Suzhou, Suzhou Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Decisions Of The Management Of Village And Town Ferry

Original Language Title: 苏州市人民政府关于修改《苏州市乡镇渡口管理办法》的决定

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(July 14, 2004 Suzhou Government 31st times Executive Conference considered through July 22, 2004 Suzhou Government makes 68th, announced since announced of day up purposes) according to People's Republic of China administrative license method about provides, now decided on Suzhou Township ferry management approach for following modified: a, and will fifth article modified for: "Ferry of set, and revoked should by ferry location of County Government approval, County Government approval Qian, Should seek the views of the local maritime authorities. No private ferries and ferrying passengers illegally.
    "Second, by deleting article 15th.
    Third, delete the 18th article. 22nd four, be modified to: "village and town ferry ferry shall not engage in the night. Special situations require night crossing, should complete the night the device, and according to the relevant provisions of the night ferry display lights and signals.
    "In five, will approach" port navigation supervisory authority "is amended as" maritime administration ".
    VI by deleting article 30th.
    Seven, by deleting article 31st.
    In addition, under the provisions of this decision on the part of the order is adjusted accordingly.
    Purposes from the date of publication of this decision.

    The management of village and town ferry in Suzhou be revised according to this decision, republished.
    PS:, Suzhou city, village and town ferry management practices (amended 2004) first to strengthen the management of village and town ferry, safeguard the country's and people's life and property security, better service for economic construction, according to the People's Republic of China inland river transportation safety regulations, the management of ferry in Jiangsu Province and relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Village and town ferry in these measures refers to article II located in rural or town, by the township (town) collective, lianhu village or the self-employed (hereinafter referred to as management units), mainly for local people's production and life services ferry site, piers, ferries and ferry facilities at the other. Article the leadership of the people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the ferry's management.
    Township ferry security management implemented "who business, and who management, and who is responsible for" of principles: (a) ferry business units on du shipped security negative directly responsibility; (ii) ferry location Xiang (town) Government should and business units signed security du shipped responsibility, and on ferry management negative led responsibility; (three) County Government should and Xiang (town) Government signed du shipped security management responsibility.
    Fourth city, county-level cities Transportation Department sets of local maritime administrative agency of village and town ferry the ferry security imposed supervision of the competent authority. Fifth ferry's establishment, withdrawal should be approved by people's Governments at the county level, where the ferry, the County approval, shall solicit the views of local maritime administration.
    No private ferries and ferrying passengers illegally.
    Sixth article ferry funding source and using: (a) du fee income by ferry business units in "to du raised du" of principles, reasonable using, ensure ferry, and Terminal, ferry facilities intact; (ii) ferry business units should by income of must proportion regularly paid Xiang (town) Government, earmarks dedicated, as and manpower arrangements solution by's ferry maintenance, and transformation and the update funding; (three) ferry, and ferry maintenance funding does have difficult of, should by local government through variety channel help solution. Article seventh on both sides should be set for the passenger ferry piers and ramps up and down the stone steps.
    Passenger traffic is large and located in trunk waterway ferry passengers waiting Pavilion must be set (Studio) and other facilities. Ferry docks downstream shall not be parked within the 20 m other ships, rafts, or construction of facilities.
    Upstream and downstream within 200 meters, not inflammable, explosive, corrosive, harmful production of such goods and dump.
    Article eighth ferry shall set up distinct on both sides of the ferry code and circular issued by the Jiangsu provincial work safety Committee. Ferry IX must be approved by ship inspection department inspection and local maritime administration registration, local maritime administrative agency after the issuance of the certificate of ownership and a ferry permit, may be put into the ferry.
    Without issuing a ferry not ferry. Article a ferry passenger carrying capacity shall be not less than 10 people, human passenger carrying capacity of the ferry shall not be greater than 60.
    Per load while ferrying conversion 1 1 bike passenger carrying capacity, each conversion 2 passenger loading 1 motorcycles should be fixed. 11th ferry technology must be maintained in good condition and equipment effectively.
    Ferry to regularly maintain, repair, and in accordance with the provisions of the annual inspection. 12th all crossings shall not use a cable ferry.
    Water surface width greater than 150 m of water, must use steel motor vessel.
    13th ferry safety railings should both be set human boat configuration should be equal to the length of the cabin, starting from the passenger deck height not less than 90 cm solid solid safety rail. 14th human ferry must indicate the name of vessel, passenger carrying capacity, load waterline.
    Motorized ferries shall comply with the provisions on the administration of special signals and signs for passenger ferry.
    15th village and town ferry ferry operation must be insured.
    16th tactical crew of the ferry examination and certification, verification, and in accordance with the People's Republic of China inland river crew rules of examination and certification process.
