Suzhou Municipal People's Government Decision On Abolishing Some Regulations And Regulatory Documents

Original Language Title: 苏州市人民政府关于废止部分规章和规范性文件的决定

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(May 10, 2004 Suzhou municipal people's Government at the 28th Executive meeting on May 18, 2004, Suzhou city people's Government, the 50th release come into force on the date of promulgation) for the carrying out of the People's Republic of China Law on administrative licensing, municipal government to all government regulations in force and with the Suzhou municipal government, on behalf of the Office of the Suzhou municipal people's Government published normative documents on a comprehensive cleanup. Now decided abolition following regulations and normative file: a, and Suzhou units using field labor management approach (June 18, 1995, Government makes 10th,) II, and Suzhou Government on issued Suzhou deep management provisional approach, and Suzhou plans water save water provisional approach of notification (January 3, 1982) three, and Suzhou Government forwards City Bureau on in implementation private policy in the acquisition private of several specific problem processing views of report Of notification (July 15, 1983) four, and Suzhou Government on properly solution field retired cadres to Su settled housing problem of notification (September 6, 1983) five, and Suzhou Government issued Suzhou implementation private policy mobilization relocation work of several items provides of notification (November 5, 1983) six, and Suzhou Government forwards City Garden Council, and more tube Council on implemented Suzhou Ancient tree name wood protection management provisional approach of notification (October 16, 1984) seven, and Suzhou City Government forwards City real estate authority on no any demolition, and alterations, and sale and Exchange has history legacy problem of property of asked of notification (May 8, 1985) eight, and Suzhou Government Office forwards city aquatic Council on implementation province charged aquatic resources proliferation protection fee provisional provides of views of notification (July 4, 1985) nine, and Suzhou Government on implementation Suzhou freshwater fisheries management approach of notification (August 31, 1985) ten, and Suzhou City Government forwards City standard measurement Council implementation State on in China unified implemented statutory measurement units of command of report of notification (September 15, 1985) 11, and Suzhou Government Office forwards City Green Committee Office, and Garden Council on strictly control occupied green, and protection green results of report of notification (October 29, 1985) 12, and Suzhou Government on issued Suzhou environmental protection award provisional approach (pilot) (January 28, 1987) 13, Suzhou municipal people's Government on the further implementation of the private policy-related issues (March 4, 1987) the 14, Suzhou municipal people's Government Office on the implementation of the private policies of a number of specific issues additional comments (March 5, 1987) 15, art market, Suzhou Suzhou municipal people's Government on the issue of the provisional regulations on management of notifications (November 28, 1987) 16, Views on running the pilot rural old-age insurance (April 19, 1988), Suzhou city, 17, interim provisions on the administration of dogs (July 29, 1988) 18, Suzhou diversified services corporate management tools (August 1, 1988), Suzhou city, 19, interim provisions on the establishment and development enterprise group (November 16, 1988), 20, on the interim measures for the management of residence to sue outside personnel (May 26, 1989), 21
    Suzhou municipal people's Government on stabilizing the economy of enterprises (January 15, 1990) 22, interim provisions on the management of Suzhou municipal people's Government on assemblies, processions and demonstrations (March 29, 1990), Suzhou city, 23, investigate and deal with violations of several provisions of fisheries (March 29, 1990) 24, suggestions on deepening Enterprise contract management responsibility (September 3, 1990) 25, Suzhou foreign security interim provisions (October 25, 1990) 26, Suzhou city adjoined rules detailed rules for the implementation of housing management (November 16, 1990), 27, Suzhou city implementation measures for the management of water resources (December 17, 1991) 28, Suzhou City urban housing system reform implementation plan (March 4, 1992) 29, Suzhou city of the implementation of the national standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises several provisions (March 9, 1992) 30,
    Suzhou materials management pilot scheme of mediation services (August 21, 1992) 31, Suzhou City urban passenger transport management practices (August 22, 1992), Suzhou, 32, a bike safety management (December 21, 1992), Suzhou, 33, professional technicians and managers resigning interim measures (April 7, 1993), 34, on the implementing regulations of the industrial enterprises owned by the transformation of management mechanism several opinions (April 10, 1993) 35, concerning the encouragement of national development zones in Suzhou (Suzhou) investment (May 10, 1993), Suzhou city, 36, price management (January 27, 1994), 37, conscientiously implement the "re-employment project" (June 27, 1995) 38, Suzhou City urban residential property management interim measures (August 31, 1995), 39, on strengthening management of market price observations (September 4, 1995) 40, Su Shanghai Airport Road Management provisional approach (February 9, 1996) 41, and on strengthening Suzhou urban boiler, and furnace kiln, and stove dust control of provisional approach (June 3, 1996) 42, and Suzhou urban outdoor advertising management provisional approach (January 9, 1997) 43, and Suzhou Government forward provincial government on announced first batch canceled merged and reduced charges standard of to enterprise of administrative career sex charges project of notification of notification (November 19, 1997) 44, and Suzhou City Government on canceled graduates paid distribution fee, seven a administrative career sex charges project of notification (January 4, 1998) 45, and on strengthening cemetery Tower Ling management of views (January 4, 1998) 46, and Suzhou Government on canceled grooming points booth facilities fee, eight a second batch administrative career sex charges project of notification (January 23, 1998) 47, and Suzhou waste plastic pollution control management provisional provides (April 9, 1998) 48, and
    Forwarded to the provincial Government concerning the second instalment of Suzhou municipal cancelled or lowered the standard to enterprise administrative fees the Fund informed of the notice of project (August 18, 1998) 49, Suzhou municipal people's Government on canceling the third administrative fees notice of project (October 27, 1998) 50, interim provisions on the books, newspapers and magazines, Suzhou pre reading (November 26, 1998), Suzhou city, 51, prices of commercial property management regulations (March 5, 1999) 52, Suzhou City urban housing trading pilot scheme (August 25, 1999) 53, the provisional regulations on the registration of Suzhou City urban registered permanent access (May 9, 2001) 54, on better city cities and small towns of the household registration system reform (October 19, 2001) 55, administrative measures for the low-rent housing in the urban area, Suzhou city (February 14, 2002), 56
    Suzhou municipal people's Government abolished the corporate administrative fees notice of project (March 15, 2002) 57, Suzhou municipal people's Government with regard to do Winter 2001 veteran's placement in the urban areas (June 10, 2002), Suzhou city, 58, 2002 information technology plan (July 1, 2002) 59, the Suzhou municipal government circular on further protection of mountain resources in the urban area (December 30, 2002)
                                                                      From the date of publication of the present decision implementation.