Suzhou, Suzhou Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Regulation Of The Upper Ring Of The River Decision

Original Language Title: 苏州市人民政府关于修改《苏州市环古城河水上游管理办法》的决定

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(July 14, 2004 Suzhou Government 31st times Executive Conference considered through July 22, 2004 Suzhou Government makes 67th, announced since announced of day up purposes) according to People's Republic of China administrative license method about provides, now decided on Suzhou ring city River upstream management approach for following modified: a, and will 11th article modified for: "engaged in ring city River upstream of enterprise bid rear can acquisition or built cruise, unauthorized acquisition or built of ship, Are not allowed into the ring of the river operations. New cruise ships built after the completion of the design, design should be transport, tourism, environmental protection, public security and other departments.
    "Second, by deleting article 17th.
    Third, the deletion of article 18th.
    In addition, under the provisions of this decision on the part of the order is adjusted accordingly.
    Purposes from the date of publication of this decision.

    Ring in Suzhou River upstream of the regulations be revised according to this decision, republished.
    Attachment: ring in Suzhou River upstream management practices (amended 2004) Chapter I General provisions article protection and rational exploitation of ring River upstream resources, achieving orderly management, strengthen the management of water, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administration of water transport regulations, the Suzhou tourism management regulations and the management measures of Jiangsu Province on water security and other relevant legislation, these measures are formulated.
    The second ring of upper reaches of the River in these measures, refers to the ring of the river within the tourist ship as a carrier, offers visitors viewing tours and other tourism services operating on the water activities.
    Article in Hanoi, ring of involved units and individuals associated with water activities, these measures shall apply.
    Fourth traffic administrative departments in charge of cruise passenger and shipping related industry management and water traffic safety supervision and management.
    Tourism administrative departments responsible for the cruise site, assessment, product development, service standards and market management, management, supervision and coordination.
    Public security, urban management, pricing, planning, environmental protection, water supply, and other relevant administrative departments for industry and commerce in accordance with their respective duties, be responsible for water management.
    Fifth ring of river landscape preservation project investment and construction units responsible for the ring of regional market development and utilization of the resources of the river.
    Sixth, Suzhou city, planning, tourism and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with overall planning, preparation of the ring of the River upstream development plan to guide the rational and orderly development of the ancient city of upper reaches of the river.
    Chapter II administration of Rights article seventh ring of the River upstream of the enterprise should have an independent enterprise legal person and right obtained through bidding.
    Eighth article participation water upstream enrollment bid of enterprise should has traffic, and tourism, and police, and environmental, sector provides of related opened conditions, and meet following provides: (a) has waterway transport business license by requirements of corresponding conditions; (ii) has water upstream Sentinel business by requirements of corresponding conditions; (three) has special industry license requirements of corresponding conditions; (four) enrollment bid requirements of other related provides.
    Nineth bid and get the right ring of the upper reaches of the river enterprises should go through the waterway transport operators permit issued by the traffic Department, tourism the issuance of foreign-related tourist ships designated documents and of the special business license issued by the public security department before the operation. Tenth ring of the upper reaches of the river cruises put on implementation of quota management.
    Transport, tourism authorities and the ring of river landscape preservation project investments, such as unit according to market demand and the ring of the specific conditions of the river and swim line cruises each year put on the adjustment program. Ring style investment units on the basis of the river cruises put on the adjustment program, organized by line resources to tender the ring right to the upper reaches of the river.
    Successful bidder shall ring he paid use of landscape preservation project investment and construction unit signed contracts.
    Bidding ring of upper reaches of the River line from transportation, tourism, environmental protection Department and the ring of river landscape preservation project construction development. Article 11th ring behind the River upstream enterprises won the bid to purchase or build cruise ships, ship of unauthorized acquisition or construction, are not allowed into the ring of the river operations.
    New cruise ships built after the completion of the design, design should be transport, tourism, environmental protection, public security and other departments.
    12th put into operation of cruise ships should be handled by the shipping business transport permits issued by the traffic Department, of the certificate of inspection, the ship registration certificate and foreign tourist ship point papers issued by the tourism sector. 13th on the original ring of approved River upstream operators and cruise ships should be reassessed by the conditions as provided herein.
    Meet the criteria should be and ring of paid use of river landscape preservation project investment and construction signed contracts and pay user fees paid under the contract.
    Article 14th ring of investment units shall set up a special river landscape preservation project management office, responsible for the unified management, unified ticket, line.
    Chapter Management section 15th cruise without link operations, ship management without consent of the original examination and approval departments shall not be transferred or disguised transfer.
    Article 16th River cruise ships in operation shall comply with the tourism administrative departments of tourism related rules and regulations, standardizing operational actions.
    17th water operators must comply with environmental laws, rules, regulations and control of environmental pollution.
