Nanning Taxi Management

Original Language Title: 南宁市出租汽车客运管理办法

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(June 23, 2004, Nanning city, consideration by the Standing Committee on June 26, 2004, Nanning Government released 22nd, come into force on August 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the taxi management, improve the quality of taxi services, maintaining the market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, operators and practitioners, according to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to road transport regulations and other related regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city taxi businesses, employees, passengers and the taxi business-relevant units and individuals.
    Third taxi in these measures refers to obtain taxi rights, and in accordance with the wishes of passengers to provide passenger services five (with five) business car.
    Fourth section should follow the development and management of taxi industry coordinated development, unified management, the principle of fair competition, convenient to the masses.
    Fifth, Nanning city, the traffic Administrative Department is the Administrative Department of the city's taxi industry, responsible for the supervision and administration of taxi within the administrative area of the city; city traffic administration departments under the road transport authority (hereinafter referred to as transit agencies) specifically responsible for the Organization and implementation of the measures.
    Municipal public security, industry and commerce, price, quality and technology supervision, financial, tax and other relevant departments according to their respective duties and related provisions to regulate taxi industry.
    Sixth to encourage and support the taxi industry management of scientific and technological research, and actively promote the application of advanced technology and equipment, improve the level of scientific management of taxi industry.
    Article seventh taxi firms and practitioners, shall operate in accordance with law, civilized service.
    On management and operational achievements greatly, heal, heroic deeds, such as prominent taxi companies and practitioners, the municipal traffic administrative departments shall commend and reward.
    Eighth city taxi industry association is the city's taxi industry self-regulatory organizations, is responsible for formulating the taxi practice criteria, coordination within the industry, industry self-regulation, education and urged members to comply with laws, regulations and norms of practice.
    Taxi operation rights in chapter II of the delivery of, access to and use the Nineth taxi management, and recovered by the municipal traffic Administrative Department is responsible for organizing.
    Article tenth taxi operation rights put on, in principle, the total urban population 25-30/the ratio of men, municipal people's Government according to the socio-economic development needs to adjust. 11th taxi operation rights the implementation of paid transfer.
    Transfer are: (a) public biding; (b) auction; (c) the listing sold and (iv) otherwise stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
    Implementation of passenger rights bidding, auction and listing sold, should be in the bidding, auction and listing sold before 30th at city-level press release tender, auction notice.
    12th article taxi passenger business right by let people should since received bid notice or auction, and tone sold of day up 15th within paid clear taxi right franchise fee, and and city traffic administrative competent sector signed taxi passenger right using contract, received traffic administrative competent sector issued of, Nanning city, taxi passenger business warrants (following referred to passenger business warrants) and business logo brand, and handle legal, and regulations provides of other procedures.
    13th taxi operation rights, finance, franchise fees paid, the two lines of income and expenditure management, dedicated to urban roads and urban public passenger transport field, the station and the construction of related facilities, taxi operation rights of paid transfer operating funds.
    14th taxi operation rights of use for a period of 10 years.
    These measures prior to the implementation of the right has expired, in taxis, Government pricing the passenger the right to transfer, vehicle maximum operation up to the end.
    Of expiry of the right, and right to repossession of leased passenger and back on the market as provided in article 11th. 15th taxi operating rights should be signed with the municipal traffic Administrative Department of passenger rights using organizational capacity within 6 months from the date of the contract market.
    Overdue delivery capacity, do not put on the part of the taxi right free to recover.
    16th taxi operation rights in accordance with the laws and regulations, conditions and procedure for the transfer. Third chapter taxi enterprise, and driver and passengers 17th article engaged in taxi passenger of, should has following conditions: (a) has enterprise corporate qualification; (ii) made taxi passenger business right; (three) registered funds in 10 million Yuan above, has many Yu vehicles total value 5% of liquidity; (four) by test qualified of taxi up 100 car above, equipped with and business scale phase adapted of fixed Office places and work essential places; (five) has perfect of enterprise articles and organization institutions, and
    Equipped with qualified driver, quality control, safety managers, building management and security management system. 18th article of the taxi business in the camp before the implementation of the measures, their qualifications to vehicle operating period. Taxi Enterprise shall be in accordance with the means provided in the camp to taxi to the camp management.
    Taxi in camp less than 50 cars, should carry out joint management or management.
