products mentioned in these measures refers to unprocessed meat, after slaughtering meat, fat, organs, blood, bone, head, hooves, skin. Article circulation of city and County Municipal administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as the circulation department) supervising management for pig slaughtering activities within their respective administrative areas.
    Its main duties: (a) implement implementation about pig slaughter management regulations, and regulations and standard, and for daily supervision management; (ii) according to province Government determine of pig slaughter factory (field) set planning, with about sector proposed Sentinel slaughter factory (field) set views, by sibling Government approved Hou organization implementation, and to province circulation competent sector record; (three) on by approved of Sentinel slaughter factory (field) issued Sentinel slaughter logo brand; (four) with about sector on pig products sales for supervision management;
    (E) the illegal imposition of administrative penalty for slaughtering; (vi) regulations, rules and other duties stipulated by the municipal people's Government.
    Pig slaughter, Suzhou City Management Office of the leading group in the circulation department, responsible for coordinating organized the city's slaughtering sales job. Fourth article pig slaughter sales management about administrative competent sector duties: (a) business administration sector is responsible for on Sentinel slaughter factory (field) and pig products market of business behavior for supervision management, is responsible for business qualification review, and issued license, on urban and rural country market and pork wholesale trading market of pork trading implemented voucher management, investigation No as business and the field outside trading, maintenance market order; (ii) agriculture and forestry sector is responsible for Sentinel slaughter factory (field) and market of pig and the pig products of quarantine, and supervision,
    Implementation on pig hydrochloride Clenbuterol, national provides of drug residues sampling, tie about sector on harmful pig for processing, determine released pig ban adjustable regional; (three) health sector is responsible for on Sentinel slaughter factory (field) of health status, and slaughter, and test, and sales personnel of health status and the pig products health quality for supervision check, on processing, and sales, and using pig products of operators and with meat units law implementation health regulatory, and on check out inferior harmful meat products of owner or operators for punishment;
    (Four) police sector is responsible for Sentinel slaughter factory (field) and pig products market of security management, assist about sector carried out law enforcement check activities, on resist, and hinder law enforcement personnel for normal corporate of behavior for processing; (five) environmental protection sector is responsible for on Sentinel slaughter factory (field) of environment quality, and pollutants emissions for check, and guide and supervision; (six) prices sector is responsible for on Sentinel slaughter factory (field) of charges project, and standard and pig products price implementation supervision management;
    (G) the tax authorities responsible for supervision and management of the operators pay taxes, investigated for tax evasion and refusal; (h) the financial departments responsible for supervising the pig slaughter fee collection management, delinquency, conceal, unpaid, refusal to pay fees payable in slaughter plants (field) in the investigation.
    Article fifth imposed on pig slaughter and centralized quarantine, the harmonization of taxes, decentralized management system.
    Slaughter plant in the urban area (field) should carry out large-scale, industrialized, mechanized slaughter; County-level city within the slaughter plants (field) shall gradually implement large-scale, industrialized, mechanized (semi-mechanized) slaughter.
    In addition to rural areas outside of the personal self-slaughter since the, without a point, no unit or individual is allowed to slaughter pigs.
    Chapter two slaughter plants (field) to determine and manage the sixth slaughter plants (field) settings should be based on city or town planning, supply and demand conditions, in accordance with good circulation, convenient to the masses, scale of production, ease of quarantine and management principles of unified planning, rational distribution, under strict control.
    Seventh set slaughter plants (field) must satisfy the following conditions: (a) transportation convenience, commensurate with the scale of slaughter, accord with sanitary standard for drinking water of sufficient water supply.
    (B) the surroundings free of harmful pollutants from residential areas, public places, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, animal farms above 200 meters from surface sources of drinking water protected areas and towns of centralized water supply intake above 1000 meters.
    (C) field layout is reasonable, the slaughtering process meets the requirements of health and epidemic prevention, veterinary and quarantine, there is sound sanitation and disinfection system, items subject to the quarantine, inspection instruments and equipment facilities, disinfectants and disinfection. (D) be provided with provisions of national and industry commensurate with the slaughter of pigs for slaughter, slaughter, disease in pigs segregation, immediate slaughter.
    Slaughter house (field) must possess electrical equipment, slaughter machine, cold storage, means of transport, containers and other facilities.
