Jilin Renewable Resource Recycling Management

Original Language Title: 吉林市再生资源回收利用管理办法

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(May 14, 2004, Jilin city, the people's Government of the 22nd Executive meeting on May 31, 2004, 153th, Jilin city people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2004) first to standardize the use of renewable resources management, protection of the ecological environment, protect operators interests, in accordance with relevant provisions of national and provincial, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article renewable resources mentioned in these measures refers to the social production and consumption in the process have lost value, social recovery and processing, enabling them to return the value of the various waste materials.
    Third regeneration of renewable resources can be divided into productive resources, renewable resources, and other specific waste materials into three categories.
    (A) productive regeneration resources including: production process in the produced of ferrous metal and nonferrous metals waste; scrap of machine equipment, and electromechanical equipment,; waste rickshaw, and motor vehicle, and ship,; for waste processing of warehouse backlog products, and defective; waste diesel, and oil,; (ii) life sex regeneration resources including: life process in the produced of waste metal, and plastic, and paper, and cotton Ma, and hair, and bone, and glass, and rubber,; (three) other specific waste items including: waste electronic products, and battery, and medical devices,.
    Article fourth recycling of renewable resources in the city of units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Fifth of municipal supply and marketing cooperative regenerated resources recycling Executive Administration.
    Economic and trade, environmental protection, public security, industry and commerce, planning, law enforcement departments should, according to their respective functions, such as the management of renewable resources, recycling. Sixth recycling of renewable resources to implement standardized management. Waste management network must proceed with the approval of the departments concerned of the unified set of market management.
    Establishment of the trade market of renewable resources shall comply with the following requirements: (a) the layout is reasonable, does not affect the city appearance and environmental protection; (b) storage, use, and processing functions, (iii) have the perfect fire control facilities, (iv) usable floor area of not less than 20,000 square meters.
    Communities should be set up to buy booth and meet the following requirements: (a) without prejudice to the community environment, (ii) covers an area of not more than 25 m; (c) make, uniform style and (iv) acquisition of day day of waste, no outdated piled up.
    Seventh consolidated set of trading markets and acquisitions outside the Pavilion, all units and individuals are not allowed to set up waste management site.
    Unified registration article eighth mobile acquisition personnel management, uniform documentation, common licence plate numbers, uniform clothing marks standard services, standardize the management system, standardized service standards.
    Mobile acquisition of waste materials shall be sent to the trade market of renewable resources or purchase booths.
    Nineth producing waste metals by franchise acquisition and other non-productive enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households can purchase scrap metal may not be purchased by producing waste metals.
    Tenth in railways, mines, oil fields, ports, airports, construction sites, military zone near the smelting and metal processing enterprises shall set up to buy scrap metal.
    11th who engaged in acquisition of renewable resources of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial household in the 15th after obtaining the business license within public security organ for the record.
    12th article regeneration resources recycling using ban acquisition following items: (a) railway, and oil, and power, and telecommunications communications, and mine, and water, and measurement and city public facilities, and fire facilities, dedicated equipment; (ii) guns ammunition, and flammable easy burst, and has radioactive, and included national dangerous waste directory, various dangerous goods; (three) national provides of history heritage; (four) police organ informed search of booty and the suspected items; (five) legal regulations provides of other prohibited items. 13th promotes and supports the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources.
    Trade market of renewable resources to deal with the acquisition of renewable resources according to the different material, use sort and primary processing, where conditions could be established processing bases, using high technology to different kinds and quality of development and utilization of renewable resources, and gradually realize the industrialization of renewable resources recovery industry.
    14th article in violation of these regulations, any of the following circumstances, be punished by the city administration departments.
    (A) violation sixth article provides, set acquisition Pavilion not meet provides requirements of, ordered demolition, late not demolition of, forced demolition, and can at 2000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan fine; (ii) violation seventh article provides, unauthorized in market or acquisition Pavilion peripherals acquisition site business of, ordered corrected, refused to corrected of, forced banned demolition, and can at 1000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan fine.
    15th article violates article eighth, current buyers are not in line with the unified registration management set by the municipal supply and marketing cooperative shall be ordered to correct, and fails, to a fine of 50 Yuan to 200 Yuan.
    16th in violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, be punished by public security departments and constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. (A) violation Nineth article provides, no franchise right of enterprise acquisition productive waste metal of, be banned, confiscated illegal acquisition of items and the illicitly acquired, and can at 5000 Yuan to 10000 Yuan fine; (ii) violation tenth article provides, in ban set locations presence acquisition waste metal of, deadline demolition, late not demolition of, forced demolition, plot serious of, confiscated illegal acquisition of items and the illicitly acquired, and can at 5000 Yuan to 10000 Yuan fine; (three) violation 11th article provides,
    Not to the public security authorities for the record, shall be ordered to correct, and to a fine of 200 Yuan to 500 Yuan, (iv) breach of article 12th, illegal acquisition of prohibited items, depending on the circumstances to order the rectification, and liable to a fine of between 2000 and 10000 Yuan.
    17th exemplary administrative law enforcement personnel shall comply with these procedures, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, disciplined by the unit or by the competent authorities, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    18th party not satisfied with the administrative penalties may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
                                19th article this way come into force on July 1, 2004.