Suzhou City Construction Noise Pollution Control Regulations

Original Language Title: 苏州市建筑施工噪声污染防治管理规定

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(June 23, 2004 the Suzhou municipal government consideration at the 30th General meeting on July 1, 2004, Suzhou municipal people's Government, the 57th release as of August 1, 2004) first to control construction noise pollution, protecting and improving the environment, safeguard human health, according to the People's Republic of China Law of prevention and control of environmental noise pollution and the People's Republic of China construction law and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Second construction noise in these rules refers to housing construction, urban infrastructure, water (water supply) installations, wires, pipelines and equipment installation and alternative building decoration construction of building, rebuilding, expansion and demolition process and the related loading and unloading activities produce interference in the surrounding environment of the sound.
    Construction noise pollution in these rules refers to the construction of noise construction noise emissions exceed the State standards and disturbing others ' normal lives, work and study.
    Article III the city urban area, engaged in the first paragraph of article II of the rules of construction activities and the construction of loading and unloading, as well as to supervise and administer the noise generated from these activities, these provisions shall apply.
    Due to noise pollution in construction occupations work of labor protection, these rules do not apply.
    Fourth of municipal and county-level cities and districts Administrative Department of environmental protection, within the administrative area of exercise unified supervision and management of construction noise pollution control.
    Construction of the people's Governments above the county level, police, municipal utilities, transportation, water (water supplies) and other administrative authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these provisions.
    The people's Government above the county level after the relatively centralized administrative punishment right, provided by the city administration authorities are responsible for investigation and punishment of construction noise pollution violations from its provisions.
    V people's Governments at various levels shall be construction noise pollution prevention into their environmental protection plan and to take economic and technical policies and measures conducive to sound environmental protection, encouraging and supporting the construction noise pollution control of scientific research, technology development, and popularize advanced control technology and popularization of scientific knowledge of the construction noise pollution control.
    Governments at all levels to construction noise pollution prevention of outstanding successes in work units and individuals, should be given recognition awards.
    Sixth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the environment, and the right to inform and bring charges against construction noise pollution caused by behavior.
    Environmental protection administrative department or urban administration authorities having jurisdiction shall be announced to the public such as construction noise pollution complaints channels of complaint and shall, without delay after receiving the complaints site.
    Article seventh unit or building owners should apply for the construction project environmental impact assessment procedures.
    Unit or the owners of construction projects should be based on the national construction duration fixed reasonably determining construction period, construction noise pollution prevention during the construction programme.
    Without approval of the construction project environmental impact assessment shall not be under construction.
    Eighth construction units shall have environment protection agencies or staff, building construction noise pollution prevention management system.
    Construction unit has overall responsibility for the legal representative of the enterprise of construction noise pollution prevention; project leader in charge of construction projects in construction noise pollution prevention; (and) level environmental protection staff implementation of construction noise pollution in construction site.
    Nineth construction units should according to the construction noise pollution prevention programmes, in accordance with the nature, scale and characteristics of construction project and site conditions, construction machine, working time arrangements, appropriate building construction noise pollution prevention measures can be taken, and maintain facilities in normal use.
    Construction noise pollution prevention requirements in construction engineering cost budget and final account.
    Tenth Article construction units should in construction project engineering starts yiqian, according to following program to engineering construction location of environmental protection administrative competent sector handle building construction site sewage declared registration procedures: (a) received building construction site sewage declared registration form, declared material; (ii) according to declared requirements fill in building construction site sewage declared registration form and stamped units seal Hou, with attached building construction noise pollution control measures and other related annex, submitted environmental protection administrative competent sector;
    (C) the environmental protection Administrative Department to verify the declarations accepting and construction unit to submit complete application materials are received within 3 working days from the date of signing, inform the construction unit.
    11th construction units should prominently hung at the construction site of the construction site of the environmental protection signs, stated the project name, name of the construction company, construction company owner name, start and end date of the project, construction of pollution prevention measures and telephone issues.
    12th construction units should be strictly enforced in the process in the construction noise pollution control programmes, rational distribution and use of construction machinery and proper arrangements for working time.
    Low noise construction machinery should be used in the construction and other construction equipment.
    Construction ban in the use of national noise pollution has been officially eliminated the backward construction technology and construction machinery and equipment.
    13th advocated construction unit using low-noise of advanced technology, advanced technology, advanced equipment and new building materials.
    Article 14th construction unit are encouraged to use premixed concrete.
    Suzhou city and county-level municipalities within the Township, premixed concrete construction should be used. 15th article in the urban area of the city, and emissions into the environment in the construction of construction noise, shall conform to the construction noise emission standards set by the State.
    Construction noise exceeded the State standards, according to law as excessive noise sound level emissions to the environmental protection Administrative Department for paying excessive sewage charges.
    Construction unit to pay fees for excessive discharge can be factored into the cost of construction. 16th prevents noise pollution in urban night construction work.
    But the repair, except for rescue operations.
    Due to production requirements, or other special needs must be continuous operation, or due to road traffic control needs in nighttime loading and unloading construction materials, Earthwork and construction waste, construction units shall obtain the local night operation by the Administrative Department of environmental protection show that.
    Hospitals, old-age care institutions and other noise-sensitive buildings are concentrated in the region's construction, construction units concerned should arrange the works progress, reducing nighttime construction operations.
    17th construction units is absolutely necessary to night work shall be 5 business days in advance, and applied to the local administrative Department of environmental protection for night operation and programs.
    Environmental protection Administrative Department shall accept the application within 2 working days, issue a night operation to construction unit prove that notice in writing whether or not proof of night operation. Construction work at night should determine a reasonable amount of time. Continuous transport, into concrete night operation, generally no more than 2 days and nights at a time.
    Loading and unloading of Earth-rock and other construction materials, construction waste shall not be more than 24 o'clock on the day.
    18th the construction unit of the introduction of night work, should grant the night before night operation 2nd prominently publish job proving that to the construction site.
    19th "gaokao", "tests" during the first examination period in the 15th and special, prohibited all noises of construction jobs at night.
    "Entrance" and "tests" during the examination, the examination unit and its surroundings within 100 metres of the building site, day stop all noise from construction work.
    20th construction units of public security organs shall, in accordance with actual condition of building materials, Earthwork and construction waste transport route or area.
    Key projects, major projects of earthwork construction phase, due to special reasons such as volume or duration limit, you can apply to the public security organs of the day permits for loading and unloading vehicles. 21st environmental protection administrative department or urban administration authorities having jurisdiction according to law within the jurisdiction of the construction unit construction noise emission checks, monitoring. Been checking construction units concerned should faithfully reflect the situation and provide the necessary information.
    Check is complete, the construction project to be checked and inspectors shall be on site inspection record signed. 22nd in violation of the provisions of the Act, provisions of relevant laws, rules and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.
    Not already provided for by laws, rules and regulations, in accordance with these provisions.
    Construction units subject to administrative penalties or award information is recorded into the enterprise credit information system in Suzhou to the public. 23rd article produced building construction noise pollution of construction units, has following behavior one of of, ordered construction units deadline corrected; late not corrected of, at 500 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) violation this provides eighth article of provides, construction units no environmental protection work institutions or staff, not established building construction pollution control management system of; (ii) violation this provides Nineth article first paragraph of provides, construction units not according to construction project of nature, and scale, and features and construction site conditions, and
    Used construction machinery, working time arrangements, appropriate building construction noise pollution prevention measures can be taken; (c) the violation of the provisions of the present article 11th, construction is not construction site hanging prominently set forth the requirements of environmental protection to the construction site signs. 24th article construction units has following behavior one of of, ordered immediately corrected, can at warning or 1000 Yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) violation this provides 12th article third paragraph of provides, construction units using national expressly eliminated of behind construction process and construction mechanical equipment produced noise pollution of; (ii) violation this provides 14th article second paragraph of provides, produced noise pollution of; (three) violation this provides 19th article second paragraph of provides, construction units in ban construction during and range within for construction of.

