Administrative Measures For The Prevention And Treatment Of Stds In Shandong Province (Amended 2004)

Original Language Title: 山东省性病防治管理办法(2004年修正本)

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(February 8, 1990 Shandong Province Government makes 2nd, released according to April 30, 1998 Shandong Province Government makes 90th, on amendment straddling Shandong province agricultural machinery security supervision management approach, 42 pieces provincial government regulations of decided first times amendment according to October 31, 2004 Shandong Province Government makes 175th, on modified straddling Shandong province STD control management approach, 10 pieces provincial government regulations of decided second times Amendment) first article for prevention, and control and elimination STD,
    Protection of human health, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation in our province, these measures are formulated.
    Article mentioned in these measures refers to sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea, syphilis, gonococcus urethritis, Condyloma and genital herpes, chancroid, Lymphogranuloma Venereum granulation tissue swelling and other sexually transmitted diseases specified by the provincial health Administrative Department.
    Monitoring and prevention of HIV/AIDS, according to the national HIV/AIDS monitoring and management of the implementation of certain provisions.
    Article shall exercise leadership at all levels of sexually transmitted diseases prevention and control, Division of the Government departments concerned, close cooperation and jointly take measures to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases occur and.
    Article fourth health Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of sexually transmitted diseases. All kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels of sexually transmitted diseases prevention and control tasks, and report outbreaks.
    Medical personnel on STI's condition has an obligation of confidentiality. Fifth public security organs to crack down on, prostitution, prostitution activities.
    Uncovered prostitution, prostitutes and STD check organized by the Administrative Department of public health, found that compulsory treatment in patients with sexually transmitted diseases.
    Sixth correctional, detention unit responsible for custody, sexually transmitted disease screening, treatment of teaching personnel, Administrative Department of public health to offer assistance.
    Article seventh civil affairs departments host for STDs should be organized for vagrants and beggars, found patients with sexually transmitted diseases should be promptly treated. Article eighth advocate marriage party premarital health examination before marriage registration.
    Wedding party premarital medical examinations, should undergo a medical examination to qualified medical institution.
    People with gonorrhea, syphilis should receive treatment, not cure you should stay married, to prevent the spread of the disease.
    Nineth enterprises, individual businesses and private enterprises should be national and provincial regulations to take precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Article tenth according to the relevant provisions of national and provincial organizations of health check, sexually transmitted diseases should be listed as will check project.
    Health administrative departments shall organize a STD checks, any unit or individual should actively cooperate with and shall not be refused for any reason.
    11th on the immigration of foreigners, Hong Kong, Macau and STDs by returned overseas Chinese citizens, perform the relevant regulations of the State.
    12th medical and preventive institutions, medical institutions of developing specialist treatment business, shall comply with the following conditions, and cities divided into districts and health Administrative Department: (a) have sexually transmitted diseases prevention and control professional and technical personnel, (ii) has a sexually transmitted disease diagnostic technology and equipment. Without district approval of the municipal public health administrative departments at or above, not diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
    Approval of the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, should be required to report outbreaks. 13th STD examination and treatment fees, by pricing, health, financial departments.
    Units or individuals should be required to pay a fee for examination and treatment.
    14th and latent infection in patients with sexually transmitted diseases, not for blood, blood donation or an organ.
    15th Education Department should be in secondary school's textbooks appropriate arrangements in STD prevention and control knowledge, should increase the prevention and treatment of STDs in medical college teaching content.
    16th State organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions should widely publicize the harm of sexually transmitted diseases, popularize the knowledge of treatment.
    17th article in violation of these regulations, any of the following acts, shall be punished as follows: (a) preventing sexually transmitted disease prevention and control personnel to carry out inspection, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, the public security organs should promptly be stopped, and to investigate and punish, (ii) failed to take preventive measures, resulting in units and individuals of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, health, public security, industrial and commercial administrative departments administrative penalties according to law.
                                                                                                    18th article this way as of the date of promulgation.