    18th article engaged in water upstream of cruise in Hull, and noise, and sewage and supporting of service, aspects must meet provides of standard: (a) hull clean beautiful, and ship condition good, and decorative coordination, and sight good, and hull influential location has "water upstream" of unified logo; (ii) set waste collection device, set bathroom of cruise must installation stool collection equipment, set kitchen of cruise must installation catering sewage collection equipment, ship Shang collection of garbage, and stool and catering sewage must sent specified Terminal concentrated collection processing; (Three) cruise sailing Shi produced noise, and dirt oil, and exhaust emissions should meet national provides of environmental standard; (four) cruise Shang should hanging cruise General schematic, and visitors notes, and guide figure, and price list, and visitors guest book, and in striking location established obviously of tourism Advisory and complaints phone of in the English identifies; (five) input business of cruise must equipped with full-time guide Member or guide equipment,
    Over 100 seats of cruise ships should be not less than 2 full-time tour guides or at least three languages (English language) audio guides devices provide guiding services; (vi) emergency relief kits, and other facilities and equipment are available. 19th ring river terminals and facilities and other tourism projects by the ring of the river style according to the same requirements for construction project investment and construction units.
    Should be based on the actual situation, in the part of the planning and construction of Pier cruise dirt set collection facilities.
    Terminal Services sets the standard in accordance with transportation, tourism, and keep it in good condition, posting rules of the boat ride, visit the charging price list, tour guides, as well as complaints and enquiries telephone number. 20th water operators are required in accordance with tourism and transport sectors approved by the cruise line, regional and operational activities of dock.
    Suspended or temporarily adjust the lines should be approval of the tourism and transport sectors, and 10th to society announcements in advance.
    Article 21st River operators should use the printed visitors vote on the water.
    22nd article units and personal ban following behavior: (a) directly or disguised charges; (ii) dominate the, or to other way disrupt water upstream order; (three) fraud extortion and bewilders visitors; (four) to gross attitude treats visitors; (five) to Hanoi dumping or throwing threw garbage and dirt real; (six) mess set ticket points; (seven) overload, for no reason refusing, not by provides of line, and regional organization tour; (eight) not has night conditions of cruise unauthorized night operating or Super ship anti-wind grade operating;
    (I) sell, offer or use a disposable foam plastic tableware and a thickness of less than or equal to 0.025 mm ultra-thin plastic bags; (j) use of cruise ships for illegal criminal activities.
    23rd cruise ships in operation shall comply with the following provisions: (a) the technical performance and safety parameters in line with State regulations and standards, (ii) equipped with rescue, fire prevention, communications and other facilities by the regulation and (iii) various types of valid documentation must be in place and carry on Board; (d) provides visitors with multilingual guide service to ensure travel time and travel.
    Article 24th crew, upper reach of service personnel engaged in operating the service, shall comply with the following provisions: (a) the prescribed dress code, wearing signs; (b) the Guide should be carefully explained, and (iii) not by Midway, soliciting force; (d) maintain cabin boat order, standardize sailing civilization work, subject to port management. 25th article, price and other departments according to the different ship types and lines for different prices. Water managers should implement the standards approved by the commodity price departments price shall be subject to unfair price competition.
    Seasons is a floating price ', must be approved by the commodity price departments.
    Fourth chapter security management 26th article water upstream operators must according to following requirements, strengthening on cruise of security management: (a) strengthening cruise of security technology management, keep airworthiness State; (ii) equipped with crew and other practitioners must meet national about provides; (three) on crew and other practitioners for technology training and security education, shall not illegal operation; (four) according to cruise of technology performance, and qualified regional and hydrological meteorological conditions, reasonable scheduling cruise; (five) according to approved of visitors fixed transport visitors;
    (F) small yacht crew and visitors required equipment, wearing life jackets; (VII) should set up a special Security Department, equipped with full-time and part-time boat safety managers, responsible for security management. 27th boat is in distress, crew calling in addition to signals, should be to rescue the tourists, organizations help themselves.

    The ship near the scene of the accident, received a distress signal or discovers someone is in distress, to the rescue of persons in distress, and promptly report to the Transportation Department and other relevant departments and the ship's name, call sign and location.
    28th case of tasks such as emergency rescue, disaster relief and special passenger transport, water operators must be subject to control and command.
    29th water upstream operators shall implement safety responsibility system, and with the authorities in China, signing safety responsibility.
    Article 30th visitor should listen to the command of the crew and service personnel, consciously abide by the rules relating to safety and ride.
    31st water operators have the right to refuse which may endanger persons, property or the carriage of dangerous goods and environmental goods by boat by boat pollution.
    Article 32nd terminals (including floating piers) should have a handrail, railing, mooring and other necessary safety facilities, terminals, security, lighting, and fire shall be in conformity with the corresponding requirements.
    33rd transport, tourism, security, pricing, planning, environmental protection, urban management, water supply, industry and Commerce departments shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, strengthen the supervision and management of the water upstream business units and their employees, maintenance of water upstream of the market order.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 34th upstream management of water from other areas in the city, in accordance with the measures.
                    35th these measures shall come into force on January 15, 2004.