Xiamen City Construction Project Cost Management Regulations (As Amended In 2004)

Original Language Title: 厦门市建设工程造价管理规定(2004年修正本)

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(September 4, 1997 Xiamen Government makes 64th, announced according to June 28, 2004 Xiamen Government makes 111th, announced of Xiamen City Government on abolition, and amendment part municipal government regulations of decided Amendment) first chapter General first article to strengthening on construction engineering cost of management, reasonable determine and effective control engineering cost, improve investment benefits, maintenance party of lawful rights and interests of, according to Xiamen City Building Ordinance, combined this city actual, developed this provides. Second construction project cost is the construction project from feasibility studies to completion and delivery before all the construction costs, including construction and installation costs, purchase of equipment, construction costs, reserve funds, as well as complying with the provisions included in the engineering cost of construction loan interest, etc.
    Concrete manifestation in different stages of investment estimation, budgetary estimate and budget and final accounts.
    Third construction project cost management should abide by relevant State laws and regulations, using scientific methods, following the law, under the premise of protecting national interests, protect investment, construction, design, construction, and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.
    Fourth municipal construction administrative departments in charge of construction engineering cost supervision and management.
    Municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with the needs, and commissioned construction project cost management in Xiamen station (hereinafter project cost management), organization-specific implementation of the construction project cost management.
    Planning, finance, pricing, and other government departments to perform their duties in the context of the construction project cost management.
    Chapter two valuation basis developed and managed fifth of municipal construction Administrative Department of the city's use of various types of exercise unified management over construction cost valuation basis.
    Valuation based on engineering cost includes: estimating indicators (budget indicators), budgetary estimate quota, fixed budget (general budget) unit valuation table, fixed cost (standard), the production quota, fixed duration, materials, equipment, budget price, project direct price indices, materials price index and price index.
    Article sixth project pricing estimates for this city (estimated) fixed unit value index, consolidated budget table, costs, prices of construction materials budget and project direct cost price index by the municipal construction Administrative Department according to the actual needs of the municipal construction project organizations prepared, revised and promulgated by the municipal construction Administrative Department.
    Seventh of municipal project cost management institutions should be monthly released building material market price information, and quarterly and half year of material prices, labor costs, equipment costs, indices and price indices, the implementation project pricing management.
    Eighth of municipal project cost management should make new materials, new processes, new technology projects complement the budget ration, measurement, published work.
    Engineering cost management in the construction of new technology, new materials, new technology for fixed determination, release fixed a supplementary item.
    Cost of computer software, must be identified by the eligible cost of intermediaries, and cost management for the record.
    Third chapter cost of prepared and audit Nineth article investment estimates should according to construction scale, and standard, and main equipment selection, in accordance with national, and province, and city about provides and estimates index, and estimates fixed, and budget fixed, and integrated budget fixed units valuation table, and costs fixed (standard) prepared, and integrated prepared period to completed period of price, and interest rate, and risk, dynamic factors, by construction units or its delegate of has corresponding qualification of units prepared. Article tenth design estimate, full investment shall be adjusted in optimizing the building programme, prepared on the basis of the estimates.
    Financial investment and financing projects, reported the State Planning Commission approval of the project, using foreign government loan projects design budget for approval by the urban planning Administration Department. 11th design budgets shall be approved by the city planning administration of construction project investment plan optimization based on comprehensive budget in accordance with valuation table fixed unit, fixed costs (standard) and related provisions, and integrated marketing materials the difference, price index and dynamic factors, such as the preparation of necessary risk coefficient.
    Design units should be strictly in accordance with the limits of design and cost control.
    Construction budget should be based on design drawings, construction organization design scheme prepared by the mechanism provided for in the preceding paragraph, as the employer paid progress payment and the construction material, labor ... 12th bidding projects, bid organizers should be according to the design drawings, preparation of tender documents and the relevant provisions of quantities and integrated projects, units of measurement, calculation rules, preparation of bidding price.
    Bidding under engineering physical quantities as well as the relevant provisions of the tender documents, combined with the possibility of fees, autonomy offer.
    Municipal fiscal investment and financing of construction projects bidding when the price exceeds the investment plans, the construction unit shall be submitted to the original examination and approval Department for approval.