    19th article taxi enterprise should comply with following provides: (a) taxi must for corporate property, by enterprise business; (ii) established sound vehicles and the driver archives, implemented driver bright card service, management system, by provides to city traffic administrative competent sector submitted about statistics report and information; (three) shall not will taxi handed no practitioners qualification card of personnel operating or contracting; (four) and by hired of driver law signed labor contract, and law participate in social security;
    (E) establish and improve employee education and training system, managers and drivers on a regular basis the rule of law, security, business and other aspects of education and training, (vi) guarantee the operation of taxi vehicles of 80% the company taxi shall not be stopped for no reason.
    Article 20th taxi businesses need to go out of business, closing, it should be submitted to the municipal traffic administration authorities, and industry and commerce, taxation, quality and technical supervision Department for the appropriate procedures.
    Article 21st encounter situations such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, major events, hire car companies should obey the traffic Administrative Department of control and command.
    22nd taxi drivers must meet the following conditions: (a) obtained a driver's license and safe driving experience for more than two years, (ii) males and 60 years of age, women under 55 years of age, health, (iii) the city registered permanent residence or temporary residence permit; (d) obtained the qualification certificate. 23rd article taxi driver should comply with following provides: (a) with car carry practitioners qualification card and tax sector provides of invoice, by provides bright card service; (ii) right using by quality technology supervision sector detection qualified of pricing device, by pricing device displayed of amount charges, active payment taxi passenger dedicated invoice; pricing device beyond verification cycle or pricing device inaccurate Shi, should suspended passenger; (three) by passengers requirements of route driving, passengers not proposed requirements of, should select shortest route driving,
    Does needed bypass of, should to passengers description, shall not for no reason bypass; (four) without passengers agreed, shall not with contains others, meet passengers proposed of using car within service facilities of requirements; (five) security Lane, courtesy hospitality, keep car within clean, using civilization language; passengers forgotten in car Shang of items, should free returned owner, cannot returned of, should timely make to shipped political institutions; (six) in taxi site waiting guest Shi, should by sequence queued, and order go car, shall not dominate the, and strong pulled strong shipped;
    (G) operating at night should turn on Dome light when empty and for rent signs, passengers out of the city or to remote locations, should be carried out according to the administration of public security reports; (h) the provisions of other laws, rules and regulations.
    24th taxicab driver shall not engage in the following acts: (a) off-site management; (b) taxi over to the qualification of personnel-free operation; (c) refusing without proper reason, interrupt service.
    25th article passengers has following case one of of, driver right to refusing, and interrupted transport service or sent about sector processing: (a) carry toxic, and flammable, and easy burst, and corrosion sex, dangerous chemicals; (ii) alcohol Hou lost control capacity who or no guardian accompanied of psychiatric people; (three) requirements in ban line sections driving or in ban stopped sections parking of; (four) requirements overload of; (five) refused to by billing standard paid fare and the about costs of; (six) requirements driver made other violations of.
    26th drivers have one of the following circumstances, passengers can refuse to pay fare: (I) do not use the meter or beyond the meter displays the amount of the fee, (ii) does not pay the taxi invoices according to stipulations; (c) for vehicles or drivers failed to complete the task of transporting. Fourth chapter vehicles, and site, and freight 27th article taxi should meet following requirements: (a) exhaust volume for 1.6 rose above, meet city traffic administrative competent sector provides of models, and body color; (ii) in front Hou insurance bar significantly location hanging taxi passenger business logo brand, front door sides spray printing Enterprise name, and supervision phone, service logo; (three) added vehicles gradually installation satellite positioning, and communications scheduling and the alarm device; (four) installation has qualified pricing device, and empty stay rent logo, and The taxi lamp meet the requirements; (e) the technical condition of vehicles to maintain good service facilities are complete and in good condition;

    (Vi) carrier to travel by taxi for advertising, must be provided at the location set, must not block the driver's line of sight and lights, license plates, signs.
    28th lost of taxi operating documents, signs, shall promptly report to the traffic administrative department or transit agencies, and after the loss of city-level press published a statement by the municipal traffic administrative department or transit agencies for a replacement. 29th taximeter shall be in conformity with the State quality and technical supervision departments and standards approved by the tax authorities, by the standards of quality and technology supervision departments before they can install and use.
    Taxi meter not allowed to install and refit.
    30th new taxi operating for a period of 6 years from the date on which the registration of the vehicle. Taxi for meeting operational terms or scrap, obsolete, must cease operations.
    Taxi businesses should bid out to departments of municipal traffic administrative formalities, returned to the taxi business license, to a police vehicle Management Department for the appropriate procedures.