    (E) has the disease of pigs, pig-product treatment facilities and meet the pollutant discharge standard of sewage treatment facilities.
    (Vi) equipped with a commensurate with the scale of slaughter, obtaining health certificates and the slaughtering of the slaughter technician qualification Technician and made the meat inspector qualification certificate of the meat quality inspection personnel.
    (VII) comply with provisions of the law on animal epidemic prevention law, food hygiene and so on other conditions.
    Eighth an application for establishing a slaughter plant (field) unit or individual, you must submit a written application to the establishment of the circulation department and relevant technical data, audited by the circulation department, in conjunction with relevant departments, issued slaughter signs reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval. The Nineth slaughter plants (field) shall establish quality inspection and management system.
    Arena, slaughter, quarantine and inspection of live pigs and detection of diseases in pig products and processed for registration and circulation departments accept checks.
    Find pig epidemic according to the relevant provisions of the law on animal epidemic prevention.
    Slaughter plants (field) need to strengthen the staff, tools, equipment, plant health management.
    Tenth slaughter plants (field) no pigs or pig products Flash or into other substances.
    11th slaughter plants (field) for failing to promptly sold or manufactured in a timely manner (field) of pig products, shall take necessary measures such as frozen or refrigerated to store.
    12th slaughter plants (field) should be used to meet national health standards of private transport, transport of live pigs and pig products must use a different means of delivery. Transport of live pigs, pig products, should be held on the quarantine of animals and animal products (examination) certificate and the vehicle disinfection of animal and animal product certificate.
    Long live pig products must use closed refrigerated vehicles. Chapter III slaughter and quarantine of the 13th slaughter plants (field) acquisition, slaughtered pigs shall be subject to the pig producer supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine and national drugs such as Clenbuterol hydrochloride residue inspection, and quarantine, inspection by qualified personnel at the factory (field) according to law, after slaughter and quarantine inspection before slaughter.
    Found disease in pigs and maiming pigs are processed in a timely manner must be in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    14th urban pig slaughter to implement "line after the first captive test, slaughter" management, slaughtered pigs shall be slaughtered on the day 6 hours before entering the slaughter plants (field) for slaughter, accept and implement live urine samples of animal epidemic prevention supervision and quarantine. Samples index shows unusual pig, by batches of closed type and care in captivity, recheck rear index returned to normal values up to slaughter.
    During the captive-rearing, testing and other expenses shall be borne by the owner. 15th slaughter should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the slaughtering procedures.
    In the slaughtering process, pig products may not fall, pigs must be slaughtered separately. 16th slaughter plants (field) meat quality inspection management system should be established.
    Meat quality test must be synchronized with pig slaughter, synchronous test should set the synchronization test device or use, carcass and viscera number control methods.
    17th meat quality inspection: (a) there is no infectious disease and parasitic disease other than and (b) whether harmful glands removed, (iii) slaughtering and processing quality and (iv) there is no Flash or into other substances (v) has no harmful substance; (vi) hog boar, sow and late.
    Parts of the inspection of meat quality, methods and approaches, in accordance with the meat hygiene inspection pilot regulations and other provisions.
    18th as meat quality inspection of pig products, issued by the Inspector is responsible for meat quality qualification certificate for the meat quality or on the sides of the carcass with visible meat inspection inspection seal processing factory (field) transport procedures, listed for sale. 19th rejected by meat quality of pig products useful, from slaughter plants (field) according to the compulsory acquisition of any discount, under the supervision of inspectors and meat quality, and other provisions of the meat hygiene inspection pilot procedures for treatment.
    Harmless treatment of losses and costs incurred, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the goods. 20th pig slaughter in tax and fee in the fourth chapter management fees should be implemented province people's Government charges and fees.
    Charging scale fees, which are printed paper, integration of financial sector, other instruments shall be used instead.
    21st pig slaughtering unified tax can be imposed directly by the tax department in accordance with the regulations, may also appoint slaughter plants (field) on behalf of the tax, and pay a certain amount of collected fees.
    22nd slaughter plants (field) should pay the taxes and fees, remit, shall be the diversion. Fifth chapter pork market in the urban area security access management article 23rd pigs into live pigs into the market system.