    Article 13th engineering should be based on the price of the tender clearly cost adjustments in scope and method, the contract price is ascertained.
    Direct contracting engineering, construction budget should be the basis of, and risk factors as well as the need to adjust the range of to determine the contract price.
    Foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint venture construction engineering cost of foreign capital accounted for more than 50%, by contract awarding units and contractors in the contract negotiations. 14th article construction units should in building engineering completed acceptance of day up 30th within (contract has agreed, from its agreed), to contract cost for according to, and according to design change, and force majeure, factors, and national policy sex adjustment, reality, in accordance with contracting contract of about terms agreed, prepared engineering completed accounts file and provides full of related accounts information, reported units audit, units should in received engineering accounts file of day up, medium engineering 60 day, and small engineering 30th within made audit conclusion.
    Large and medium construction projects and key construction projects of the unit must be within 6 months of completion and acceptance of completing final accounts, other construction projects in completing final accounts within 3 months after acceptance. 15th of municipal project cost management should strengthen the budget, preparation of budget and final accounts and audit management.
    Is a financial investment and finance budget and final account audit of construction project, according to the relevant provisions of the municipal government.
    Any unit and individual is prohibited in compilation and review budget, budgets, accounts and other documents to deception, free prices, shill or attach unreasonable conditions.
    16th construction, design, construction, consulting agencies and other units on the implementation of project cost valuation basis and valuation approaches when objections occur,, project cost management, can be reported to the Agency on the matter in dispute is explained, mediation and adjudication.
    Article 17th personnel involved in the project budget, budget and final accounts should be legally qualify as a corresponding and qualifications within the activities of project cost.
    18th the fourth chapter mediation services construction engineering cost advisory body established according to law shall be encouraged to engage in construction engineering cost Advisory intermediary services business.
    19th construction project cost advisory body, shall be provided for by the State qualified as a corresponding qualification, and engaged in business activities in the context of qualification qualification.
    20th engineering cost consultation institution can be authorized, undertake the following operations: (a) construction project feasibility studies and investment estimate preparation, (ii) the economic evaluation of construction project (iii) engineering estimates, preparation of the budget and final accounts or audit and (iv) preparation of engineering bidding and bid; (e) accepts the delegated cost verification services. Consultation paper on engineering cost consultation institution shall not accept the same compilation and review services.
    Commissioned project cost consulting services business, principal and engineering cost advisory body shall enter into a written contract. Engineering cost advisory body shall not be accepted by transfer intermediary services business.
    Engineering cost advisory body of employees shall not personally entrusted business.
    21st in violation of this fifth chapter penalty provisions article 14th, not required for completion of the prescribed time limit, shall be ordered to correct, with a warning and fined 20,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.
    22nd in violation of the provisions of article 15th, compilation and review for building engineering budget and budget and final accounts, document fraud or arbitrary prices, shill or attach unreasonable conditions, shall be ordered to correct, punishable by fines of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan.
    23rd violates the provisions of this article 17th, has not obtained the qualification certificate to engage in the proposed budget, budgets, final accounts, with a warning, confiscate the illegal income, and may be fined 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine. 24th article violation this provides, has following behavior one of of, according to plot weight respectively be punishment: (a) forged, and lending, and rental, and transfer qualification certificate of, can sentenced 10,000 yuan above 50,000 yuan following of fine; has illegal proceeds of, confiscated illegal proceeds; plot serious of, ordered closed reorganization, and revoked qualification certificate; (ii) engaged in estimates, and budget, and accounts of personnel not by specified of practitioners range or privately undertake construction engineering cost estimates, and budget, and accounts advisory business of, be warning,
    And fined 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine. 25th article of the administrative penalties stipulated in the provisions determined by the municipal construction Administrative Department.
    Municipal construction Administrative Department, project cost management, delegate agencies impose sanctions.
    Article 26th city construction administrative departments should establish and improve the supervision and management system of cost management, to strengthen the cost management discipline, integrity and professional ethics education for Agency staff.
    27th of municipal construction administrative departments and delegates the implementation of project cost supervision and management unit staff negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, bribery, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
                                                                                              Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 28th of these provisions come into force on October 1, 1997.