    Update vehicle municipal traffic administrative departments should to go through the relevant formalities.
    Update vehicle may use the remaining right to continue to operate.
    Taxi use for up to 6 years, the vehicle may be transferred to other rights of taxi companies.
    31st taxis should be stipulated regular secondary and technical grade.
    Article 32nd taxi site-building should be integrated into urban transport planning, and in accordance with the requirements of the code for planning design of urban road traffic for construction.
    , Planning of public security Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the municipal traffic administrative departments in the urban areas, cigan on each side set up a taxi behind station, docking station, airport, train station, bus station, ferry terminal, hospitals and other government funds to invest in the taxi dock for free should be allowed in public places.
    Taxi in the taxi on the road behind station, docking station, when a guest under, no unit or individual may obstruct and it is not permitted to charge taxi driver.
    Private parking in a public place should be open to all taxis in the city without approval, no Department or unit may not charge any fees from taxi business, drivers; the approved taxi charges a parking fee, are not allowed to raise standards. Article 33rd taxi tariffs by the Municipal Department in charge of price together with the municipal traffic administration departments, and submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    According to the transport market and economic development needs of freight survey carried out at the right time, adjust the taxi fares.
    Taxi passenger tariffs adjusted, it shall hold price hearing.
    Article 34th taxi enterprise and its staff must carry out the passenger tariff, tax invoice produced by the Department that invoices should be special. The fifth chapter article 35th of supervision and inspection on traffic administrative departments or transit agencies can go taxi Road station, docking stations and other related places on taxi conducting supervision and inspection according to law, and illegal vehicles in the investigation.
    Inspectors shall produce warrants of inspection. Article 36th for violation of these measures cannot be processed on the spot, municipal traffic administrative departments or the transit agency can suspend operating license, in serious cases, may suspend a vehicle, the Parties shall, within the 15th to specified places for treatment.
    Fails to accept treatment, municipal traffic administrative departments or the transit authority made the decision. 37th taxi companies, driver violations of the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, passenger complaints to the transportation agency.
    Complaints should be provided with the following documents: (a) the complainant's real name, phone number, mailing address, (ii) the complainant's name, car number (or rent car passenger transportation management logos brands), taxi invoices; (c) complex, the complainant should provide written material.
    Article 38th of transit agencies to accept the passenger complaints, shall promptly investigate and deal with, shall, on the date of the complaint investigation process within the 7th result replies to the complainants; complex, shall, on the date of the complaint investigation process within the 30th results of replies to the complainants.
    Sixth chapter legal liability article 39th acts in violation of these measures, delivered by the municipal traffic administrative departments or Government agencies will be punished.
    40th engaged in taxi business operating without a passenger warrants, altered, forged, speculation and illegal transfer of the passenger business warrants, fined not more than 5000 Yuan more than 10000.
    41st business signs without a taxi taxi, fined 500 Yuan fine.
    Alteration, counterfeiting, reselling and illegal transfer of taxi business signs, and a fine of 100 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.
    42nd taxi reaches the trading period, not for the operating certificate cancellation procedures, continues to operate, a fine of 2000 more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    43rd article violates article 19th, third and sixth provisions and give a warning and order them to correct and punish according to the following provisions: violate the provisions of the second, and fined 1000 Yuan fines; comply with the third requirement of, impose a penalty of 200 Yuan more than 1000; violation of provisions of the sixth, and fined 2000 Yuan more than 10000 fine.
    44th article violates article 21st, given a warning and correction and fined 2000 Yuan more than 10000 Yuan fine.
    45th article violates article 23rd to the fourth requirement, penalty of between 100 Yuan; violation of provisions of the sixth, fined not more than RMB 100 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.
    46th in violation of article 24th, punishable by more than 100 Yuan 1000 Yuan fine.
    47th in violation of provisions, fourth article 27th, correction, and liable to a fine of less than 500 Yuan.
    48th article city traffic administrative competent sector or shipped political institutions staff has following case one of of, should give criticism education, and depending on plot weight, ordered its stop implementation positions, by provides give administrative sanctions, constitute crime of, law held its criminal: (a) abuse, and engages in of; (ii) abuse, and bribes bribery of; (three) violation provides charges, and mess fine of; (four) violations taxi passenger operators or practitioners lawful rights and interests of of; (five) retaliates against whistleblower of.
                                                                                49th article of the rules of the seventh chapter schedule as of August 1, 2004, the taxi of the interim measures for the administration of Nanning City (1995 municipal people's Government 9th) repealed simultaneously.