    Prohibit transporting live pigs outside from the city, but scale up, cold chain factory, mechanized slaughter slaughter production, processing, transport standards except for the meat. 24th hog call into the base implementation of the Sentinel System. Circulation Department jointly with other relevant departments to determine the pig-breeding into bases and transportation management.
    Dynamic management of hog call into the base, does not meet the conditions, cancel targeted qualifications.
    Banned from the stained area and containing Clenbuterol and other hazardous areas prone to pig transporting live pigs.
    25th market sale of pigs products should be to slaughter plants in the urban area (field) cold chain and achieve large-scale, industrialized, mechanized slaughter slaughter production, processing, transportation standard meat.
    Slaughter plants (field) sale of pigs products shall be issued by the animal product quarantine inspection certificates, transaction confirmations and meat quality inspection certificate (seal), and slaughter plants (field) unified and transported to the city approved the establishment of wholesale pork market, centralized trading, closed administration banned over-the-counter trading.
    Business units and collective catering units shall not purchase products that meet the pigs of first to second paragraph of this article.
    Chapter Sixth penalty 26th article violates these rules, without the fixed arbitrarily slaughtering, be banned by the circulation department and in collaboration with other relevant departments and illegal income confiscated illegal slaughtering of pigs products, may be illegal to operate 3 times the amount of a fine.
    27th article violates these rules, slaughter plants (field) unqualified on the meat quality of pig products not in accordance with the relevant regulations, processed by the circulation department ordered, may be fined not more than 50000 Yuan.
    28th article violates these rules, slaughter plants (field) without meat quality inspection or pig products manufactured without authorization which test failed (field), confiscated by circulation Department of pig products and illegal income, and may be fined not more than the illegal operation amount 1 time.
    Market sales of pig products without quarantine or having not passed quarantine inspection, agriculture and forestry, health, industry and commerce administration departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible producers and sellers shall be subject to punishment.
    29th article violation this approach provides, Sentinel slaughter factory (field) on pig, and pig products injection or injected other material of, by circulation competent sector ordered stop slaughter activities, confiscated injection or injected other material of pig, and pig products and illegal proceeds, can and at illegal business amount 1 time times above 5 times times following of fine; plot serious of, by city, and County City Government approved, canceled Sentinel slaughter factory (field) qualification.
    Sales of pig products are Flash or into other substances, health, industry and commerce administration departments concerned in accordance with their respective responsibilities, have a responsibility on producers and sellers of penalties penalties shall be imposed in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
    30th article violates this way 14th section, by the circulation Department of slaughter plants (field) be warned and fined 5000 Yuan more than 10000 fine; there is illegal income, and fined 5000 Yuan more than 30000 Yuan fines; serious cases, approved by the city and County Municipal People's Government, canceling slaughter plants (field) qualification.
    31st disobey article 23rd, outward redeployment from the city into the pig, 1000 or more by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce under 10000 Yuan fines; illegal gains and fined 5000 Yuan more than 30000 Yuan fine. 32nd breach of article 24th of this approach provides that are not redeployed from the point of pig-breeding base of live pigs, be warned by the circulation department, and fined a maximum of between 10000 and 1000 Yuan.
    Transferred from the banned regional transportation of live pigs, by the agriculture and forestry sectors in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    33rd article violates this article approaches the 25th first to second paragraph, without confirmations of transactions, industrial and commercial administrative authority shall order the operator to correct within, and fined 2000 Yuan following a fine serious, cancel Fairgrounds grade qualification.
    34th article violates the 25th paragraph these measures, by the health sector in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment.
    Article 35th of causing bodily harm of harmful toxic live pigs and pig breeding, processing, seller constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 36th obstructing a law enforcement officer in accordance with these rules of corporate units and individuals in violation of public security regulations, by the public security departments to give punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 37th circulation department and other relevant departments of personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, favoritism, bribes, given administrative sanctions according to law.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    The seventh chapter supplementary articles article 38th cattle, sheep and other livestock slaughter, sales management, in accordance with the measures implemented. 39th these measures shall come into force on October 15, 2003.
                                                                                                              On December 28, 1995 issued by the people's Government of the urban area of Suzhou, Suzhou city pig slaughter regulations repealed simultaneously.