    25th violation of the provisions of article 16th, 17th, 19th, the provisions of article III, construction units without a night operation to prove unauthorized construction at night, or night operation in excess of the prescribed time limit, or special night during construction shall be ordered to immediately correct, may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan.
    26th in violation of the provisions of this article 18th, construction units not announcement, rectification can be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan.
    27th hinder or obstruct the environmental protection Administrative Department and other departments shall exercise supervision and management of environmental noise and its administrative law enforcement personnel carrying out their duties, violating public security regulations, the public security organs shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    28th law accepted by the Administrative Department of environmental protection's construction unit, the applicant, in accordance with terms and requirements stipulated by laws, rules or regulations, or were not informed of handling results in writing, agree and bear legal liability.
    Article 29th of construction noise pollution unit or individual has the right to require the perpetrator to stop infringement; losses caused, compensation according to law.
    Article 30th construction noise pollution prevention supervisors failing to perform their duties of supervision and administration or the abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, by their work units or the competent authority shall be ordered to correct serious administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    31st night in these rules refers to the period between 22 o'clock in the evening until 6 in the morning.
    32nd article this referred to the "Gao Kao" refers to the national college admission examination; "test" refers to the high school entrance examination.
                                                                                                            33rd article of the regulations come into force on August 1, 2004.