    17th article human ferry of du workers must has following conditions: (a) familiar driving ship technology, will swimming, security responsible strong, age in 18-60 age, by I application or where units recommended, Xiang (town) Government agreed, and fill in du workers application table; (ii) vision, and listening normal, body health, by Xiang (town) people hospital medical qualified; (three) by place maritime management institutions assessment qualified Hou, to Jiangsu Province human ferry du workers card.
    18th article du workers (crew) must do: (a) implementation about water Shang traffic regulations, and regulations and the security operation system, obey ferry competent sector of led and management, accept place maritime management institutions of supervision check; (ii) adhere to post, civilization du shipped, publicity security du shipped knowledge; (three) shall not will ferry handed no witnesses driving; (four) ferry occurred traffic accident, should take effective measures for rescue, protection site, immediately to place maritime management institutions and about sector report, accept survey processing.
    19th ferry should be equipped with 2 or more competency areas or crossing permit personnel.
    20th ferrying passengers and bicycles are below, motorcycles must be parked at designated locations. Article 21st Township ferry ferry shall not engage in the night.
    Special situations require night crossing, should complete the night the device, and according to the relevant provisions of the night ferry display lights and signals.
    22nd is strictly prohibited passengers from carrying inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic and other dangerous goods transition.
    23rd article met has following situation one of of, must stop du shipped: (a) overload or overcrowding of; (ii) Mount improper, load contains distribution not balance, passengers concentrated a side, effect security du shipped of; (three) storm, and flood, and torrent, and visibility bad and the other bad weather endanger security sailing of; (four) personnel equipped with insufficient, and ship security test not qualified of; (five) order chaos, appeared partnership fights, and alcohol, and belligerent trouble, effect du shipped security of. 24th article ferry location Xiang (town) Government of duties: (a) must by one led is responsible for ferry security management work, and by specifically security management institutions is responsible for, regularly Organization held Security Conference, urged, and guide ferry business units established sound the regulations; (ii) regularly check, and elimination ferry various illegal phenomenon and accident hidden, prevent accident occurred; (three) unified planning and organization implementation ferry facilities of maintenance, and update, reasonable using ferry funding; (four) major holiday or du shipped busy Shi
    , Organizing special maintenance of ferry in order to ensure ferry safety; (v) on ferry safety management and maintenance of the ferry security achievements of unit or individual awards. 25th article ferry business units of duties: (a) declared ferry set, and migration and revoked, is responsible for daily management and security work; (ii) maintenance ferry terminal, ferry facilities, acquired fire, and lifesaving equipment and workers is with; (three) established sound and strictly implementation regulations, maintenance du shipped order, obey ferry competent sector of led, accept place maritime management institutions of supervision check, and police organ of security management; (four) tie carried out ferry test, and du workers (crew) training exam and testing work,
    Improve du (crew) technology, keeping du (crew) is relatively stable (v) reasonable dispatch boat, ensure the safety of holidays or busy ferrying; (f) to the township (town) people's Government paid proportionately ferry maintenance requirements on a regular basis. 26th article place maritime management institutions of duties: (a) handle ferry test and registration, issued ship test certificate and shipping visa book or ferry card; (ii) Organization du workers (crew) business training, and testing, and exam, issued du workers card or crew certificate; (three) carried out ferry security publicity, supervision check du shipped security, recognition advanced, by chapter punishment illegal du shipped and responsibility people; (four) on without approved, and test not qualified, and no crew certificate or no du workers card and the other endanger du shipped security of ferry,
    According to the relevant provisions of its Park crossing, and notify the seat of township (town) people; it refuses to continue to illegally ferry, right to drag the ferry to designated place; (v) is responsible for the ferry set, migrations, and ferry security auditing and inspection (vi) received the ferry traffic accident reports, immediately organized personnel to the scene to organize rescue, investigation and treatment. 27th article on has following situation one of of, by place maritime management institutions in accordance with People's Republic of China river traffic security management illegal punishment provides (pilot) and Jiangsu Province ferry management approach on about responsibility personnel for punishment: (a) ferry facilities fell into disrepair appeared accident hidden or occurred accident of; (ii) serious illegal, adventure du shipped, makes its deadline corrected late not modified of; (three) refuses to from place maritime management institutions supervision check, hinder Hong Kong prison personnel implementation corporate of;

    (Four) occurred ferry traffic accident, hide not reported, false or for no reason delay of; (five) not truthfully provides accident situation, fraud, interference accident survey of; (six) occurred accident, on drowning and injured personnel and the property damaged not active take measures rescue, caused major casualties and loss of; (seven) shield, and shield accident responsibility who, not perform should bear various responsibility of.
    28th for violation of the ferry's management should be subject to administrative penalties for public security, dealt with by the public security organs constitutes a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal prosecution.
                                                Article 29th of this approach, since as of the date of promulgation.